Legit !! Free bitcoin faucet: Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet 2019

Hello everyone,
In this video i will show you, how to earn free satoshi using coin pot faucet.
Faucets show advertisements and pay small amount of Satoshi per visitor. for viewing their advertisements.
That’s how faucets works.
We can claim Satoshi every five minutes.
Lets start.
What is coin pot,
Coin pot is a legit bitcoin faucet,
we can create Coin Pot wallet and, start earning free Satoshi.
Coin Pot faucet supports 7 websites, that we can claim free coins.
I will put the site links in the description.
You can use this links to register and create coin pot wallet.
You can collect bitcoin, bitcoin core, bitcoin cash, dash coin, lite coin and doge coin using that seven websites.
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I will upload videos about free and legit Crypto currency earning methods.
You can use links in the description to register this seven websites.
Now i am show you, how to claim free tokens.
You can claim after every five minutes.or it is your choice. once a day or twice a day.
Seven sites are,
Moon Bitcoin.
Moon Doge coin.
Moon Lite Coin.
Moon Dash.
And Moon Cash.
Bit fun and bonous bitcoin also coinpot support Satoshi faucets.
You can play games until your claim is ready.
You can also join coinpot challenges to collect stars, and convert them in to coinpot token.
Now i am show you, how to convert collected coins in to one coin and how to withdraw.
In this video i am convert my all collected coins in to doge coin.
You can convert any coin you want to withdraw.
When your balance reach minimum withdraw amount, you can withdraw your coins to exchange or your private wallet.
Read details carefully when you withdraw.
Here is my doge coin withdraw proof.
you can claim free satoshi using this legit method.
Thanks for watching.
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