61 thoughts on “Masternode Setup, Buying Shares, and ‘Interest-Bearing Accounts’ of the Future | DASH: Detailed

  1. hmm so how would these shared masternodes work? Would I not be able to withdraw my dash from the address I use from the masternode? Or will I be free to withdraw and someone else in the waiting line will fill my place?

    Real interesting stuff.

  2. Props for pronouncing Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (I'm originally from there). 🙂
    Seriously considering running a masternode now though. Thanks for the breakdown.

  3. Hi, I am brazilian and all that you said is really intereting but for my mom do it , it will be necessary that everything be in Portuguese. She doesn´t speak English, most of brazilians don´t. MOst crytocurrency do not make local marketing.
    Dash was the first to support a Brazilian youtube channel, Ideas Radicais, but this is not suficient.
    Dash need a brazilian strong community , with apps, wallets , events , meet-up, if possible, in Portuguese.
    What Dash is doing for local community outside the center united states and europe?

  4. Wow Decentralized Masternode Shares? That would make Dash the first Cryptocurrency with all of:
    Proof of Work (Miners)
    Proof of Service (Masternodes)
    Proof of Shares (A crypto savings account)
    More innovation from the Dash team.

  5. I love the fresh info!!! Such a cool concept!!! I already have my personal 1000 dash masternode set up! Feels so good to know I'm invested in something other than USD dollar. So excited for the future now 🙂

  6. looking very "tropical…………………. beach time perhaps…
    I don't know if I'm jealous or happy for air conditioning.
    great vid, as expected…………

    don't ever let us down, we will bury you in negativity..
    No pressure.. cheers

  7. Loved it. I always refer to Dash as the dark horse because it has one of the most well thought out infrastructures of all the crypto-currencies. I can see that NEM has taken many leaves out of Dash's book.

  8. I have just tested the new dash mobile wallet for android and it works great. As a business oriented early adopter, Ive been watching the anonymity race between the coins with great interest and Dash is my favorite. I am the owner operator of Campbell Works asphalt sealing and parking lot painting and have been telling customers that I accept Bitcoin or silver at spot for over 2 years and I will now be adding Dash to that list of provocative currency options I'd rather have than USD.

    In 2 years I've only received 1 driveway paid in beautiful 1987 silver eagles, but makes for great icebreaker into the topic of the dollar's worthlessness and the viable alternative options we have available to us today. Having an easy to use mobile wallet is key.

    A full tutorial of the new mobile wallet would be helpful, like what does sweep paper wallet mean? and what happens if i hit disconnect? What is different about how this wallet works vs a blockchain.info mobile wallet app?

    Thanks Amanda for all your research and effort you've put into your youtube channels and I applaud you and the other visionaries that are paving the way for this Cryptorevolution.

  9. How dare you offer an innovative,thought provoking, exciting,well researched, articulate, and persuasive opportunity for everyone 🙂

  10. I love that you're covering things I don't know. I'm learning from you even though I've been with Dash from the beginning! Great job, and can't wait to see those savings accounts launch!

  11. Recently become interested in Crypto and especially in Dash, also just started this channel(Notice my Dash coins siggy). I have been a developer for a virtual world (IMVU) since 2007 and have a reputation as one of the best Avatar creators within. Developer name is : VisNova. I have a goal set to start a Dash Masternode ,and i want to promote Dash within the IMVU virtual world. I am trying to figure out a way to accept Dash payments on a site i have which sells exclusive products for the IMVU virtual world. So the pipeline would have to be 1. User acquires Dash 2. User purchases an exclusive product using Dash. Any advice on setting this up would be appreciated to make it as painless as possible for the user:)

  12. Sorry to disappoint you Amanda, but BSAVE.IO is already offering Bitcoin interest-bearing accounts. But I admit the DASH vision is superior because of the leverage aspect you've just explained. DASH is special in the sense that it was created with the goal to include everyone in an easier way.

  13. Insightful! Thanks for sharing this info as it will be valuable as I continue developing my MSTRNODE service.
    I look forward to seeing what the DASH dev team rolls out! 🙂

  14. You are awesome at explaining this topic. Clear, direct, easy to understand. Fantastic work. I appreciate what you do.

  15. I can't believe there are actually dislikes on this video, SMH. I was a big bitcoiner until I found dash, I've totally switched all my bitcoin to dash because I truly believe they're the future of decentralized digital currency.They've solved all the problems bitcoin and other coins have and are still having and actually have an awesome governance that can solve any problem that can arise in the future. And they have the means to improve and get better. And that in my opinion makes Dash number one in my book. I will always give homage to bitcoin for creating one of the greatest and important inventions of our time, but Dash is the better digital currency. Keep educating the masses Amanda!!

  16. I know DASH refers to these DASH savings accounts as "interest bearing", but to me this really seems more like profit sharing accounts. Modern-day banking seems to define interest as "money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent, or for delaying the repayment of a debt." This does not seem like what DASH is doing. People are offering a portion of their DASH to Masternode operators in partnership as an investor where the Masternode operator will build more masternodes and once the new masternode is up and running, then and only then do both parties benefit by splitting the payout of new masternode. No loan is created for "interest" repayment purposes.

    I would much rather change the grammar and use "profit sharing accounts" as opposed to interest bearing. It seems like this is indeed the intent and not to offer DASH coins as a loan where the lender dictates interest rates and terms and timelines for repayment.

  17. There is a danger in focusing too much on the C++ side of development. Google and Facebook destroyed Excite/Yahoo and Myspace because they were easier and more fun to use. Similarly with Apple when they beat the snot out of Microsoft.

    For Dash to soar, we need Marketing and Psychology experts as well as programmers. Get Dash into a position in which people can buy and store and send it easily without having to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first. Make it quick, safe and easy. Market the hell out of it. Make sure everyone has heard of it and get someone like Amazon to accept it, even at a discount rate at first.

  18. Isn`t the whole purpose of decentralized masternodes to not invest in hosting services ? If all the servers are located in the same place in the world, wouldn`t that work against the whole idea of de-centralization ? ideally would be having masternodes located all across the world right ?
    For the sake of speed ?

    Would it not be smart to give private (non-hosting services) masternode owners some dash for making making decentalization happen ?

  19. I would like to use a raspberry pi for master node but i'm afraid it will not be as secured then a mac. Mac are very secured again outside threats. I'm going 100% for security. Would it be a wise choice to use a mac for master node. or does a raspberry pi give the same security like a mac. I'm afraid someone would hack the raspberry pi en steel my coins

  20. Masternode looks like winner option to me.. 🙂 but i have like 0,5 dash,,,,but i will try to get my hand on mor dash for shure. 🙂 thanks Amanda. Good information.

  21. What is stopping heavy hitters from buying 10,000's of masternode and begin to stack the voting in a direction they want and not necessarily whats best for DASH?

  22. Subbed! thanks for all the helpful info, Amanda! I have over 1500+ Dash coins that a) I want to set up a self hosted MasterNode and b) use the rest as shares. For Point B, Is there a service out there that doesn't require me sending my 500 coins to a "trusted" external wallet first? It's nerve wrecking to put someone else in charge of your coins, esp. when the price is climbing so fast.
    Thanks in advance.

  23. OMG One Dash is worth $342 USD today. And I'm only just finding out about it. I hope there is room for wealth growing for newcomers like me.

  24. Dash should work towards listing at Localbitcoin or even work on having such platform, where the whole world will trade together. Once done, Bitcoin will be very ill and the only challenger will be bitcoincash.

  25. sir i need help please be urgent
    i want to create master node for Ethereum Future
    i find no helpful resource
    please help me , explain step by step how to create master node for Ethereum Future

  26. Thanks a lot Amanda! for sharing this helpful information. I believe financial freedom seeker like me would be benefited from this. BTW, i am interested in masternodes. Regards,

  27. Sorry for my ignorance but if you get a “share” w 25 or 50 dash what are you allowed to vote on w that one share

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