‘It Was Always A Scam; He Was Always Losing Money’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘It Was Always A Scam; He Was Always Losing Money’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Something to think about, the laws created by Hillary, Barack, Bill Clinton, the Bushes ETC, enabled Trump to show huge losses and write it off on his taxes. He and Hillary sparred over the very thing.

  2. This information was available prior to Drumpfs election, I found it, why didn't anyone else understand he is a con man, not a billionaire or even a millionaire. He's broke, a liar, and most of all a traitor accepting foreign money.

  3. Donald Trump was COMPROMISED by Vladimir Putin years ago through unethical and illegal business deals with Russian oligarchs.
    Business deals that could not have taken place without the KNOWLEDGE OF and the APPROVAL OF Vladimir Putin.

  4. Has he been syphoning money out of the businesses into an offshore account, borrow money from the bank, syphon money out and make the business fail so the bank forecloses, thinking it is getting his money back when in reality it is sat in a Russian account.

  5. Try to present this to his base, they'll ignore or re-classify as fake news; he's better than any property gospel based televangelist. He has failed on significant campaign promises, admitted to impeachable offenses, failed to adhere to his oath of office, has a host of pending legal cases. But, he is a great snake-oil salesman.

  6. Why didn’t they just vote for Bernie and have a positive force disruptor ? That is incomprehensible. With Trump, there will be nothing left except Russia. 🐑 🐑 🐑

  7. 1.7 billion dollars is nothing for a man of trumps stature.
    He’s worth many billions of dollars.
    The net worth of guys like trump go up and down by millions of dollars as the stock markets fluctuate.
    He didn’t pay taxes because none of the billionaires do.
    He’s made that happen for sure.

  8. “ He just politically indicted himself “
    His base won’t even care.
    They haven’t noticed that he cheated his charity to the point where he got banned from having a charity.
    Never mind all the other crap he’s done.

  9. This is all VERY misleading. Losing money means he could pay the banks and all the salaries and all of the expenses and spend more than he earned on his life-style and not pay taxes.
    He is not a failure he is a tax cheat and cannot admit it. These people above are very naive. They are TV journalists, or former staff people in D.C. or lawyers, not business people.
    Have you ever seen them ask a business person to explain how Trump declared losses? NOOOOO.

  10. About "giving up" his boat, his part in Hayett… Think of it like this: He had profits for years and a boat for years, money from Hayett for years and… a Uni and an airline, then ONLY has to give them back after a few years and taking out a lot of money.

  11. Question How is it that Bloomberg didn’t know about any of this? Why didn’t he stop Trump from the corrupt real state business SCAMS in NEW YORK CITY PROPERTIES??😡😡 No Bloomberg in the White House ever!

  12. That's just what we need, a president who doesn't believe in paying taxes and paying his fair share to help America. He rips off anyone anywhere he can. What an a******.😡

  13. Why aren’t all government “Workers” taxes reviewed by I RS ? And a grade school literacy test so liars can be charged and manacled .or put away by the guys in white coats?

  14. I thought American people were smarter when choosing a President !
    A person that looses money all the time in business is capable in running ba country ??

  15. The thing about Monopoly is that in the end it always goes back into the box. None of it is real, none of it is really owned, it all belongs to the box.

  16. U ! see the Holy Bible is fulfilling. A fool and his money will one day part. The Holy Bible tells the truth. Amen Amen 🙏

  17. Here's a little list of his failures and dirty dealings.

    The Trump Taj Mahal came to the brink of closure in 2014 as its parent company went through bankruptcy, but ultimately remained open under the new ownership of Icahn Enterprises. In 2015, the Taj Mahal admitted to having “willfully violated” anti-money-laundering regulations for years and was fined $10 million.

    Click to read more interesting stuff

  18. I’m interested in real news,, please, more details. Not “a ton” of bankruptcies; I want to know exactly how many bankruptcies. Thanks for your efforts.

  19. Shes says the paper says the figures show lol.So i guess we can just throw truth to the wind and believe the papers and morning joe lol.Bunch of fools here.

  20. Until he gets busted for setting up a scam company, like Pelosi's son, who gives a f. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/17/company-co-founded-nancy-pelosis-son-charged-secur/?

  21. Not to point out the obvious, but this is really, really, old news. That said, we here in NJ and NY knew for a long, long, time, that he was a crooked loser. Thanks to all the apprentice fans for the destruction of the country.

  22. My only regret is most of my fellow voting Americans don’t know BS when they smell it. He’s stank since that disgusting cringe-worthy Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous episode in the 80s. Wise up, guys!

  23. I bet you all millionaires cheat the system . don't they write off the donations, and charity like trumpet son Eric . St. John children hospital, Eric trump charity donations went to his father's business . he scam people for millions . Nobody talks about it. that is a crime , yet Eric is rally for trump how much money he donate it. this is wrong and should be exposed .

  24. This excuse of a fake president had the keys too success handed over to him. The minute he was born and yet he still a loser .He will always be a loser he is nothing better than a con men. Conning the country out of its taxes, He should have received from his and his father's assets and Mommy's assets. New York Times you guys need a Pulitzer Prize winner on this story you deserve it.

  25. His bone spurs has returned and he is trying to figure away to get out of the presidency and keep him self out of jail and keep all of his dirty money and pay a heavy penalty in fine on his crooked money that he been hiding from the government

  26. I never believed he was as successful as he claimed. Now everything is coming out. He has mafia ties, was always losing money and is nothing more than a lying fraud. He either was losing money or he was lying to the IRS to avoid taxes. Either way, he is a lying fraud!

  27. No one has discussed that he really is broke.
    If his, the kids' debts were called in, they'd be broke.
    ( they might want to get a housing authority list of available subsidized apts.

  28. When Trump is disposed of we as a nation can get back down to business and rebuild what Trump tore up for his pleasure !

  29. Trump actually put his book “Art of the Deal” in every room of his casinos so that it could be in the Best Sellers list, according to John O’Donnel who ran one of Trump’s Atlantic casinos before he got fed up with Trump lack of knowledge, lying, and accountability. Read the book “Trumped” by this O’Donnell, which was written decades before a Trump was a President. He never knew how to run a business, he always was a con artists. I knew this in the 80s and 90s, all you have to do is read.

  30. I believe that the true hardest punishment to Trump will be to put back Obama in office… Could you imagine that??

  31. Trump is a dangerous chameleon, charlatan, scallywag , imposter and a evil manipulator just like Satan the greatest imposter of all. You white people have just let satan in our domain so Prepare for his wrath.

  32. Dumps sheer reluctance to show tax returns makes it even more revealance to it’s crookedness. Honestly I don’t understand why it is still in office, dump is glaringly obvious misfit, beavis and butthead would fit in better for pous

  33. Trump may have filed for bankrupcy etc. but the claim that "he was in a struggle" is an insult to all the people who built, painted, plumbed his hotels and were not paid. He admitted that himself during 2016 campaign. You can bet Trump never struggled to feed his family, pay his rent/mortage or medical bills etc. But plenty who worked for Trump did. Lots were 'illegals' undocumented people who haven't a leg to stand on. What sort of people would let somebody like Trump represent them?

  34. You guys can sit there and analyze all day. A large portion of Trump supporters are uneducated, racist bunch and he hits their cord like no other politicians and he playing them like a fiddle and these idiots do not have the brain band width and IQ to realized that and non of them watch your show. So although you are right on your most points, you are still wasting your time. People who watch your show already know Don the Con is a crook and a criminal.

  35. I like how he made a comment about how he is getting screwed like the Kurds back before he was the one screwing the Kurds…

  36. All New York banks stopped loaning money to Trump by 1994. They forced him to sell off key assets. After that, he got his money from foreign banks, Russian oligarchs, and laundered money from foreign criminals. Who elects a president who can’t get a car loan from an American bank?

  37. More Bernie bashing at the end, they just can't help themselves at MSNBC….the "heartland" supports Bernie's policies when they are presented in a non-party specific way. Michael Moore already dunked it after the debate with your corporate interested moron station that claims to be liberal.

  38. His next book. The art of stealing tax dollars from the us government and the people of america ! S. C. A. M. Scum can always mooch !

  39. He’s the biggest scam artist and king of bullshitters around! He’s already been sued $25M for his phony tRump University and sued and had to pay $2M for his fake charity the tRump Foundation which he used as his own personal piggy bank where he stole donated charity funds meant for Homeless Veteran’s and a Children’s Cancer Fund So he could use it to pay off his fines he accumulated at Mar-a-Lago and Doral!

  40. tRUMP was given companies to run by his daddy, but had no business acumen. He rode on the coat tails of his daddy’s investments after his death, as long as he could by evading taxes, until he eventually ran them all into the ground an filed for bankruptcy. Later lied, and with the media’s non due diligence to investigate the facts wrote stories indicating his businesses were “making a comeback”. I’d been telling my male counterparts this since prior to tRUMPs election; but were all too stubborn to believe it!! Hence, tRUMPers.

  41. Males generally believe/support their male counterparts, through thick and thin. However, were wrong about OJ and now about tRUMP, but only the secure ones will ever admit that!!

  42. Trump didn’t lose that money. He swindled it claimed a loss to use it to avoid paying taxes for almost 2 decades. Trump has a secret bank account in some obscure overseas bank (probably Eastern Europe country which might explain where how he met Ivana). He knows his taxes show him a financial loser and that would embarrass him if it came out. But I’m sure he’s swindled 100s of millions over the years. The casinos was a front to payoff the mob for all the money he owed them thru out the 80s. He’d buy them the mob ran them and milked all their money out of them then trump claimed losses and bankruptcy and walked away with tax benefits for next decade (10s of millions).
    Trump was taught by his father his to scam the system and trump took it to another level. You can bet he’s dwindling billions of out being president… oh you want me pull out of Paris accord how much is it worth to you US industry? Pull out of iran deal and move embassy? How much is it worth to you Israel? Federal land leases? Who’s the highest bidder? Etc…

  43. Wonder who he got to write that tweet? Except for the last words. BAU. He’s playing “Businessman “. He only recently realized that people die when bombs are dropped. That the game he is playing kills. PsychoDent tRump.

  44. Interesting, even back then he had issues with the Kurds & Russians. Wonder how his attitude influenced his decision to leave the Kurds to die.

  45. Lol Hiw do you bankrupt casinos ….casinos that are open all night with people playing slots and cards and keno all night every night Donald Trump Bankrupted Plural Casino's! LMAO!!!!!!!
    He is such a loser in gold leaf paper and republicans want to be him just lose everything and get dirt on everybody you talk to so you can blackmail them ,launder money for Russian mobsters, and con the public with fake news.Voters were conned by Mr.Fake Life

  46. Yeah you know what a crookie Trump js and you don't care you're still give him So mich free publicity You still would find a way to put him back in the White House MSNBC you're still go out and vote for him no matter how corrupt Trump is no matter how much Trump damages America cause you don't don't care morning Joe you would still rather that low-life piece of scum Trump then Bernie Sanders

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