Lineage 2 Donación automática Paypal

Hi, my name is Reynaldo This time I want to show you a donation system that uses Paypal Therefore, you need a Paypal account to receive payments In my system you have an Administration panel Here you can add “articles” This panel is only for administrators Before publishing an article, I will show you that there are no existing ones. When you add an article the user or player will be able to see said article The user reloads the page and can see the article that you added For this example 1 USD=1 Coin If I buy 10 USD then I will have 10 coins The player can pay using a Paypal account or with a credit / debit card It depends on where the user clicks If you click on the VISA or MASTERCARD icon, you will be shown the following form Depending on the country, the cards will be accepted The player completes the form and accepts the payment Let’s see an example using PayPal account The player validates his Paypal account (ID, PWD) In the window the amount to be paid is shown In addition PayPal makes conversion between currencies The user can see information relevant to the payment and accept the payment When the payment is received, the player can enter the game to claim his prize The player must wait up to two minutes to claim their coins For this demonstration I will use the command “/ unstuck” to claim the prizes Once the coins are claimed (Goldbar for this example) they can not be claimed again 10 USD=10 coins=10 goldbar If the player wants more coins, then he has to donate. (Donation process) I return to claim the coins Once the coins are claimed (Goldbar for this example) they can not be claimed again If the player wants to claim them, he will be ignored

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