MintBuilder Silver Stacking Network Marketing: Helping 50 More Families With FREE Silver!(2020)

hello Matt Barca CEO of MIT builder and
I hope everybody out there is doing good staying healthy and protecting yourself
and your family staying indoors we know things have been so crazy lately we can
only do the best we can do try to stay as healthy as we can keeping our immune
systems the best we can and and you know just trying to keep that distancing and
and yeah so my heart goes out to all the people out there that have someone or is
themselves suffering from this terrible horrific virus is going around in the
economy that’s you know of course being affected and strained equally as hard or
maybe even more so you know buddies guys stay positive and
you know figure out what can we do with the circumstances that we’re dealt with
I think all of us for the most part I’ve had some kind of major below in our life
at some point and we have to make the decision you know what are we gonna do
here moving forward what’s the next step and sometimes it’s little baby steps and
then another step and another step and another step and eventually we find
ourselves finally in a good position the point is that was stepping forward here
at MIT builder we realized that you know this are troubling times and we do know
that there’s a lot of people out of jobs right now temporarily maybe you know
long term we don’t you know we don’t know the exact circumstances that so we
did put a promotion in place to be able to help as many families as we can
possibly help and so we put out promotion to help a hundred families now
we’ve extended that you know we had you know as we suspected we had a hundred
positions in place and all hundred of those were utilized you know within less
than a week within just a few short days so what we’ve decided to do is to commit
to another 50 so a total of 150 so we have 50 more free positions remaining
and so you can take advantage of that if you or you have some loved ones and
other family members or friends that you know are needing a job right now online
marketing is really the safest and easiest bet
it’s some super easy to you know I should say super simple it when you
follow proven methods it does take you know some discipline and work to do it
but it’s a lot easier once you get into it’s easier than the nine-to-five type
of job even so but the bottom line is is this is all that a lot of people have so
we want to be able to help with that and also be able to help build wealth right
out of the gate so we’re still offering the free coin along with you know the
30-day membership so if you know somebody or if you want to multiply your
income it’s we’ve made fifty more positions available and if I’m as again
suspecting this will probably last maybe one or two days how fast it was going
before you can come right on to the mint on our website you can click on learn
more and see what it’s all about you can go straight to the learn more button and
our enroll button and then you can set that up and go get that set up right
away so again if if you are not part of mid motor or you’ve been inactive for a
long time you don’t have to try to reactivate your old position you can
just come right in and click on enroll now also if you are active and you want
to put in another position or need so you can multiply your your income on it
you can also click on enroll now but either way you want to make sure again
this button right up here this login button it says login if it says account
that means that you’re signed in and you do not want that because that will mess
up your entire account and will have to go through and refund and do all that
kind of stuff because that means you’re just messing up your current
subscription with it and it doesn’t work that way so if you’re wanting an
additional position make sure that you’re on your website so you’re gonna
go mitt builder com forward slash your user ID whatever that may be it can be
five digit six digits or seven digits depending when you got into the program
and then just push enter make sure that you’re on your website again and you can
you can double check that by going down to the bottom of your website and making
sure that your information is here so that means that you’re on your going to
get credit for signing in now if you are inactive
then you want to if you know your sponsor is you’re going to want to put
their ID information in here if you don’t know you can email us at support
at Mynt builder comm and we can make sure to connect you and to the proper
website again the most important thing about the whole process is to make sure
you are logged out so if it says account here click on account and go to the
logout button push logout and then come back and push on mint builder here and
what this will mint butter will do is take you right back to the front web
page and then just click on enroll now real simple it’s going to take you to
the silver piece bundle we have rules and roles of these being ordered almost
daily to make sure we’re meeting the demands and we’re one of the few
companies that actually has access to these these silver pieces because a lot
of people bought them up with the bullying rush the other thing is is a
lot of people were we’ve been having a lot of QAS
going on here and a lot of people have been pushing Add to Cart and then they
go something happens and then they push Add to Cart again and then they get this
oops you must purchase a subscription on its
own first all that means is you cannot add anything else to the card when
you’re buying a subscription you can only add just one subscription to the
car so if you get that what you need to do is make sure that your car has
nothing else in except for just one of this subscription now you don’t have to
get on this subscription you can add other subscriptions or you can
reactivate your account with MIT builder with anyone you want we have other ones
to choose from we have many people still joining on select few and around the
world you know that’s totally up to you what you want
to do with that so you can do both so that’s all you do you just come in add
this to car quantity 1 and then you proceed to checkout and then the only
other important part is is that you do not log in and this is the same thing
this is going to log you in like I said before do not log in that’s what this
will do no matter what just act like you’re a brand-new person coming in
because that’s what you’re out you are to the system your
you person joining underneath of yourself so put in an email
I really recommend getting up another free email I’m Gmail’s free hotmail
whatever you want just get a new email and create you can use the same password
and then create a new account okay and then you just go through the process and
you know there’s no there’s it’s gonna say free the only thing I pay for
shipping shipping is is what it costs us to package and ship it to you there’s no
extra in that so we’re not making anything off of the shipping we just
really generally want to help as many families as who can and we’ve decided
that we wanted to expand it to 150 so it’s been going really good for a lot of
people and so we’re super excited about being able to help to do that so again
it’ll last probably a few days so make sure to take advantage we’ve been seeing
tons and tons of promotion a lot of people going into their precious metal
trends and getting that set up and doing lots of marketing we’re sending out free
grams of silver like like crazy it’s been we’ve literally that’s increased
probably five to six hundred percent how much we’re sending out a day that means
there’s that many more people coming in the leads because so many people are
looking for home-based business right now so now is the time to promote help
yourself build wealth by collecting your asset each month whatever coin you’re on
helping others that collect assets build some extra residual income coming in
helping others to do that it’s a really a 2-2 point purpose it’s like it’s like
a coin there’s two sides or coiners the heads of tails right the reverse and
adverse well mint builder is just that you know we have one side where we’re
helping people acquire and save tangible wealth something that’s gonna out
outlast paper currency no matter what people think about paper currency
whether they think it’s fine or it’s gonna go down this silver silver
especially is is really the place where it’s at that’s that’s gonna you know
always maintain that wealth the other side of the coin is that we have a
program that’s optional you know some people just want to come in and be
customers they want to get on the member platform so that way they can you know
buy products at costs this cheaper than anywhere else you know that’s fine but
we do have an optional other side of the coin
or if you want to promote this wealth-building subscription to other
people we’re gonna pay you for it and we have one of the highest payouts now that
we have the cheapest silver and gold will always cost silver and gold in the
industry we also have some of the highest payouts in our initiative the
industry paying out 10% of the of the you know cost of that product which is
tremendous to the person who made the sale and then 50% matches on four other
levels below that so it’s a really really good strong payout now the only
other thing I want to show you again if you have any questions about this
make sure to first try to contact your sponsor they probably know the answer if
they don’t you can email support and min builder calm and we’ll answer it for you
help you get started the other thing here I want to let you guys know about
is when you go into the shop we were able to secure some more products in the
semi numismatic category so people have been asking a lot about gold so we have
we got this this is a really small piece but it’s a collectible you know a piece
because it is in this limited mintage and it’s in this casing from the
Australian mint so it’s a 2016 australia half gram gold kangaroo and so we have
this product in here this has been added so that’s one particular new product a
little bit of gold reasonable price and then we have the five gram gold bar by
PAMP very popular brand that a lot of people look for so these two new gold
pieces have been added to the shop so you know again lots of people been been
talking about it and and you know looking at trying to get it and all I
can stuff if you want to if you want to see how you can see how much I have a
product in my car here let me go and edit that out here and then I’ll show
you what’s going on so you can actually see now how many we have available if
you you know are looking to purchase stuff you can you can click on add it to
cart and says sorry the maximum order quantity for this product is 44 so
that’s letting you know how many we have in stock so you can order up to that so
that’s you know it’s a new handy thing that we have on all over
now so just a nice addition so again make sure to visit often we’re going to
keep adding is more products as we get them we sell out of products all the
time as well especially with these numismatics you know you know when
they’re really rare ones we might only have like four or five but make sure to
keep checking back and make sure to promote you want to stack positions now
is the time to do it when it’s you get a whole month free getting a free coin we
just ask that again that you at least have one paid month after you have it
but there’s no reason they need get rid of it because if you’re bringing in
anybody you’re multiplying your commissions with it so yeah so that’s
all I have for today we’re gonna be constantly putting new videos out
letting you know of all the up-and-coming things that’s happening
and for now stay safe stay healthy stay indoors and we’ll talk to you guys real

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