Mashup #67 – Is saving time & money really saving time & money?

Does saving time and money
actually save you time and money? What do I mean by that? Well, it’s interesting to me as we
talk to different business
owners and agency owners and folks that we see, oftentimes people will try to go about
saving money by going with a cheaper option, not doing something. And, and what it ultimately often ends up
doing is making you have to purchase the same thing twice or having to buy
in later at a more costly price. I think of an analogy for
like maybe a stock price and, and you’re thinking in your head,
well, I don’t want to buy it right now, it’s $100. Well, what if you thought of that when it was
Apple and now it’s $300 or Google? Well, over $1,000? Opportunity passes you by some times and
the same thing can happen when you’re presented with business opportunities
or things that you can join groups, masterminds, coaching, whatever
the case might be that you think, let me save a little bit of money, but that could be costing you money
over time. The same thing goes for time. I find that a lot of people will hesitate
to go to a conference or an event or, be part of a group because they’re
worried that they don’t have the time. The interesting thing about it is, is that they most likely need the group
because the reason that they don’t have any time is that their business isn’t
focused. Their life isn’t focused. They’re not able to create that work
life harmony that my good friend Beau Haralson talks about. So the next time
that you think about making a decision, because it’s based on whether or not
you’re going to save time or save money, think about whether or not it may very
well cost you both of those things.

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