Maltego Ethereum Transforms with SocialLinks and

Install or Update SocialLinks plugin in Maltego Classic or XL Transform Hub
Register on
Enter your username & email
Find access link in your mailbox
Copy your Bloxy API Key
Go to Maltego Transform Manager
Find and select all Bloxy transforms
Paste your key into API field
Now everything ready to start investigating Ethereum world!
To get the distribution of Ethereum from address drug and drop Ethereum address entity from Maltego Entity palette to the workspace
Enter Ethereum address
Start [Bloxy] Top Receivers in ETH transorm
We received list with 50 addresses
We can present them in a graph view…
And group entities in amounts ranks
Also, we can get the next transactions level
Select all entities and Start [Bloxy] Top Receivers in ETH transform one more time
Let’s change a graph view type
Now we can see the transactions pattern
From 1 address to 3 addresses and to 1 address again. Like a mixer.
To get the FINAL distribution of Ethereum from address drug and drop Ethereum address entity from Maltego Entity palette to the workspace
Start [Bloxy] Ether Final destination transform analyze full graph of ETH transfers for this address and provide the final addresses of the distribution
We got addresses (wallets, smart-contracts, tokens)
Some of them have an annotations. Like a big Exchange’s for example
We can change the type of representation of the graph to Weight
and see the grouping of graph vertices by translations amounts
We can also get addresses that sent money to the address
Start [Bloxy] Top Senders ETH transform
How we can see this address received 1507810 ETH from some address
We can do one more transfer step
This address received funds from many addresses.
If we wont to see transfers not only in ETH but in Tokens too
We should use [Bloxy] All Money Transfers transform from the Ethereum Address Entity
Now we can see all transactions with amounts of transfers
For Transactions with UPP tokens transfer use transform [Bloxy] Money Transfer
We see the Transfer Entity with one UPPs token transfer for this Transaction
Get addresses for this transfer
In this case, we can see, that UP tokens were transferred from Up Bit Exchange to the wallet
We can do the same in the other direction of transfers
Use Ethereum Transaction entity to investigate transactions
Enter transaction hash
To get Transaction details run [Bloxy] Transaction Details transform
In the Property View, we can see that it was TRADE method
To get all transfers for this transaction run [Bloxy] Money Transfers transform
Select all Transfer entities and get all addresses
We will see all the addresses involved in the translation (including smart-contracts and tokens) and their annotations
Use Token entity to investigate Tokens
Enter Token’s address
Run [Bloxy] Token Details transform to get information about this token
Run [Bloxy] Token Holders transform to get all addresses who have this token

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