Metal Detector Found 193.5 Grams GOLD NUGGET And a Historical Coin Made Of Gold – Gold Prospecting

After forty minutes finally we got a good signal I hope we catch something good I can dig very fast 🙂 You are still here I think I’m very close I saw you. You can’t run from me looks a big That’s incredible Look at this, it looks like an egg. I wonder how many grams it is we hope to find more in this mining site again a signal it can’t be too deep I think I saw it this is small not bad i think it’s over Wow. A signal in the soils Come on, brother. This will be your chance what is this Looks like gold coin There are some signs on it I can’t show this thing to a jeweler I hope to find something about it on the internet This is amazing. I’m gonna go to my home and investigate this thing.

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