LEARN BRITISH greetings & slang phrases with TOP BOY – Speak like a Native Londoner

ay, wagwan fam, what you saying bruv? You alright ye? Now, any idea what any of those words I just said mean? well today we are going to be learning about real current London slang and phrases we are
going to learn this vocabulary by reviewing some very short clips from the
Netflix show “top boy” now, top boy is a show that’s based in London and it
really captures the culture the feel of what it is like to grow up in the
estates of London so let’s jazz up your English today we’re gonna focus on greetings, hi’s and bye’s now I bet the way you’ve learned at
school or in books is that us English we go around, and we speak like this, and hello how are you? How are you? lovely to see you again.. nooo no well, hello General, how are you?
stopstopstop we don’t say hello, we say, yo peace yeah no one really speaks like that, I
mean very rarely it’s much more casual and it’s much more informal the way that
we greet each other Wagwan bredda. Wagwan. How much are the lighters? stop slamming the door man! Wagwan? Hi Jack Wagwan? What’s Good? What do you think i come here for? Wagwan Dris? You alright? So this basically means,
what’s going on? what’s happening? it’s Jamaican Patois,
which is their spin on English, you have to remember London is one of the
multicultural capitals of the world after World War Two there was a mass
migration from a lot of Caribbean people including my granddaddy and with this
migration came new language new culture new food and it completely changed how
London is What you saying you alright ye? oi what you saying? are you done with that? Nah it’s calm, still so don’t try to take us Brits word for
word we don’t speak literally what you saying yeah what you saying it’s like
basically the same as wagwan what’s going on what’s happening you alright yeah? good how are you? – I’m good You alright yeah? Yeah, i’m fine You alright ye? Now this might be the most common greeting in English language alright? how’s it going, you alright? Yeah mate, i’m alright. You alright? Yeah i’m alright. how’s your mum she alright? Ye, she’s alright. How’s your mum, she alright? Ahh everything’s alright… alright.. alright……. alright This one it just means,
how are you? are you okay? really really important to know this one if you’re
ever going to come to England Ina bit ye in a bit. in a bit yeah, in a bit is just
a very shortened version of see you in a bit it’s a very quick and easy goodbye
we like our goodbyes to be quick and easy we need to get out of there, so you
might hear, in a bit, peace or, yeah safe or laters, very quick very easy or as my granddad used to say “cheerio mind how you go” who better cooking? me or Aaron? it’s me init hey yo? don’t even lie to the kid fam, you know he’s not in my league shut up man So what you gonna do about the Turks bigman? ye fam? Bruv, can you hear me out? – No Yes bruv, i warned him already ye Alright fam Alright later Now, in many conversations you’re
gonna hear these words, Fam, Bruv brudda, and basically they all just
mean friend or mate so if you’re planning on coming to
London these are how you can meet people and understand people by using some of
these phrases, alright very informal very quick very easy
hope you enjoyed hope you learned some new things, have a comment below remember
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to try and help you improve and jazz up your English for now cheerio

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