Man Claims Woman Is Pinning Paternity for Money (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This case is
Tisby v. Quarterman.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Tisby, you were
in love with the defendant and claim that
he has been ducking your request for a DNA test
for your daughter, Jordane. You and your mother say he
better step up and be a daddy when today’s results prove
what you’ve always known, that he is Jordane’s
father, is that correct? Yes. Mr. Quarterman, you say
the plaintiff is delusional and is only trying to
use you for money and when the results
reveal that you are not her
child’s biological father you want her out of
your life for good. Correct. Mr. Quarterman, you say she’s
using you for your money? Any time they come around,
it’s about money. Yes ma’am. Explain. They come around
and they simply ask for
a different item or something like that.
From day one I’ve been
asking for a blood test. And that was from day one. Do you always ask him for
money, Ms. Tisby? No. You don’t? I don’t need no money
from him. I got it. I can take care of
my own child. And you’ve done nothing for
the child, Mr. Quarterman? No, I have not. From the beginning, from the
very beginning, I’ve been
asking for the blood test. She came forth to me
and told me about it after
we had stopped communicating for a couple of months,
maybe about three
or four months. But after that,
she contacted me and told
me that she was pregnant and that it was a possibility
that it was another guy. So however, you know,
in between that and
the meantime, it’s continued,
you know, on and on, here or there,
they would pop up. “Oh, you gotta do something
for her. “Come around
my family house.”
Stuff like that. Did you tell him there was a
possibility that it could be
another guy, Ms. Tisby? Yes. You did? Mmm-hmm. So admittedly. Yes. All right, take me back. I wanna understand the
nature of this relationship. I don’t know how the
other party may have felt but it was simply just
kicking it with me, yes ma’am. So, it was just a
casual relationship? Yes, ma’am. Casual relationship. I felt like we were
in a relationship. What gave you the indication
that you thought you were in
a relationship? SHUNTINA: Because basically
he was coming around
the whole time. He even told me he
loves me so… That sounds like a
relationship. You love her. You come around
all the time… I have love for her
but not in love with her. Not at all. She came about
at a time in my life where I was kinda down and out
and me and her both was
helping out each other. You see what I’m saying.
So now all of a sudden
you know, the baby situation
came about, you know,
I told her from the beginning since there was another guy,
I want a blood test. And that’s why I’m here
to see you today. How long were you all seeing
each other casual, she says… SHUNTINA: Almost a year. Almost a year? I thought we were in
a relationship, in love. I used to go get him
to bring him to her. Your Honor, uh, that’s a…
That’s a definite fib.
I got three cars so who would come pick me up? Come on, I never came
and picked you up? You never picked me up. I never come and pick you up?
Just me and my husband? You never did. We never came to pick you up
and brought you to the house? No ma’am, never. Never? So, wait a minute.
You pick him up and bring
him over to your house? We live next door
to each other. We have a two stair house. She’s staying on one side
of the house and I have
my own house. So, wait a minute, Ms. Tisby,
what you’re saying is you saw first-hand that you
believed your daughter and Mr. Quarterman were
in a relationship? Basically,
he creeped at night. And sometimes I see him,
and sometime in the daytime but basically, he was
staying there at night. They were together.
They used to be together… JUDGE LAKE: Just at night? Not just at night.
In daytime. Sometimes
he’ll be there in the daytime. But she was just
messing with him only. I know for a fact. JUDGE LAKE: So, that’s
what you’re saying. Your testimony is that
you know your daughter
wasn’t seeing anyone else… Nobody else. …during the time she was
with Mr. Quarterman? Nobody else. Nobody but him. Ms. Tisby, you admitted
there was another guy? You told him that.
So was there another guy? No. Mmm-mmm. I just said that ’cause
he’s hurting me. He cheated on me. JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, you just said that? I’m in the wrong.
I admit it. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
so you’re saying there
wasn’t another guy. You said that ’cause
he had hurt you? Mmm-hmm. So… I was in love
with him though. QUARTERMAN: Your Honor,
she has a medical condition. She was in the hospital
during the time,
or whatever the case was after she told me
about the pregnancy. The guy supposedly jumped
on her in the hospital
or whatever. And then from that point,
that’s when she came after me. Like it’s supposed to be
him or her the whole time. Yeah, I was with him.
Yeah, I was with a man. But… QUARTERMAN: But you just
told her that you weren’t. After we broke up.
We broke up and
I got with him… But you just told her it was
a lie and said it wasn’t, it wasn’t another
guy, right? It wasn’t. JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Tisby, wait,
I need to understand. Which one is it y’all? Wait, I need to
understand this. You were with another
guy or you were not? I was not when we
were together. So when you were with
Mr. Quarterman, you were not sleeping
with anyone else? No. Only after you got pregnant? After I got pregnant that’s
when I met the boy. The other person? Mmm-hmm. She paid me,
before she moved, she paid
me to watch her son. I know for a fact she didn’t
know that guy at
that time at all. I know she didn’t know
’cause she was just
messing with him ’cause I used to pick him up
and bring him to her house… QUARTERMAN:
Must have been someone else. Sometime… I never picked you up? You never picked me up. Me and my husband,
we never came and got you? I keep a car. You keep a car but… I got three cars
at the moment. How did I know
where you stayed? How did I use to drop you
off at the corner
of your house? You never dropped me off. I never did? I’m not pushing you
under the bus, ’cause you are a nice person. But when it came down to
that grandbaby there, that’s what I’m here for. And that’s what I’m here for,
’cause from day one,
like I said I’ve been… The day one… Blood test. Where’s the other guy?
Where’s the other guy though? JUDGE LAKE: I want to hear
about the birth. When Jordane was born Mr. Quarterman was
there or not there? SHUNTINA: No, he wasn’t When I was pregnant, I told him everything. He came when I was pregnant,
holding my stomach, and everything,
doing all of it. But now, she’s not yours. Tell me about the birth. SHUNTINA: On the
16th of April, I had her.And on the 17th, they told me
to come into the hospital
’cause my little girl
passed away.
About to pass away. So what you’re saying is Jordane really was a twin? Yes, she was a twin. And there was another baby? Mmm-hmm. She was seven days old. I had her and she
passed away seven days
after I had her. And she passed away? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry. Did you inform
Mr. Quarterman that this had happened? My mom called him ’cause… My mom and my
cousin called him. I wasn’t paying attention
to no one but my baby. JUDGE LAKE: Yes. I had time for
nobody but her. And I can’t sleep at
night because of my baby. Two years, I haven’t
been sleeping. Because I think
about my little girl. JUDGE LAKE: Yes. And I came and told him, me and my friend went around
and told him his baby
had passed. He told me to get
away from his house. Why the heck I came
around there? Told me to get away
from his house. I said “Your baby
passed her last breath.” Her last breath. Ma’am? JUDGE LAKE: Yes. Did not hear from
these people. You know, I’m just being
totally honest. She met up
I guess with the preacher, whoever that was, you know,
doing the funeral, and she
came to ask for money. There wasn’t no funeral. You see what I’m saying?
Whatever it was. It wasn’t no money. A procession or whatever. No. She came and asked for money. “Do you have any money
to help bury this child?” I didn’t need no money, ’cause
I buried my child myself. (INDISTINCT ARGUING) SHUNTINA:
I buried my child myself. Okay hold on. Let me
understand the story.
Go ahead, Mr. Quarterman. However, her and the pastor
were sitting there, they were
saying that it was my child. I explained to her that it was
supposed to be a possibility that it was another
guy, whatever. I want a blood test.
All this and that. Honestly, I’m not
a bad person. You see what I’m saying.
I’m not gonna pay or put up any type of money for a
child that I don’t know about because I have six of my own. But you made twins. To tell
you that you got twins. Six other kids? Yes, ma’am. I have six kids. SHUNTINA: And you got twins. My first set
of kids are twins. Yes, ma’am, but I mean,
it just happened. Yes, ma’am I have six kids. So, Ms. Tisby, you believe,
since Mr. Quarterman has a set of twins
that that even further confirms that he is Jordane’s
biological father. Yes, ma’am. And does that do anything for
your belief Mr. Quarterman? I’m not being ignorant
about the situation but I don’t see that,
you know… I don’t see that having
anything to do with it. ‘Cause, I mean, that could
come from her family too. That’s, uh, genetics,
you know. Do you have any
other twins in your family? TANDRA: I got twin brothers. So you felt like,
when they were having
the funeral for the baby… TANDRA: I never. That they were just
coming up to you
asking you for money? No. Ain’t no way. Yes, ma’am. Never asked for no money. Even I knew
the whole time, though.
You know what I’m saying? I’m not a social media guy.
I’m not a big fan of the, you know, the Instagram
and all that stuff like that. But she had posted
some things online asking, you know,
I guess Facebook about,
am I the father or not. Would you like to see? JUDGE LAKE: Yes, I’d like
to see that evidence,
thank you. RON: I’ll get it. QUARTERMAN: Okay, yes, sir.
Thank you. This is what?
What are you submitting
to the court, sir? This is just,
you know, from, I guess,
a Facebook post that she had. And she was asking Facebook,do I look like the child,
or, you know, whatever.
JUDGE LAKE:Oh, it’s a split
screen of baby Jordane…
QUARTERMAN:Yes, ma’am.And you. And she writes,
“Do she look like him,
yea, or nahh?”
For us to be in a relationship
and everything like that… That is a booking photo
from when I got arrested. So however, you know
what I’m saying. For me to be
in a relationship with her,
we ought to have pictures or some kinda stuff like that.
She got my booking
photo off of Facebook. They got my address
off of Google. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Tisby,
listen, the question seems to indicate you’re
looking to take a poll as to whether people believe
Jordane looks like
Mr. Quarterman. “Does she look like him,
yea, or nahh?” She looks just like him. But you say, “Yeah, nahh.”
Are you worried? Are you… No, I said it
’cause he denied it. And he was like,
“She look like the other boy.” But like I said from
the very beginning… And I got pictures right here. Baby pictures. JUDGE LAKE: What evidence
did you bring, ma’am?
Let me see. Two baby pictures of him. And one thing about it,
Your Honor, just let me speak. I understand what
he trying to say but if you lay with somebody,
you got to pay the cost. Y’all laid together.
Y’all stayed together.
Y’all been together. You can deny
what you want to deny
but like I said, now when this baby
come out to be yours you’re gonna have
to not sleep at night. You deny…
I’ve never had a problem
from the beginning. We asked… I sleep good every night. I personally asked you.
We would pay for
blood tests and stuff. You said no.
Took two years to call
this young lady. For you to get results… We could’ve did it at home.
But, guess what,
at the end of the day you told me you don’t wanna
take care of no more children ’cause you don’t want
child support. You didn’t tell me that.
You don’t wanna pay
no child support. But I asked him. Hold up. I asked you for the gas
medicine when you called me,
came in my household like he says, standing
in my house and told me Jordane look like
one of my kids… QUARTERMAN: No. Yes, you did.
You said anything
Jordane needs, call you. No. SHUNTINA: Your family
even said… TANDRA: Call you. JUDGE LAKE: Really? SHUNTINA: Your family even
said she looked like you. All right,
let’s get some order ’cause I wanna understand
where we’re going here. So what you’re saying is you even had
a conversation with him where he seemed
to be accepting of Jordane. TANDRA: Yes. SHUNTINA: I wasn’t there so… JUDGE LAKE: But you
were there, Mom. I was there. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, and he
asked if she needed anything and even indicated
that she looked like… Like one of his sons. JUDGE LAKE: His other son. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right. And that’s why your daughter
just handed up
this particular evidence. The first picture is a picture
of Mr. Quarterman as a baby.And then the next picture
is a picture of Jordane.
You feel like
they look exactly alike.
SHUNTINA:Yes, ma’am.JUDGE LAKE:And you say even
his family members say…
SHUNTINA: Yes. TANDRA: Both, yup. TANDRA: His mother said it. See that girl there?
That’s a princess. QUARTERMAN: Yes, ma’am. She everything to me. QUARTERMAN: Yes, ma’am. Hey… You gonna step up.
We don’t… You ain’t gotta
bring a dollar… A child don’t know
about money, they don’t care
about money. Ma’am, understand this… So Ms. Tisby, listen. I can see
the passion in your eyes as you speak about
this beautiful baby, Jordane. (SOBBING) That’s my baby.
I’m her momma and father.
I’m her everything. When she gets sick,
she comes to Grandma. She don’t need… SHUNTINA: Don’t need nothing. Her baby good. A little girl need
to know her daddy. Her daddy.
She don’t need no money. You’re right about that.
Every little girl
needs their father. I think I the reason
why we’re here… TANDRA: For her. …is because, yes, we want
Jordane to know the truth. QUARTERMAN: I’m gonna
continue to say it. I never tried to run
from my responsibilities. Ain’t that what
I just said? All I wanted was a blood
test from the beginning. I asked you for one. I made two attempts. If you wanted a blood test
it was so easy to get. Hold on, wait a minute,
wait a minute. On Orlando Boulevard, $198. You could’ve got a blood test. JUDGE LAKE: Listen,
I have heard enough testimony. I understand how we arrived
in this courtroom today now. I do. And I have
the results for you. Are you ready? ALL: Yes, ma’am. All right.
Ron, the envelope please. Yes, ma’am. All I wanted was a blood
test from the beginning. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Tisby v. Quarterman.
When it comes to two-year-old
Jordane Tisby it has been determined
by this court Mr. Quarterman, you are not the father. TANDRA: What? Huh. Shuntina. QUARTERMAN: Mmm. TANDRA: Who is the father? Don’t start dancing. Don’t start clowning in here. Yes, no, I ain’t. I asked you
at least three times. Was there anyone else? I hope it ain’t who I think…
Oh, Lord Jesus. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Lord Jesus. Help me. Oh, Lord, help me. Do you know who Jordane’s
father is, Ms. Tisby? Gotta be that boy. Take the wheel, Jesus. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Ms. Tisby. TANDRA: Oh, Lord, help me. I can tell this is making
you very emotional. Do you know where this man is
that she’s talking about? I knew. Does he have an interest
in being in her life? Mmm-hmm. If he tried to
(STUTTERS) I think
I’d put the police on him. I’m sorry. Yes, ma’am. I will apologize
and I still love you. Yes, ma’am. TANDRA: You is a good person. Yes, ma’am. I wanna be happy ’cause
you know who her father is. But the way Mom is acting
over there, I’m not so sure
I’m that happy. Ms. Tisby you have been
through a lot as a young woman
and as a mother. And you need
to talk to someone. And I want you to begin
to unfold all of these layers of pain
and disappointment that this tragedy, this whole
journey has brought you. And I know it’s hard. You stood very strong today.
After all you’ve been through
losing a child, I can understand
how you can get turned around on the wrong path. But I want you to get back
on the right one. I wish you all
the very best of luck. QUARTERMAN: Thank you. Take care of your
beautiful baby. Court is adjourned.

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