Magician Eric Chien MAKES COIN PHYSICALLY DISAPPEAR! | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

Oh Hello Hi there, why don’t you introduce yourself to us? Tell us your name and where you’re from? My name is Eric Chen and I’m from Taipei So, what are you gonna do for us today? I don’t see props there. I’ll be doing some magic for you guys today. Oh Okay. So magic so why have you come to this stage on Asia’s Got Talent? So for the past three years, I’ve been a magic consultant. That means I’m always behind the curtains. So this is the first year I’m stepping forward. I’m trying to be the performer now Take it away the stage is yours guy clean guys, cuz I do close-up magic. I wanna come with you guys. Perfect Can you hold out your hand you guys can come closer come closer hold it flat watch it don’t move Hey Wow It’s in tre but you look over here This is for you guys Wow, thank you I think he made the right choice by may be coming out front. Your sleight of hand is really beautiful and poetic Nice job, man. Thank you so much Thank you That was impressive, thank you so much Okay Can I ask you what was the reason that you were behind the scenes and haven’t been the frontman thus far? There is this thing called fission. Basically the Olympics for magic and then it happens every three years in different countries I attended and I was very fortunate to win close up. I guess that gave me the courage to be a performer now Wow Let’s go Joey. Alright Anglin, it’s a yes. Thank you It’s a yes for me And a third yes Which is a lot Oh goodness you blew everyone away Yeah, there’s someone onto the table good work Eric, honestly I was blown already come out Hey guys is David posture there should be a link a button appearing right about now go port subscribe now

100 thoughts on “Magician Eric Chien MAKES COIN PHYSICALLY DISAPPEAR! | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

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  2. Sometimes not the main point is how u get the magic trick but how u can perform it 🙂 I mean is there many magician then can create visibal things disappear while the magician says: Look closely? What I want to say the half of the magician tryies to take out the attention of the trick to make it successfull and this guy lets it watch closely 🙂

  3. 2:05 is it an error or what? Should not has the sound of the coin since it should be only one coin left

  4. “Okay but can you make this ink disappear of my hand now please?” – “why yes..” *hands her a moist towelette

  5. Does anyone know what the music at 0:55 is? It's so calming and serene and it just fits his act so well… Grace and elegance.

  6. The best magician of the world and looks a very nice human being as well….. I am really impressed by this guy!!

  7. I wonder which demon he's using.
    And Judge David, u know it wasn't "sleight of hand". It is pure, spiritual magick.
    PS I really like magic, infact, I'm #InLoveWithMagic.

  8. In AGT he said that he was in the military so he didn't got time to do magic and show his talent and he just started this magic thing again in the past 3 months. In this episode he told the judges that he has been practicing magic from the past 3 years. Wtf is going on

  9. He had to have some assistant under the table at the end change the table cloth when he was distracting them. There’s no other explanation. He got up and there was a pen and coins on the table and then it was different. The rest is beautiful sleight of hand.

  10. Stupid fucking camera keeps changing shots. Just stay on one single shot from one single angle. Fuck. I guess it's safe to presume he has a coin under that card at 1min.

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