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  1. Ya hice todo y va bien, la consulta es ¿Cómo sé cuándo conseguí algo de Litecoin? ¿Cómo lo exporto a mi billetera?

  2. can u post a video , how to mine Litecoin with Antminer L3+, from beginning to the end , if u can post and for NovaCoin Mining with Antminer L3+…

  3. thanks for showed this simple video.. but please tell me approximately how many ltc we can earn with dual core 2.8, 4g ram & win7 (64 bit) cpu in 3-4 hours.. please give me reply.. thanks.

  4. [2017-08-03 17:22:09] Stratum connection timed out
    [2017-08-03 17:22:09] Stratum connection interrupted

    receiving these messages even after disabling firewall

  5. How to stop this process??? I have clicked Start.Bat and it is using my all cpu core!! any way to limit the core?

  6. EXCELLENT!!! I wish I could give 10 thumbs up. Maybe ad some music.. lol I kept checking my Mute. Anyone know if there is a different in using the minergate program to mine instead of cpuminer? it has a nice interface.

  7. Nice video man.

    Just have a question, i have looked in my minergate acc under Ltc which the status is saying offline, also there is no balance or unconfimred balance is there something im doing wrong.

    also this comes up as well

    2017-11-12 09:35:27] Stratum connection timed out
    [2017-11-12 09:35:27] Stratum connection interrupted
    [2017-11-12 09:35:28] thread 2: 1308 hashes, 0.02 khash/s
    [2017-11-12 09:35:29] thread 0: 60 hashes, 0.01 khash/s
    [2017-11-12 09:35:32] thread 1: 300 hashes, 0.05 khash/s
    [2017-11-12 09:35:32] thread 3: 480 hashes, 0.03 khash/s
    [2017-11-12 09:35:41] thread 0: 768 hashes, 0.06 khash/s
    [2017-11-12 09:36:26] thread 2: 1188 hashes, 0.02 khash/s
    [2017-11-12 09:37:29] Stratum connection timed out
    [2017-11-12 09:37:29] Stratum connection interrupt

    Can you please explain further in detail please.


  8. I am mining. I have almost 5000 good shares according to minergate. Still it says it's offline and in one night I made 0.0. What do I do wrong?

  9. THANK YOU for this tutorial, i got the script running perfectly! …but I have one issue
    There doesn't appear to be any Litecoin category on my dashboard on MinerGate, is there a way to fix this?
    There is no litecoin info at all on my MinerGate profile or dashboard

  10. ok i did all this and got everything running. i know this might some dumb but im brand new. once i got that black screen up, it's saying a bunch of stuff then it says "accepted'. what do i do next??

  11. What is the difference between the dashboard through the website and the minergate. There is no litecoin option but on the website, I can see it mininig?

  12. I am receiving the stratum connection failed : timed out error when I run my bat file. My file looks like this.

    cd c:miner
    C:minerminerd.exe -o stratum+tcp://ltc.minergate.com:3336 -u
    [email protected] -p x

    I have seen comments that suggestion this may be a firewall issue. What ports would I have to adjust on host side to make this work? thanks

  13. so what should it look like when you are mining cause i just keep seeing stuff like ?

    21552 hashes, 6.50 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:03:50] thread 1: 262224 hashes, 5.62 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:03:50] thread 0: 1008 hashes, 6.78 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:03:50] thread 2: 273768 hashes, 5.69 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:03:50] accepted: 20/21 (95.24%), 24.60 khash/s (yay!!!)
    [2017-12-11 03:03:54] thread 2: 24984 hashes, 5.74 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:03:55] accepted: 21/22 (95.45%), 24.64 khash/s (yay!!!)
    [2017-12-11 03:04:07] thread 1: 94608 hashes, 5.52 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:04:07] accepted: 22/23 (95.65%), 24.54 khash/s (yay!!!)
    [2017-12-11 03:04:19] thread 0: 169872 hashes, 5.93 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:04:19] accepted: 23/24 (95.83%), 23.69 khash/s (yay!!!)
    [2017-12-11 03:04:31] thread 2: 223392 hashes, 6.06 khash/s
    [2017-12-11 03:04:31] accepted: 24/25 (96.00%), 24.02 khash/s (yay!!!)
    [2017-12-11 03:04:56] thread 3: 390240 hashes, 5.93 khash/s

  14. my start.bat is   c:      cd c:miner      c:minerminerd.exe. -o startm+tcp://ltc.pool.minergate.com:3336 -u myemail -p x      and i get error "the system cannot find path specified"any thoughts???

  15. Okay, so I'm currently using the command screen and the minergate miner (So I guess I am mining litecoin and XMR) should I just mine one currency? Is there a way I can chance it from cpu to gpu as my gpu is much more powerful. currently in gpu mining it says unavailable.

  16. hey thanks for the tutorial! i have a question, can i change the amount of cpu cores the program uses i have 4 cores and i just want to use 2 or 3 got any ideas?

  17. Bro Having this issue :Stratum connection failed: Failed to connect to ltc.pool.minergate.com port 3336: Timed out
    Mining on Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 just for learning purpose .

  18. Thanks for a very nice and simple video. I have one question. I just run the code and checked my dashboard. It shows only the balance for BTC. Do I make a mistake?

  19. Hey, i first got the open then close error, than I editted it with the pause and i get the problem. My cmd says that my email is not recognized as an internal or external command.

  20. Hi my antivirus system detect malware and will auto remove the file without asking me, is it normal, sorry for this stupid question.

  21. i started mining and everything looks good but it looks like im mining for bitcoin and not for litecoin? id much rather go for litecoin

  22. why when i go on minergate it says I'm offline and have a zero hash rate? but on my terminal everything is running and i have a hash rate?

  23. bro..it is mining…1 have minergate accnt…but in minner gate thier is no wallet for lite coin… where can find the mined LTC ? plese rply..

  24. Everybody's tutorial is wrong. Either the pools need to give thorough instructions or someone needs to make a simple executable program so that this command line nonsense can be entirely avoided. Also, they need to quit talking about how unprofitable it is. The assumption is that people will keep using their old computer once they figure out how to get things running. We just want to see this shit work before we spend money on hardware. There is so much bullshit involved. Why do you have to be a computer programmer to do this? I used to hack satellite and phone card access numbers back in the day and I can tell you, this does not have to be this hard.

  25. My .EXE file is disappearing as soon as I am running my batch file, what should I do about it. It used to work before now it isn't working.

  26. maestro le ruego que me ayude tengo un problema al momento de abrir el star.bat
    me abre y luego se cierra la ventana solo rápidamente que es lo que estoy haciendo mal porfavor ayudeme maestro le dejo mi facebook para poder conversar con usted muchas gracias https://www.facebook.com/morganharold.Eurodance

    The wallet is the same one that is in Minergate account, that's why you need to sign up first, then the program uses that information like the email and wallet address. It worked for me.

  28. So I managed to create the start.bat file, but I have a problem. I can't seem to find a connection, I keep getting stratum connection timed out & interrupted.

  29. Minergates down right now no hashing 6/3/2019 ETH ETC no shares someone got my work it was running 3 hours till I noticed

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