L.A. Colors Double Take 2 Piece Eyeshadow: Dollar Tree Gold?

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
so this week’s Dollar Tree gold is on the LA Colors double-take shadows so I
got two different packs here and we’re gonna try them out do some swatches to
see if they’re worth your bucks I would like to see that then please keep on
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week I know what you guys to missiny so guys like I said I did pick these up at
my local Dollar Tree and the this is from LA Colors I really really enjoy LA
Colors I haven’t tried much from them that I don’t enjoy but anyway guys they
these come with two single shadows looks like pretty good amount looks like it’s
3.5 grams each that’s pretty good so I got the the duo canvas and fiery so
let’s go find these now my eyes are primed and set and I really really like
la color shadows and they’re quite pretty large okay they kind of remind me
of the wet and wild shadow singles really cute little square and yeah I
like this it looks pretty looks pretty shimmery both of both sets
are shimmery I didn’t see any matte shadows but we will go ahead and try
them out ooh this fiery collection looks pretty
it looks really pretty actually like a fiery like warm burgundy brown shade and
then this is like a warm bronze and then the other one that came with the canvas
collection looks kind of like a kind of like a nice medium gold so let’s go and
try the canvas side canvas words Kim we’re gonna try the canvas collection on
one eye and we’re gonna try the fiery on the other really really smooth and
pretty pigmented actually well it’s pretty okay and then this is the lighter
shade in the canvas yeah guys really really soft holy crap
that is pigmented that might actually make a really pretty highlight too okay
guys we’re and let’s go ahead and just do the firey okay so here is the lighter
warm brown shade of the FIFO guys Wow these are some great little singles if
you want to add some more shimmer to your collection and then this is kind of
like the dark burgundy brown shade holy crap guys that is stunning guys those
seem gorgeous so far okay so guys we’re gonna be doing a we’re gonna be doing
shimmer in our crease I just want to see like the texture and how pigmented they
are on the eyes so I’m gonna go ahead and start with the canvas collection
we’re gonna go on this side first and I’m gonna pick up this deeper gold shade
and we’re just gonna put this in our start putting in our crease guys there’s
not any like fly fly up pick up whatever it’s it’s not like powdery in the pan
which is nice okay actually a little shimmery but it’s not
too bad honestly that’s actually really pretty let’s go ahead and just blend it
guys I mean this is obviously to you know do an amazing eye look this is just
to see the how it blends out texture pigmentation it’s pretty I like that a
lot and then I am gonna be guys I just can’t get over those swatches that is
stunning okay guys I’m gonna get the lighter of the canvas duo and I’m just
gonna put this on my finger guys that is just killing me so pretty oh very pretty
very bright it is gorgeous just gonna get my little brush here and uh I get it
kind of blended I mean honestly if you don’t have a lot of shimmer in your
collection and you want to start you know incorporating some more shimmer I
think this is a great way to do that I like that that’s really really pretty so
here’s a close-up guys I mean it is very shimmery both shades are but I mean it’s
definitely not bad very pigmented blended great so so far I am really
really impressed by by the canvas set really really pretty it like this a lot
okay guys I’m gonna clean my brush off and we will try the fiery collection so
I mean guys it’s 50 cents of shadow which is really really a good deal okay
guys I’m gonna be going in with this dark burgundy shade once again same it’s
not doesn’t have a lot of kicked up in the pan let’s go ahead and oh guys that
is very very pigmented so this would be beautiful for a smoky burgundy eye on
the lid let’s go ahead and blend this out
underneath the eye I’m really really liking these so far guys yeah first
impressions but uh you guys you don’t have to do super expensive shadows or a
really pretty pretty pigmented smooth look okay let’s go ahead and try the
kind of nice bronzy bronzy shade so pretty I think that these would work
amazingly like wet and we will swatch them a little damp I want to see what
those look like okay guys I really really like guys both sets are just
beautiful okay I’m just going to go ahead and grab a clean brush and just
kind of you know that’s really it’s not a look at all but I just kind of want to
give it the best shot at looking smooth and not patchy so okay it’s nice and
blended guys I’m really really like in both sets obviously this one definitely
is warm it’s a lot warmer a lot more pigmented a lot deeper I guess what I
mean they’re both extremely pigmented guys this is a little bit more neutral a
little bit softer but guys I love both sets so guys let’s go ahead and try
these swatch a little bit damp so I just got a little bit of water here and
that’s what you need you don’t need anything you don’t need like a setting
spray okay so dry and I’m just gonna go ahead and spray a little bit of water
here okay guys so it’s a little damp let’s go ahead and okay so this is it
right here so let’s go ahead and do that right underneath it oh yeah guys there’s
definitely a difference I mean so this is the same color so this is damp this
is dry okay okay let’s try this deep like kind of burgundy shade let’s do
let’s try it damp okay so dry very very pigmented we’re
gonna go ahead and give it a little bit damp here it is right here holy crap
guys that just kicked it up a whole heck of a lot so this is it dry
this is it swatch damp Wow guys that is beautiful
okay guys let’s go ahead and try the canvas collection okay got the lightest
shade okay so that’s it dry which it’s crazy pigmented still hey here’s a
little damp yep so guys this is it damp and this is it dry holy crap guys those
just kicked it up a whole heck of a lot okay and then the last shade the kind of
gold shade oh right there beautiful drag if you want a little bit of a lighter
this is a damp so yeah guys these do work great dry and damps a bottom row is
damp top row is dry so guys it definitely boils beautifully it kicks up
the pigmentation the metallic of it it’s beautiful guys Wow
okay guys so let’s just go ahead and do this guy so the le colors double take i
shadow little collections guys these are definitely a Dollar Tree gold absolutely
beautiful you get a lot of product and they are point 12 ounces or 3.5 grams
apiece so guys it’s 50 cents of shadow really really good deal and guys they
are beautiful okay I’m not a huge I shadow single person because I do like
pallets but guys I mean these are beautiful shades they are pigmented they
blend beautifully very very shimmery and guys they work great dry or damp and
guys i them damp it is out of control pigmentation Alliance beautiful so guys
if you are looking for some beautiful metallic pigmented shadows and you don’t
wanna spend a lot of money guys definitely pick up the LA Colors
double take eyes shadow beautiful they had like three or four
different sets but guys they are stunning I am so impressed
so yeah thumbs up for me to thumbs up actually I hope you guys enjoyed this
week’s Dollar Tree Gold if you did please go in and give this video a
thumbs up also make sure that you guys share this video love getting the word
out on exceptional formulations of makeup and super affordable and guys you
can’t get much more affordable than a $0.50 a shadow great great deal guys
also make sure that you guys leave a comment down below have you seen the LA
Colors double take I see shadows if you have have you picked them up if you
haven’t you need to they’re stunning and guys also make sure that you guys follow
me on my other social media twitter facebook Instagram and snapchat it’s all
at budget glam babe I will see you guys tomorrow for another video
have a great one guys

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  1. Dollar tree gold. The only store I can “splurge” at 🤣. Im glad Your here to say what’s good and what’s not! I’m gonna have to go grab a set

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