Make a Kissing Coins Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company and I have a super fun project for you today. Let’s take a look at this quilt
behind me. Isn’t this gorgeous? This is just a really fun, happy quilt. I love the
design and I’m calling it “Kissing Coins,” because we have the “X” block and we all
know the “X” stands for a kiss and we have this coin block and you put these two
blocks together and you make this darling quilt. So, to make this quilt what you’re going
to need are some precut five inch squares. Now, we have used “Mochi” by Cotton and
Steel for RJR. I mean, it’s just a, a gorgeous, fun, happy line. Really a fun group of fabric.
You are going to need a hundred and twenty of those charms, I think. Let me make sure.
Yep, a hundred and twenty of those. You’re also going to need some white charms. You
can use four of those, ‘cause you’re going to need a hundred and sixty white ones or
you can do yardage because they have to be cut down to four and a half. I went ahead
and used yardage. So, you’re going to need about three yards of yardage for this and
it’s just, I mean, it just comes together so easily. So, this quilt is made using two blocks and
the one block, the first one we’re going to do, is this coin block, right here, and,
you can see it right here in the quilt, and it’s made by putting four rectangles together
and we’re going to get those rectangles by taking out four, five inch squares and
we’re going to cut them right in half and that’s going to give us our rectangle. So, you can stack a couple of these up if
you want or you can, you know, do them one at a time, whatever you prefer. That’s personal
preference. I like to do a few, get a couple done at one time. So, what I’m going to
do is, I’m going to lay my ruler on here and I am going to come over two and a half
inches and this, because this is a five inch block, and I’m going to just cut it right
down the center. That’s going to give me my rectangles that I need. So then you’re
just going to do that to all your charms and you’re going to end up with a stack of them. So then what we’ve got to do is, we’ve
got to sew them together in pairs of two’s and so I’ve got two’s right here and,
you can just take your pile of them over with you to the sewing machine and just chain piece
them, w–, two after, you know, sewing two together, one after another. So let’s go
over and do a little chain piecing. Alright, so now I’m going to put these right
sides together and I am going to sew them a quarter of an inch down the side, just like
this. And here we go, quarter of an inch right down the side. I always like to take a few
stitches and then make sure that I’m still lined up and then put them right back together.
So, this is chain piecing right here. If you’ve not, if you’re unsure of what chain piecing
is, it’s when you sew one without cutting it. You just stack another one right in there
and come right in behind it–that’s chain piecing. And you can do this with your, your,
your whole lot of them and it just makes it go really easy, ‘cause you’re not stopping
to cut things apart. We’re just going to do two because that’s
the size of our block and that’s what I want to show you. So now we’re going to
iron them. You’re going to put darker fabric on top and just roll it back, like that. Then
what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take these units and we’re going to sew
them together. So, this makes a four block unit, because this is the block we’re going
for. Alright, so let me sew this together, over
here. I am going to…I like to do them so that they’re dark, light, dark, light, but
that is also personal preference. Alright, there we go on that. Trim these threads and
then we’re going to iron this open. And this is a coin block unit and just by doing
this, you have made half your quilt. Half your quilt is done. So it’s just really
easy. Now the next block we’re going to make is
this “X” block, right here, and I’ll show you how that’s done. You’re going
to take your five inch white squares and you’re going to cut them four and a half so they’re
four and a half inch squares and what you’re going to do is, you’re going to take some
of your fabric pieces here and, we have these, these long pieces, like this, and you’re
going to cut them into two and a half inch squares. So, we’re going to just do like
that and we have two and half inch squares because you need a two and a half inch square
to put on opposite corners and that makes that whole block. So, what I’m going to do with this is, I’m
going to go over to the iron and I’m going to press a line, like this. You can finger
press them, too, but this is going to give me a sew line. See how that crease is in there?
When I put them on the edge of my fabric, like that, I can sew right on that crease
and it’ll give me a straight line to sew on and I really like to do, I’d rather press
than draw, you know, it just seems quicker to me. So we’re going to put one of these blocks
on each corner, like this, and sew on those lines. Sew opposite corners, so, just remember
that–opposite corners–and you’re going to do this to all of your five inch charms.
There’s that one, and we’re going to turn this around and do the other side. Line up
my needle, make sure I’m still squared to the corner, and sew right on that press line.
It’s nice to have that line to give you a little guide to press. Alright, now we’re going to trim these off,
these corners, just like that, and we’re going to iron those open. And this is the
block you’re looking for, right here, so, let’s make one more of those. Here I’ve
got one more set of these, of two and half inch squares, I’m going to press me a line.
Put the block, put them on either corners of my four and half inch charm, and sew them
down. And here’s one more on the other side, just on the opposite sides. This block, I’m
telling you, you can use it in so many different ways and it’s such an easy one and, you
know, you just, I mean, you can make a quilt just of these blocks and it’s beautiful. Alright, again we’re just going to trim
these off, quarter of an inch. There we go. There’s that one and then we’re just going
to roll these back. Alright, now the trick to this block, this unit, is putting these
together so that, so that they stack, like this. So this is half of your “X” and
so what we’re going to do is, we’re going to match color to color, like this, white
to white, like this, and we’re going to sew those together. So, you always just match
color to color, white to white and you can’t go wrong, and you can’t go wrong on this
block. There we go. Alright, so let me press this open and you
can see, if I put these two together, like this, it makes our “X” block. What we’re
going to do though is we’re going to take our coins and we are going to flip these blocks
so that the coin edges now come out from the sides of the coin, just like this, and when
this meets up with the next one, it’ll make the “X” out here, but this is the block
unit we’re looking for to make this. So, what we’re going to do then is, we’re
just going to lay these right sides together. We have this middle seam, right here, that
we can nest up and match up so they keep our blocks lined up, right there, and we’re
going to sew this right down the side. Here we go, quarter of an inch. Make sure you stay
lined up and then one more on the other side and remember your, your little point right
here goes toward the coins. I have to do those little mantras for myself that, I don’t
know why, but I’m so angle-y challenged it’s just so easy for me to get things turned
around. That’s alright. We just repeat those words over and over, haha. Points to the coins,
points to the coins. Alright, there we are. Now we’ll iron this
open. Here we go. Ok, so this is the block we’re looking for, right here, and, just
so you can see how it fits in the quilt, this is how it fits in the quilt, right here. Isn’t
that cool? I mean, it just makes a beautiful little block. So now let me show you how to put these together.
So, basically, you’re going to take these blocks and you are going to line them up,
just like this, one after the other after the other–a long row. Let’s see how many
we have here. We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight down by five
across. One, two, three, four, five. That’s right. So, you’re going to do eight rows
of these or uh, or eight down, five rows and then you’re going to assemble your quilt. So you’ll have your pieces all like this
and when you start putting them together, I want to show you what happens. See, there’s
your “X” block, right there, so as you start putting your rows together, you get
the awesome “X” block. Little four patch on point, “X” block, little four patch
on point, and it just makes this darling quilt. Now the border we have on here, we have a
little inner border, and if you get the three yards of the white fabric, that’s enough
to include this first little two and half inch border. The outer border is a four inch
border and you’re going to need about a yard and a quarter, yard and a half for that,
just to be safe, and it, I mean, it just makes a darling quilt that is seventy four by seventy
three, so, it’s a pretty good sized quilt. So, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the
“X block and the Coin Block.” You put them together. Remember when you were kids
and you had that little “X” in the bottom of your letters? You guys know that meant
kisses. I like to call this “Kissing Coins.” So, we hope you enjoyed this from the Missouri
Star Quilt Company.

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