Land of Coins online coin auction: How to List Rare Coins at Auction

hi everybody this is gary from Land of coins .com today I’m going to show you how to list coins on land of coins .com. I’m going to go to the computer screen and I’ll show you step by step so on your computer it will be an image of the actual website and I’ll go step by step how to list your coin on land of coins com. Im going to sign in real quick. Password and then you’ll come to a page once you log in and in the black bar up above where the links are you’ll see sell just click sell it’ll bring you to the listing categories and you select which one you want I have a indian head small sent that i want to sell i’ll click small cents, it is an indian head, so i’ll click indian head cents 1859 to 1909 and then finalize category. there it is your categories are set it’s already in there and then the listing details is the description of the coin and pricing structure and listing of the coin for listing details item it is a 1897 indian head cent graded pcgs ms65 and it is red. For subtitle i just like to put the grade PCGS ms65 red and description you can put whatever you’d like it is a very nice coin so i’m going to put very nice coin graded PCGS ms65 spread that’s good enough and then down below you’ll see photo gallery you can upload up to 5 photos and you just click upload pictures right where it says upload pictures and then you have photo gallery and on the right or on the Left down below you’ll see add files just click add files your computer’s file pictures will show up and you click which one you want I like to do the graded coins with the case too so in front of the case with the coin add files again each time you do that you got to do that and then the rear graded it’s right there and I like to do the up close ones so the front up close I have two front up closes because you can add up to 5 and then the rear of close there you go so they’re all listed there and if I’m then start upload you just got it next to add file start upload click that and they’ll start to populate so very fast transfer and then once that’s done go to the very bottom of the page and just like it says we added files we started the upload close page when done it’s all complete. closed page then you go down below and the pricing structure is right here and you’ll see auction type standard auction that’s what we do item quantity we only so on one coin at a time and then starting price that’s where you want your coin just the price of your coin to start as so let’s say five hundred and fifty dollars and then the reserve price this is an expensive coin its retails for about a thousand dollars so we’ll just say 650 is the reserve now why do I not have the starting price equal of the reserve you know having a low starting price is kind of cool that’ll get more people to start looking at it and they’ll add it to their watch list because it’s a really good coin at a really good price so the whole idea of auctions is to get people to continuous you know more people looking at it me means that there’s more action which means you’ll get a better price so I like to start my price a little lower than reserve if I have a reserve sometimes I don’t it’s up to this look to you and that’s how we do reserve starting price so if it’s up it let’s say my final bid at the end of the auction is 575 this coin will just the auction will just close there’ll be no winner because it did not go above the reserve price I don’t have to have a reserve if I don’t want to I can just do starting price it is what it is after that but it won’t sell for less than 550 because that’s where I started it so I hope that’s a good explanation but i’m going to go 650 on the reserve so any kids about 650 coins sold i could also do a buy it now once you click yes on a buy it now you’ll notice the auction is no longer and now it’s a buy it now only value if i click no on the buy it now the auction is there but I could also list a buy it now price so i could have an auction and buy it now so for example if I wanted to buy it now price of 1100 I could still have an auction with the reserve so anyway you want to do this you can custom tailor to your liking it’s very easy to do the duration you could go one day a few weeks or you could go up to a month one thing on the one day or two day auction you’re not going to have many people looking at the coin because this is not enough time a lot of people are busy these days and you can’t they’re not on the computer every minute of the day so some people that would be interested in your coin they never see it because they’re busy that day you could go maybe a two-week auction I know some people that like to leak options or you can go a month if you have a more expensive coin the month might be better because people that are willing to pay invest a lot of money on a coin over a month period you’ll have more of them that would be looking at the coin and adding it to their watch list and paying attention to it so really it’s just a few if it’s just a coin like this maybe two weeks you can always change it later automatic relist is the next category there what I like about this is you can put up to 12 times of relisting your auction say during the first two weeks of the auction the starting price in the reserve price it was never met so it just canceled no no specific reason just things like that happen automatic relisting allows you not to have to go through this again and you can do that up to 12 times you can go so 12 times two weeks would be 24 weeks that’s almost six months that your coin will be on the auction site and it’ll just keep relisting until you get a reserve price maet or buy it now. if somebody buys it and just pays eleven hundred dollars for so whichever one you prefer to select I’ll go with 12 and then the shipping fee buyer pays shipping or seller pays shipping if the buyer pays you put the number here let’s say six dollars for shipping you’re going to insure it or this is a kind of an expensive coin so I don’t mind paying for it buyers like that the seller is paying for the shipping so we’ll take that out seller pays shipping self-explanatory there and then paypal you have to click paypal because Land of coins only uses paypal and that’s to protect the buyer and sellers with the paypal accounts and then disregard the fee amount and submit auction and you come up to this page now this is a review page you’ll see the review all your pictures are there and the explanation of how your pricing it and then up above you’ll see if you need to go back and make changes you can click here so go ahead and click there if you need to make any changes what’s nice about this it doesn’t delete anything that you’ve already put in so all you have to do is correct the mistake that you saw and then go down to the bottom and submit auction again so you don’t have to redo that again and then go to the bottom on this review page you do have to put in your password just to confirm that this is what you wanted to do and it also just makes you think twice to make sure everything is perfect because you don’t want any mistakes, mistakes cost money usually it’s never the other way so a password if you’re having a problem listing it that is probably the reason you were just going a bit too fast and forgot to put it in your password so once that’s in you just submit auction and success congratulations your auctions been set up a confirmation email time-stamped with the time and the day of your auction will go to your email and then if we click view your auction or up at the top auctions where the black link bar is you click auctions and there it is hope this helps any questions you can always contact me at the contact us button up on the black bar phone numbers right there and hope this helps and thanks for using land of coins com have a good day you

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  1. In order to join do you have to pay a monthly fee, or is there an option to join for free? Not the first month free, an other option?

  2. I have 3rare coins 2 1983 Penny's an they way 3.1 each. An 1 1946 nickel silver no mint please help me I need to relocate an i don't want to get ripped off..

  3. I have following coins for sale.
    2 new pence coin of 1980
    3 pence coin of 1942
    1/2 pence coin of 1974.
    Please contact me over my WhatsApp Number +919632007060 or my email ID [email protected]

  4. I hAve. coin. Queen. bektoreya. 1860. to elizabeth'. 1992. 3. memoir. 1940. 1919. 2941. 96947. 17876. watsp 9694717876

  5. Hello sir I have some Indian coin which is not very old but different from other coin can I sold it on your website

  6. Suggestion. When it says on the page… "Your Auction will end at 9:25pm" Can you add the time zone? Because I live in NJ. Someone else may live in CA or Texas. It's not clear what the 9:25pm is related to.

  7. I have indian coin and notes and holy no 786and other coin sell now detail one quarter Anna 1920,1940,1941, half Anna East India company 1808. One Naya paisa 1963. Two Naya paisa 1957. Ten paisa brass 1968. Twenty paisa Kamal Da ful 1970. Twenty paisa photo Mahatma Gandhi's 1860-1948. Fifty paisa 1973. 25paisa 1972,1973,1983, ruppe coin 1975,1976, ruppe coin pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 1989five paisa 1987,ten paisa 1984.fifty paisa 1988,1990. Five ruppe coin photo pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 1989. Five ruppe coin photo Lal Bahadur Shastri ji 1804_2006. Five ruppe coin veshnu Devi. Two ruppe coin Subash Chander Bose 1997. Two ruppe coin Louis Braille 1809.ten ruppe coin veshnu Devi 100ruppe coin Korea 1995ten ruppe coin Korea 1986 . Ruppe 100,50,10,2 all note 786 no. Connect no.9814378641.

  8. Great Sir !..
    I've question. I live in India. Imagine my such coin is sold in another country..then, how shall I deliver to buyer..??

  9. I have a 1959 Lincoln penny. Graded at MS 64 RB. Variety. Wondering if it would be worth sending to auction. ?…. Thank you for any input.


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