Make Easy Passive Money – Bitcoin Mining – Free Ways to Earn Money Online

hey everyone thanks for watching i’m
Dannille and i wanted to show you one of
the easiest ways that i’m making money i
just started this um i did a lot of
research on it before I started it cuz I
was I was kind of skeptical I was like
well I don’t know if you can make money
off of bitcoins or or what’s going on
but this makes it extremely easy to make
money and I love it so I’m just gonna
dive right into it I’m not gonna go into
all the details I know that sometimes
things can get overwhelming with all the
details I’m just gonna go with the
basics today so what it is it is called
crypto tab and it mines your computer
for bitcoins so it has to be done on a
computer it cannot be done on your phone
or your laptop I mean sorry not your
laptop your tablet or anything like
mobile device um it has to be done on
your laptop or desktop and you have to
have Google Chrome so I’m gonna put the
link to crypto tab for my um crypto tab
thing down in the bottom and then I’m
going to also put a link underneath into
the description in case you don’t have
Google Chrome I don’t know a lot of
people that don’t have Google Chrome on
their computer but it’s I already had it
so it was easy
um after I downloaded it I only ran it
for a little bit and this is what I’ve
already made in just a couple hours now
you can make more money and I’ll going
with this in just a minute and I’ll go
into that here in a minute first I
wanted to talk to you about how this
basic work so this little tab right here
you can slide it and what I do is when
I’m not when I’m not using my computer
or a whole lot of my mobile devices
I just slam it to the max and just leave
my computer on now I did have to change
my computer settings because this has to
be on if your computer goes to sleep or
anything like that then it’s not gonna
work it’s not gonna give you the
bitcoins it’s not gonna mind the way
that you want another thing if you earn
one Bitcoin you can earn seven thousand
right now at this moment it changes
every time I come in here it’s changing
so right now it’s at seven thousand five
hundred eighty six dollars and five
cents per Bitcoin so if you can get a
every couple of months or per month or
whatever you’re gonna be making good
money now I’m not saying quit your day
job and like just start mining bitcoins
I mean there are people who do that and
they have extensive networks built up
they do it in really really difficult
ways like I said I’ve been researching
this for a couple days because I wanted
to see how it works and like what mining
bitcoins was and all of that kind of
stuff and this is the easiest way
because it works for you you don’t have
to have a thousand servers and you don’t
have to have all these computers and you
don’t have to be you know make a tree
you got the AC running so your servers
don’t overheat or anything like that
this is simple you just put it on your
computer you download it and you go so
when I you click on my link below it
brings you to this page and this button
right down here you’re gonna want to go
ahead and click that you get you’re on
your Chrome browser you have to have a
Google Chrome browser and then it’ll
download the app and then it’ll put this
little thing up here in the corner on
there so you can just tap on that and
then it brings up your page of what you
earn and everything that’s going on here
and you can also share it Facebook
Twitter Gmail all that all that stuff
Google whatever anyways um so that’s
just the very passive way now to make
Bitcoin now you can make even more by
referring friends so you refer people
who they refer people and they refer
people and they refer people and if
everyone works together to refer people
and they actually download it and they
start getting on they start using it on
their computer you can make a ton of
money they can make a ton of money
the next person can make a ton of money
I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing
this because it’s simple and it’s free
like there were you know a lot of things
out there when I do my research and try
to find you know the best ways to make
money at home a lot of them are like oh
well if you want to make ten thousand
dollars a month you have to pay five
thousand dollars and go and then we’ll
give you
all the tools to do this and then you
know it’s it’s really hard work you put
hours and hours and hours of effort into
it and then you’re by the end you’re
exhausted you’re like I you know I’ve
made a thousand dollars back out of the
five thousand that I spent in like six
months time and I’m really exhausted and
and I’m you know I’m not harping on the
people that are selling that kind of
stuff I imagine that it works I have
tried it it doesn’t it doesn’t not for
me I’m looking for ways that I can make
money on the side that aren’t going to
take away from my normal daily things
cuz I have a busy life I’m a single mom
I’ve got two kiddos i school there’s
programs that we do I’ve got to get
dinner done I’ve got to get the house
clean I’ve got to get all the errands
run I mean life is busy and so the point
of my channel is to find ways that you
can make income in the background or
doing very little in order to survive
you know I spent years working in
corporate world and it was just just to
make ends meet
and that was a really hard life because
my kids were having you know 10 12 hour
days they were going to school and right
after school they were going to daycare
and I was exhausted they were exhausted
and it just wasn’t the thing so I wanted
to figure out ways that I that I can
make money on top of you know the daily
things that we do without interfering
without causing problems so back to what
I was saying so I refer you you refer
more people they refer more people they
refer more people we all work together
to make money now it’s just a referral
it’s just a download
I’m not saying oh okay well after you do
this then you got to do 500 other things
and you got to mark it and you got to do
this now just invite your friends tell
them how awesome and easy it is that’s
all you have to do and then show them
how easy it is to earn bitcoins and earn
more money it’s not hard this program
makes it super super easy and it’s
totally free I want to stress that I
cannot stress that enough it is free it
is free for you to make money and it’s
not that
to refer your friends so anyways they
have a calculator in here so this is
their network this is essentially how it
works so it goes like this and this
whole page if you have questions on you
know this page answers all of the
questions that you have about this if
you’re a little skeptical anyways going
back so here’s the calculator so you can
move this either which way
so say you say say you refer four
friends and they refer three friends
let’s go ahead and calculate that and
see what the earnings will be so you can
make five hundred fifty six dollars on
the side now if you increase that let’s
say you refer six friends let’s
calculate it okay see your income moves
up and now if they refer four friends it
keeps going up see it is insane how
amazing this is like how much money you
could essentially be making and then you
can invite new users and get point three
Bitcoin so all you need to make is one
Bitcoin and you right now as of right
now you’ll be seven thousand five
hundred and eighty six dollars richer
but they have to refer their friends to
and I want to be perfectly clear on how
that works as everybody refers everybody
who refers everybody and we all work
together in a pool the way it works the
data stream you know the mining is in
okay we have this pool and then you have
like your little pools over here of your
friends that they invited and then they
have little pools of the people that
they invite but they’re all connected in
one way or another so we’re all making
money together this isn’t just you know
oh I’m at the top and I make all the
money nope somebody referred me and
they’re making money off of me and then
I’m gonna help you and you’re gonna help
me and then so you know it’s it’s a work
together thing this is not a scam
isn’t get-rich-quick thing it’s just
downloading it on your computer and
letting it run and if that’s all you
want to do that’s cool if you want to
invite friends to make more money that’s
let them know how the system works and
that it really honestly does work it is
insane how well it works so if you have
any questions go ahead and comment them
below they also have a lot of areas in
here where you can you know ask
questions and things like that like I
said this is super easy it’s free you
don’t have to spend a lot of time on it
and just keep getting your friends to
sign up tell them how easy it is tell
them how free you know that it’s free
like can you pass up free money no
that’s kind of hard so anyways I want to
thank you for watching if you liked the
video go ahead and hit that like button
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