M is for Money – a kid’s guide to financial literacy

Nickels and dimes, yours and mine, M is for Money! I was born in Canada to immigrant parents who worked hard to make a new life. They watched their nickels and dimes
and I remember having conversations with my parents about money at a very young age, and those conversations had a positive effect on my life. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree from
McMaster University. I held several finance roles and later
in my career I was appointed CEO of Lakeport, a bankrupt brewery that I turned around, took public on the Toronto Stock
Exchange, and later sold to one of my competitors for $201 million dollars. It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice and
a true understanding of money; how to use it, how to earn it, and how to
create value with it. I decided to write books about
money for kids because financial literacy needs to start at a young age. The books are for children ages 5 to 8. At
that age they’re inquisitive and are beginning to develop on many levels. Hello everyone. My name’s Tessa and this is my brother Benji. We’re twins. Today is our birthday. We’re seven. The series is called M is for Money™ and
follows the financial adventures of twins Tessa and Benji. They collaborate to earn, save, budget, and deal with money issues in a
fun way. There are games at the end of each book to reinforce the money
concepts. Mom, we helped dad clean his car and he gave us
more money. He gave us three different kinds of coins.
Every time we get some coins or bills we put them in our piggy bank.
My piggy bank is getting heavy. Mine too. Yippee, M is for Money! Our hard work was rewarded with coins. We can use the money to buy something
fun. There are nine books in the series. The first
three are available now. They address concepts like what is money,
what are Toonies and Loonies, and what are a bank and a bank account.
The next three books coming later in 2015 will cover topics such as budgeting, taking
out a loan, and storing money in a wallet. The final three
books will be released in early 2016 and will discuss paying back a loan and
introduce the concept of charity. The next morning, Benji and I were excited about taking our piggy banks full of money to the bank. When we arrived, a woman at the counter asked us for our names. She said her name was Mrs. Chan. I’m not going to bring all my money to Mrs. Chan,
I’m going to think of something special that I want to buy. Kids need to learn about money starting
with her own currency. The books deal with Loonies and Toonies.
Everything about this book from the writing, illustrating, editing, printing, and even
the production this video, is 100 percent Canadian and I’m very proud of that. I’ve created a website where parents and
teachers can purchase the books and fun merchandise. There are also free
downloads including a useful teaching guide with activities
and games. Any parent or teacher who believes it’s important to get kids
on the right path to financial learning should buy these books. Conversations need to start early and
these books are designed as tools for that to happen. Nickels and dimes, yours and mine, M is for Money!

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