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– Now, who is better at cutting things? – Me!
– Me! – Mmmm, let’s go ahead
and rock, paper, scissors. See who’s better. Ready? One, two, three. Rock, paper– – [Kids] Scissors. – All right, try again, try again. – [Kids] One, two, three, four. – Five, six. – Okay, I guess she beat you. Okay, this is good. All right, good. (playful music) All right, my name is Nash. I do magic. – My name is Desmond. I’m learning magic. – (chuckles) I’m gonna
teach him magic, yes. I’m gonna teach you the very first trick that I had ever learned in my life. – Whoo. All you need is a clear glass like that. You need a coin, and we have
a silk right here, right? So, I’ll put the coin
right here, just like that. Let me go ahead and cover the glass up with some mystery, okay? I’m gonna put the glass
over the coin like that and say abracadabra. – Abracadabra. – [Kids] Abracadabra. – Abratic-cadabra. – Good enough, watch over here. If I remove this silk. (gasps) Watch, watch, watch, watch, watch, watch. (gasps) The coin has disappear. What? But hang on a second, you
gotta bring it back, right? Watch over here. I’ll put this silk just
like that, over the glass, and then bring it out. Say abracadabra again. – Abracadabra. – And bam, you see right
here, the coin has reappeared. What? (both imitate bomb explosions) – Man, but it wasn’t there! (Nash chuckles) – Can you guess how this is done? – You got the coin, and then you just hid it
somewhere or something? – I just hid it somewhere? You’re actually very close, yeah. I did hide it somewhere. How do you think that coin disappeared? – You put it here. Then you put it here.
– What the? How did you? – What? Did you see it? (both laugh) Look, it’s gone. – How do you did that? (Nash laughs) – That was good. She did it, and she didn’t even see it. You see, this glass is a tricky glass, because on the bottom, it
has a piece of paper. (gasps) Right? Not that one; you gotta make one. I’m gonna teach you how to make one, yeah? (Nash chuckles) (child sighs) – Oh wow. – I’m gonna teach you how
to make a glass, okay? Ready?
– Yeah. – Okay, so put the cup over
the piece of paper like that. All right, now I want you to go ahead and trace around the mouth with a pen. Go for it. So far, so good. Now that you have this right here, Alana, I want you to very,
very carefully go ahead and cut this out very very, careful. Like even more careful than that. I want you to glue this
onto the cup, all right? Yes, this is good. Okay, so make sure it’s secure. Run your finger around it. All right, so, you want to
begin the trick like this. You got a piece of paper, and you got the mouth down like that. Don’t do this, ’cause this is big secret. You gotta go, yeah. Hold the coin like that. And say, “I’ll make the coin disappear.” – I’ll make this coin disappear. – All right, now put this
on the paper like that. Good, I’m gonna give you
a piece of cloth, okay? And can you cover the cup
with this piece of cloth? Go for it. Okay, is that over the coin? (child squeals) (Nash exclaims) You’ve gotta make sure it’s over the coin. So, do it again, do it again, do it again. Okay. (child exclaims) Okay, we’re gonna say abracadabra. – Abracad-dabra. – Abradadabra. – And whoa! Whoa! Oooooh! – Yeah. (Nash imitates a bomb explosion) – Where is it, Desmond? Let’s bring it back, okay? (stammers) (child exclaims) You’ve gotta cover the cup first, okay? – Hocus pocus. Make the… coin appear. – (gasps) What? Don’t do that. Put this over here like that
and then remove the cloth. Yep, and then the coin reappear again. – Wow. – I know. Okay, and then, pow. (gasps) – Am I a magician now? – Yes, you’re on your
way; you’re on your way. – Yes. – Can we do this trick at home? – Yeah, of course. All you need is just a
piece of paper and a cup and some glue, and have
your parents cut it for you, and you’re good. – But they would know about it. – Hmmm, only tell one parent, then. – Thank you. – You’re welcome, Desmond, you’re welcome. – Thank you. – Hey, giving me a hug? Oh my goodness, hey buddy,
thank you, you’re welcome. (laughs) I’m Nash the Magician. Thank you for watching. If you want to learn more about me, open the link in the description. And before you go,
please subscribe to HiHo and check out some more videos over here. Shazam! (laughs)

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  1. I'm getting flashbacks at 0:02 when the brother and sister both raise their hands, to the Kids Meet A Magician video and he asked who is the better drawer

  2. Ethan: Can we do it in home?
    Nash: All you need is just a piece of paper and a cup, and your parent cut it for you. And your good.
    Ethan: But they would know about it.

    hmm, smart kid 🙂

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