Mahatma Gandhi 10 Rupee Coin Value | Rare Mahatma Gandhi 10 Rs Coin | First 10 Rs Coin of India

Viewers you must have noticed that whenever any new denomination coin or bank note is going to come into circulation the discussion about it starts few days before ,you must have experienced this at the time of demonetization before demonetization, 2000 Rs. denomination bank note was not there but after demonetization,the pink color notes of 2000 Rs. came into circulation we all were waiting for this note to come to us and to see its looks and we may have even saved this note in the beginning so we had experienced something similar to this 14 years ago in the year 2005 when 10 Rs. bimetallic coins were issued for circulation So viewers, here I have a question for you… do you think that these 10 Rs. coins were the 1st 10 Rs. coins that were issued by the Gov. of India for general circulation? So let me tell you that this is not the case! the strange thing about this is that 36 years before 2005 the 1st 10 Rs. coin was issued by the government of India ! So viewers in today’s video I have picked from my “Chillar” collection this 10 Rs. coin which is unique in many ways So you are on my channel where I exclusively talk about Indian Coins that we call “Chillar” in Indian slang So welcome to my YouTube channel “Chillar Gyan” So come viewers let us know about this coin through an interesting animation video Let us start with the history of the Coin A name that does not need any introduction A man who we call “bapu” with Love A prominent leader of Indian Independence Yes I am talking about Mahatma Gandhi Who was born in the year 1869 In the year 1969, to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Gandhi Ji the government of India issued some commemorative coins under different categories and denominations among these the highest denomination coin was the 10 Rs. Mahatma Gandhi Coin that we will be discussing today To know the details of the coin let us come to the next section that we call ‘Know Your Chillar (KYC)’ So let us talk about the circulated 10 Rs. Mahatma Gandhi coins this is the reverse side of the coin with Gandhi ji’s face on it this is the obverse side of the coin mentioning coin’s denomination this was issued by the Bombay Mint and this is the obverse side of the coin that was issued by the Calcutta Mint here I have listed the mint details of the Coin along with their availability for mint identification, this is the Bombay Mint mark diamond shaped and there is no mint mark on the Calcutta Mint coins For the reverse side details of the coin, refer to this description box and for the obverse side details, refer to this description box and further if you want to know the physical specifications of the coin ,those I have listed here here the important fact to note is that this coin is made up of 80% silver metal So what is interesting about these Mahatma Gandhi 10 Rs. coins that makes them unique from the normal coins let us know in this “Chillar” special section let’s know in what things this coin is no. 1 Viewers this is the 1st 10 Rs. coin issued by India as well as 1st 10 Rs. commemorative coin that means before 1969 the highest denomination coins were only of 1 Rs. and 1 more interesting fact is that this is the 1st coin made up of silver metal which was circulated after Indian Independence In what things this coin ranks no. 2 ? Let us know… In the circulated coins of all denominations, this is the 2nd largest coin in size After 10 Rs. coin of 1972 which was issued on 25 years of India Independence and this the 2nd commemorative coin issued b the Gov. Of India after Nehru Coins of 1964 Let us now the exclusive features of this coin After the Indian Independence this is one of the 3 rare coins that were issued for general circulation that were made up of Silver metal and is also one of those coins in which the mint mark of the coin is not on the reverse side but is on the obverse side So viewers, If you found this information useful and presentation entertaining, please LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to the Channel And most importantly share this “Chillar Gyan” with everyone So viewers, this was the complete detail of 10 Rs. Mahatma Gandhi Coins Now let’s come to the last section of the video which is the most important section where we discuss about the coin’s current estimated market price So as I told you in my animation video that these coins were issued by 2 mints Bombay Mint and Calcutta Mint the coins issued by the Bombay Mint compared to the Calcutta Mint coins are more available that is why their current market price is less than the Calcutta Mint coins so the Current market value of the Bombay mint Coins is 1200 – 2000 Rs. depending upon the condition and the price of the Calcutta mint Coins is 2000 – 3000 Rs. depending upon the condition So if you make an estimate the cost of this coin is 200 -300 times its own denomination Hopefully now you have all the information related to 10 Rs. Mahatma Gandhi Coins Thanks for watching my video and if you have any inputs any suggestions or comments let me know in the comment box and yes viewers if you liked this video I request each one of you to make 1 hit one the LIKE, 1 click on the SUBSCRIBE and 1 ring on the BELL icon and as many SHARES as possible I will soon upload my next video So stay tuned to my channel Chillar Gyan till then… “Just Chillarrr…”

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