Is the Crypto Market Ready to Pop Like A Bubble? (2019)

Good afternoon everybody. It is 1:00 p.m. On this very wet
Tuesday the 9th of October
2018 if you guys hear any music or loud banging it is the contractor still here
This should be the last day they’re here. So looking forward to getting all that done
And then move my office back to where it’s supposed to go
So yesterday was a holiday. We had Columbus Day and
Pretty nice holiday, I think for the most part
What we’ve got going on here
Making sure that the stream is going
Oh, well, okay, it is nevermind. Sorry. I thought it wasn’t
We’ve had a really really really really really tight
Market, I mean I don’t think we really need to go into
how tight of a range that is, but I’m looking at these are Hurst cycles right here, so
For those who have not seen that stuff before the Hurst cycles her cycle analysis is pretty lengthy
It’s a bit of a it’s a bit of a read
Long story short her cycle analysis is is measuring swings based on various time frames
so you you you start off with like a
multi-year swings to see when swing lows appear on a yearly time frame then you go to a month and then you go to
weeklies dailies and the and so forth
So on here we see there’s the there’s the 18-day her cycle
Which is the well, I’ll say this
There’s trend lines that you draw off of those cycles as well. So a
18 day trend is the purple
Trend lines and these are called VTL xavi. Lt’s valid trend lines and then the blue is a
38 day cycle the teal is
a an 80 day cycle and
then the green is a
20 week and then there is a 40 week which is kind of the the
Lighter green here, and then the yellow is finally an 18 month cycle
Where you see these little diamonds up top and below those are telling us that a swing was found
During those cycles, so there was a swing found at the 18 the 40
Sorry, sorry the 18th at the 38
80 day and the 20 week cycles
There was a swing high found and we can look forward in the future to see okay, here are the cycles
Here’s how they form. So this is telling us, you know, sometime in the future here that Oh,
Let’s see where we have a high confluence own like in August of 2019. There may be a nice swing low
We’re in a major swing low back in
Later on into 2020 if we look up here we see the major swing high was found
During a whole collection here. So that’s what we’re looking at and if we zoom in,
What do we see we see we’ve breached and moved
Both in time and price. They’ve moved beyond the 20-week downtrend line
we’ve moved beyond the 40-week downtrend line and
We are currently pressing up against the the 18-day and the 40-day
downtrend lines and then right above that is the
downtrend line or uptrend line
So there’s quite a bit of of a pressure right above us that we need to break above
I mean the clear break here would be in the 60s
1600 is really the target area to get above here
and that would that would be a nice clean break higher and
You know no matter what way you look at this analysis. That is the
That is that is the reason for this congestion and this consolidation
I mean we bring this down to a one hour or a 4-hour chart rather
Similar let it calculate there we go
So the trend lines change depending on the day the the time frame
But I mean really it’s really no different. We still see this tight
consolidated range here and
Yeah, it’s like I said last Friday, I mean this is just a wait
There’s just a waiting game going on, but there is some evidence of
Some changes happening
And that is you know yesterday we actually did catch a nice and nice drive up a nice pump up and some things
Followed by some selling in the afternoon and then to into just yesterday afternoon following into this afternoon
We see that but now we see we may be catching a little bit of a drive higher here
we may be catching a little bit of a pump up on the hourly chart see Ethereum which are covering a little bit so is
some of the altcoins but a lot of the altcoins a
Lot of the alt coins have had some type of major drive up and some of them are still up performing
ZRX is one of them now the reason that ZRX got a pump up was because
ZRX just probably going to be on coinbase
Just because of this
This was a day ago and
Again, folks this is part of the coin base 5, but I’ve been talking about this for ever since that we started talking
I’ve talked about these like ZRX
So this is
ZRX just showing up on coinbase. This is legit
ZRX wallet they’re going to like your your cost basis for taxes and the ZRX wallet is on there
That’s not the only image that was
Shoot where are we at?
Gotta find it
See Eric’s wallet, okay, that’s that’s fine. But
Don’t spend too much time going trying to find that but ZRX is one of the coinbase five. What are those coinbase five again?
We’re talking about basic attention token
Stellar lumens we are talking about
Card on o Z cash and zr x z cash, I don’t know me
And those are the five Kryptos that coinbase tweeted about back in
around july that they were considering looking at to add to their platform and
I think we can pretty much guarantee
Not okay, not pretty much guarantee
But out of any other cryptocurrency out there
those five have the highest probability of being listed not only because coinbase tweeted about it, but because
The coin basis trying to fast-track the addition of cryptocurrencies onto its platform
Okay there they’re there. They’re losing a lot of market cap
Other exchanges because they don’t have a lot of coin listings what people really want from coin base is
Fiat trading with dollars and if you live in the United States, it’s difficult to trade
in any kind of liquidity
Without opening up a
An account, you know
Like on that evil evil BitFenix or bit mix which has predatory lending
One of the contractors
Dogs is here because the wife wouldn’t pick it up to take it somewhere. So
Yeah, it’s just weird. So we’ve got we’ve got that going on. They’re
Looking at ZRX
It’s it’s it’s gonna be a big it’s gonna be a big mover. We’ve been talking about ZRX for a while and
it’s going to be a
really big deal
Not just because it’s going on coinbase because of what it’s focusing on is digitizing
content and digitizing rights to content so
You’re looking at things like if you do any artwork, okay?
you you take a picture or you draw something and
Anybody can get it
I mean
It’s just kind of out there for anybody to use and if you it’s it’s hard for artists to monetize things like that
If you if you digitize the ownership of it on a blockchain or wit with blockchain technology
and all the other specifics are way over my head, but
How you authenticate the right to see it or use? It is going to be based on a tokenized
Identification and ownership system. So it’s it’s a pretty genius thing that they’ve got going on for
Videogames –
All right. So ZRX getting a little bit of a recovery here after the nice drive up
Over the weekend ZK Shack also had a little bit of a break out
Kind of trading down but might be moving up again Ripple
Still you know really has not moved much ever since there
Is that big pump back on the 21st of September and it corrected all the way down to about 43?
we’ve we’ve been in this range for a while and
Really? No indications that we’re going to try and trade down lower or higher
There’s this downtrend line here that is struggling to stay above it may break above it will see
stellar lumen
this is the
one of the coin base 5
Kept caught a nice bid back in September late subtitle at last week of September
ranging around here, but experiencing a
probable breakout conditions
Walton chain
Has been an underperformer we’ve talked about this guy
Getting in on here. Nano
really can
Continuing a tradition of sub par excellence. It’s really
Trading pretty lower here. I mean really tight range not any signs this damn fly
Not sure, okay
Has had a pretty nice drive to looks like we had to move up. We’ve had a little pullback
This may be the next leg higher here. We’ll watch out for these you got to be really careful with the bearish
bearish view of things
This is a horrible time of year to be bearish
You know you get into
between September and
January is where you get bitcoins or crypto currencies in general have their have their bull run and
You know being bearish after
February in March that is perfectly fine, but but any type of bearish
Sentiment is very risky and cryptocurrency as we go back 10 years worth of data
Or eight years worth of data rather
You know, we’re you just it’s very very dangerous to have a bearish outlook
Because we can just see through history that
You know the late fall
Fall winter is where we’re Kryptos like to rise. It’s it’s just
Never a good idea to try and short this behemoth
During this time of year, especially
Especially when we are looking at a
You know
symmetrical triangle
Some people call this a rising triangle or rising wedge wedges and triangles
They’re they’re they’re viewed the same if anybody says it’s a facet rye angle. It’s not a wedge. They’re that that’s that’s just silly
the issue
here is this is a textbook case of a triangle breakout and
what are those cases you get around four to five tests within those trend lines and
the volume should decrease as you get close to the apex and it’s generally pretty
Normal to see a breakout happen two-thirds of the way you really get a full completion. I mean anybody who’s traded any
Anytime you you rarely ever see a price travel into the apex
It usually breaks out the last third of the way which is which is totally normal
Because actually one of the conditions that you want to see is you want to see volume
Start you want to see volume dry up and you want to see the price action dry up
That is your kind of duh big red truck heads up
We’re gonna have a move soon
And I mean if we’re gonna drift to the right if we’re gonna drift well, we can only drift to the right really
but if we’re gonna continue to drift in this tight pattern here, I mean
What is the date that we see the actual apex? Come to a head here at least on the Hearst analysis?
We’re looking at October 13th
October 14th, I mean that’s that’s a long time to be we’ve spent
As far as price ranges are concerned. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time here. I think this is the most
Let’s take a look at this the most amount of time
If we go to it see Bitcoin
All right
So well, I mean volume profile will do that for us just fine
But if we look at the volume profile we have spent the most amount of time in this area
Period I mean going back all the way to let’s go year-over-year. We’re back in September
beginning of September
– now
Here’s the volume profile. I mean this is this is right where prices have decided to accumulate and stick and stay and
it is just
part of a breakout pattern this is that don’t really know how and anywhere any way to
Describe this any more than what that we’re witnessing. It’s just this is a very normal and
textbook case of triangle
Consolidation prior to a breakout because we were talking about this on
With Forex lens yesterday
Now wants to go there I mean really it’s
We’ve already like broken out above it. How you depending on the data you use I mean there’s
No matter which way you look at it. Ah
Well the same oh
No matter which way you want to look at this
There’s going to be a big move. This is this is not going to sit here for much longer
Maybe to the 14th
Don’t see it but we have all the things met for watching prices shoot out of here
it’s it’s it’s not gonna take much and the thing is is if we’re holding the
6600 level now. That’s awesome. We start to push that say this is gonna tip over
One way or the other and and when it finally does it’s it’s gonna be a pretty big deal
We could certainly see one of those
1000 you know wick days or 1000 full candle body days that that is certainly not outside the realm of possibility
This is you know, this is perfectly aligned with
The the right
Technical patterns before you move out, you know talked about this on Friday Tuesday at the Bollinger Bands
the Bollinger Bands they have not been this tight since July of
June or July of 2017 Bollinger Bands have not been this tight
I mean this is this is a squeeze again. For those of you who are not familiar with Bollinger Bands. They’re made by a
Most prolific contemporary technical analyst John Bollinger
Bollinger Bands are a volatility indicator
and so you see an upper and lower band and
basically, they are going to measure the extremes of prior action and
You know as the bands expand that is telling you that there’s volatility there’s price action. There’s participation
There’s stuff going on when they constrict that’s telling you that there that volatility is
Decreasing or it already has decreased and when it gets like this
That is the thing to look out for there’s no other indicator on the planet besides drawing regular
Trend lines and triangles that I know of that can show you you are or or the HMO system
That can show you such a clear
Image of a market that is about to blow up
Than Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands are just a fantastic tool. I always have them on my charts just because
Sometimes I’m a visual guy. So sometimes it’s like is this really looking like it’s consolidating?
yeah, the bands are pretty tight together and
It’s not
It will not take much to move this market. And the thing is is when you get a breakout of long-term consolidation
Squeezes happen before this is chicken in the egg scenario, I guess but
Squeezes happen after a big move and they proceed a big move. All right. That is a that’s a normal
Rule and
pattern in any market, but with Bollinger Bands, you’ll always see a squeeze proceed the next big move, so
That’s what we’re in right now, this is a this is a pretty pretty interesting zone pretty exciting zone to look at I
Mean it’s it’s good to be in this zone it. Yeah, and you got to think about this folks
We have not made a new low since February
Since February sixth we have not made a new low now people say well we did make a new low back in June
Yeah, but you know really the structure of the low has not been broken
Okay, it has not if it’s not deviated. It has not moved
It has stayed pretty much the same, you know, the the what are the indications of a bear market lower lows?
What are the indications of a bull market higher highs?
Trends you want to see if you want to see if you’re following just a
You’re looking for
higher lows if you’re looking for trends to show you a
Downtrend you’re looking for lower highs, but if you’re looking for a broad market move
You need to see higher highs in a bull market and you need to see you need to see the the extremes of value gain
As you’re moving, that’s why stock markets always looking at all-time highs and and that looks at
Lowe’s for shorting I mean
Stock equity markets are kind of a different beast, but in crypto currencies, it’s no different. We have not been in a bear market
February maybe if you want to if you want to say that this was confirmation of a bottom back in March we could say March
But there has not been any new lows for
All right, you know what? Is this telling? It’s just a story
there has been
this has just told us that there were plenty of people who thought they missed the boat and
Tried to get in and and and try to buy in at these new lows here, you know
They and then they bought at the highs or they participated, you know, there’s clearly some bullish activity
but then it sells off and bare bears step in but by your support it and that trades up and
What are we seeing here who is winning the fight who’s getting exhausted here?
Bears sellers they’re getting exhausted. Why because they can’t push prices down anymore
But what are the Bulls doing? What are the Bulls thinking?
They’re like, I don’t want to experience any more false breaks up and pain and so now we’ve reached a point of equilibrium
Into a cycle where we get into the bullish
the the bullish
seasonal cycle and
The the wait here of sellers is not there
And so we got to be on the lookout for the next move up
Which is I don’t I really don’t know how else to say it. It’s it’ll happen when it happens, but
This is this is I don’t know how I don’t know how much tighter you could I mean
I know how much tighter we could get we could get extremely tight the ranges could get even tighter. But I mean I
Don’t know how much more of that
Has to happen before there’s a move up
I mean we’re trading an inside bar right now the Daley’s an inside bar, which means that it has a
This inside bar means well any inside bars means it has a lower high and a higher low
than the the prior candlestick so
This is
We’re just seeing continued
evidence of a
Market ready to break out if we take a look at the weekly
This is even more telling is that the weekly has shown we’ve entered a squeeze as well
Okay, we had this big drive up look at
There you go. We had this massive drive up last year. Look at the Bollinger Bands and
Notice and and do take note of this. Is that when you exit
Consolidation and you start a drive up and you start to notice on any timeframe
Whether it’s whether it’s an hourly a four-hour a daily a weekly if you start to see prices close
above the Bollinger Bands
You are an idiot for trying to short it
okay a
Lot of people try to trade try to trade Bollinger Bands
Where when prices get to the extreme range of the Bands whether the upper lower bands?
they think that they should short it if it’s up here and buy it if it goes down here now, that’s that’s
there there’s some truth to that but when you’re exiting a
a consolidated range and you start to see
Prices and you start to see price close above the the upper band
That is a strong signal that that thing will go on for a while. Alright, there. There are any market you look at?
Futures Forex equities crypto currencies when you start to see prices close
you know above the Bollinger Bands or below the Bollinger Bands that is that is a
That’s almost an easy thing to do is just to go long if this is happening or to go short here. But we are I
Drew these Ray’s from these extremes. I mean, you know
You could there’s we just see how prices have created these continual
Lower highs
But the lows
They’ve they’ve stayed pretty much flat and now we see this price action here
Just a really really really really tight range and the volume has dropped off
If people are if people are if you’re reading forum posts or chat rooms about people saying
Volumes dropped off prop price is gonna go down
No, that’s not how it works when you’re in a consolidation zone like this. That is a breather before the big move
we’re just seeing exhaustion from
From the sellers that that’s what we’ve got going on. I
Mean, it’s very evident that there’s not a lot of support left to try and sell this market now. It just needs to drive higher
So what are the instruments that are showing some good entries or exits
Let’s start off with those coinbase five, let’s look at card on Oh, we’ll look at the Bitcoin pair
we’re gonna do the Ichimoku system for this because each muku system is
Probably the best system ever for just looking at a market and being able to tell what you should do. So, this is awesome on
the daily chart for Cardinal the EDA BTC
We have the lagging span. This is really important. I I can’t really stress how important this is, but
The lagging span is right now above the baseline
Prices above the baseline the conversion line and the bottom of the cloud
Stupidly bullish signal that is a great great great signal here
You know very soon here on the daily. We’re going to get a TK cross or a coup mo twist or
Where we see span a above span B
Same thing on the four-hour. This is a pretty bullish
This is actually a really nice looking for our chart but for waiting for an entry on the on the daily, you know
We have a pretty clear bull flag going on here on the daily chart that’s down below
Sorry that the the daily charts on the top left
The four-hour is on the top right and then the bottom here’s the hourly
So on the hourly, we’ve we have you know, really nice bull flag here
The trade is pretty simple where we want to trade the flag
Above this high right here. So an entry at
1320 in the Cardinal Bitcoin pair
One-hour Ichimoku bullish flag break
So that’s on Cardinal basic attention token is actually doing pretty nicely
It’s had a little bit of a pump up I mean basic attention tokens same thing we’ve got going on here
Where is it facing resistance?
Top of the cloud but we’re pretty much sticking right on the conversion line. We’re above the baseline
It’s not gonna take much to push this guy up over and higher
On the on the for our we’re still trending higher the one hour looks pretty consolidated
you know, there’s
There’s a there’s a case for an entry around here maybe at 27:44 if maybe maybe maybe not sure
that that remains to be I
Mean, this is I have a lot of of the coin base five in my portfolio
ZRX, I’m so glad I added more to that
last month, I’m
more month before
Whenever it was
There was a there was a I write for coin clarity calm and I did an article on the coin base by Mike
I call him the coin base five. That’s my name for him
It’s kind of cheesy, but that’s just what I call him
but I did a thing on ZRX and I hadn’t done as much due diligence in ZRX as I had the others and I just
didn’t see I had written that I didn’t see a
point in in that because it was just a blockchain wanting to digitize items and then when I somebody have commented on it
Like right as I was reading more and learning more about it from an investment standpoint
I was like, oh my god. This is actually a
really advanced project and I mean it
Yeah, this is this is this is great. I mean, this is not just a
I’m looking for things that have like applications outside of just being the fad of being a cryptocurrency or being in a blockchain
technology looking for something that is actually having a use case and
ZRX is one of those and there was some guy who
Commented and said he that he really liked my post on the crane base 5
But he said I was dead wrong and saying ZRX. I didn’t really see a point in it and he was totally right. I
Was I was really wrong on ZRX. So
Again, I have plenty of card on Oh
xlm basic attention token ZRX and
Not a lot of Z cash not a lot actually trimmed down my Z cash position just a little bit
I just I could be way around but I just don’t see privacy coins being something that coinbase wants to deal with
Especially because they’re working so hand-in-hand with regulators that when you get to
Me then again. It’s like you’re just buying a derivative. I mean that what it’s used for isn’t really the exchanges
Responsibility so I don’t know anyways basic attention token. There’s a I mean there’s a
We we have all the conditions meant for taking a long trades just would really like to see more of a
You know a break of some recent highs here but probably this double top here could be bought above at
27 48
Maybe when our HMO cool
Then we’ve got the xlm
Looking at the US dollar pair again on xlm we’ve got the daily chart is on the top left the
Four-hour chart is on the top, right and the bottom chart is the hourly hour relieves the
generally do the entries trade entries on the hourly, so
the daily chart here for xlm is a
This is a pretty
Textbook case of you don’t take a trade when when this is going on
when prices are sitting inside the cloud, that is your
That is your first indication that you should just skip the chart
Except on the daily, you know, I’ll tell you why so not looking
Okay, I know I
So the daily chart, you know, we’re we’re sitting in here that’s that’s fine where it’s at the four hour
Is pretty tight as well. The other sign that you’re in consolidation is is
if price the legging span the conversion line are all on top of each other then I
Mean if if you see the legging span trading inside price action
that’s that’s your kind of heads-up that that you’re gonna be in a waiting period so that
Sort of guy going on there. So the four-hour doesn’t really have a clear entry, you know
taking a trade on the one hours totally doable where if we saw price break above or legging spend break above price we’d be at
2509 and price reaction or trade above the the base here
2505 wouldn’t be a bad entry. What’s that looked like over here 25 we’re getting close to the top of the cloud there
But the one hour would have more about yeah, I mean I wasn’t long on it already
Legging span above price and price above base
So there’s that
We got ripple oh
Sorry Z cash
Z cash
All right, so Z cash pressing up against the cloud here
Trying to I mean this is always fun to watch when prices reach a wall of a cloud like like
Horizontally, it’s like prices don’t know what to do
I mean clearly it’s it’s it’s facing rejection at the top of the cloud on the daily
But it’s just going to move through here. We’re still above the baseline
That’s that’s good the four hours finding support twice now on
I’m pretty good volume
Above the bottom of the cloud. That’s pretty bullish. I think and then the one-hour chart
It’s just a really tight range, you know on the 4-hour
You know what and there’s better trades
Come on tradingview. Oh
That’s a nice little pump up there I didn’t see that nice little break out
So yeah, I mean there’s a pretty pretty clear easy trade here on the hourly
Legging span and legging span above price and both of the conversion of the base lines and then price above the cloud
we’re looking at the
1144 pretty easy to spot there
VXR BTC oops
Zx-11 for for
Price above cloud and legging span above price action
There’s that
Now let’s take a look at some others, let’s see Walton chains see what Walton chain is doing
Been trading Walton chain over the weekend and stuff because it’s why cuz it’s been the lagger and it’s been a big layer that’s been
Trailing everybody else and now it’s had a nice break out. I
Think we’ll definitely see a pullback on this and I want to get in on a pullback on
the four-hour chart on a pullback to
You know what, let’s see the Bitcoin pair though
Not to use dollar pair
Even though they have pretty much the same shirts Walton chain pull back to
46 76. Yep
That’d be a four for our pull back to the baseline
Or, you know if you’re watching a live whenever it were to pull back down to here
Yeah, that’d be the conversion on the dealy man, this is actually really
the I
Profit target got hit on this yesterday. And now I’m mad. Oh
Well, okay let’s let’s look a litecoin actually see what litecoin is doing
Cuz it is just
Is not moved I mean out of all the out of all the pairs on on coinbase
This is the one that is the most constricted
Well, I think maybe but we’re sitting here inside the cloud
We’ve found support here a little bit on the daily on the top left here
we see the daily chart a little bit of a wick there finding support at the base line and the
Bottom of the cloud pretty good sign there take a look at the 4-hour chart
It looks like it wants to try and press up against here and get back into the 4-hour. We are trading
Above price here. So that’s pretty good
but you know if we’re looking at the hourly for an entry, I mean we’re looking at a break above this swing high here or
at least I mean
Was that
5905 maybe where’s 5905 here?
Yeah, that’d be an okay one
yep, I
View the one-hour Ichimoku
One hour each in muku break above
Pegging span above price. All right, those four good ones telegrams out on those
Theorem classic
Nano nano. Nano. Nano. Nano
I mean
this guy has been underperforming again and
Walton chained and nano
they actually they do move around the same time periods together the last
the last five moves that Walton chain and nano have done it has been
Nano just from a pure
Speculative trading past action behavior. That is this is a pretty much long for me where it’s at
Right now I’m totally fine
32 8 3
Oops one too many satoshis. I hate that name
Also underperforming in fact over the weekend, you know, when a lot of other guys were we’re pumping up pretty nicely waves
Did not move
Had a bit of a drive up back in early September if you remember
They had I think they had hit a million
Users or 10 million or something, I don’t know. It’s a good blockchain
Wrong with it, but it’s sitting at these
sitting at these loafs
And it’s clearly finding a lot of support around here
If we look at this on the hourly, we can see how tight this range is
You know, I mean and how much?
Buying is going on here. I don’t know if we collapsed or capitulate but I mean, I’m not interested in taking a risk on a
Possible whipsaw down I’m more interested in in waiting for you know price to come to my target
which is
If I was going actually I’m gonna do it right now
I’ll put the trade up first and then I will
Put in a trade because that is I do it so I’m looking at what is that?
Nano or sorry waves waves BTC at
3304 will just say 3304
Wait, yeah waves and
Bear with me while you actually do this on my own here
Just swap out
And I want to do limits right there
Yes, okay
Got it. There are two contractors an electrician and three plumbers here right now
There’s a lot of people out there
Okay, so waves
We’ve got going on. That’s good. Let’s see check out
Omg omg
Btc-e is what I want
OMG, I mean, it’s
This is the same pattern we’re gonna see pretty much everywhere folks is just this really really really tight range
if there wasn’t a lot of
you know over the weekend when a lot of things we’re catching bids this this guy didn’t oMG is
Actually kind of lagging in that respect. So an entry at
What is that?
Pretty just fine actually on gbtc. Yeah
5:35 beyond the one-hour ET muku
The price above cloud
span above cloud and price
OMG digits Dale
Want to see more
Don’t wanna do it populist miss the right on that one
Bqx miss a little bit right Yost’s check out yo, so
Check out the eos dollar pair
I’m looking pretty healthy there. I mean got another flag
Condition here. I think actually we’re seeing a possible breakout of this bullish flag
Yep want to get above here though. So Yoast
597 shock $6 range
597 breakup flag
And yeah, let’s do a little quick check on what we’ve got going on with Bitcoin
There’s anything else different going on here
Geometry wise
For our chart closing in an hour 12 minutes, that’s a pretty good volume here
Pretty good volume here. Nice
reversal candlestick
I’ll see dream classic
We’re sorry regular theory. I’m actually on the 4:00 hour pretty nice pivot. We got set up here
Like Klein looking ugly and beaten up as always if it has been
Two months we’ve been trading in that $56 range here two months I
Think different with cart Donald
regained the yeah, I mean this is
This is a setup for a nice break out folks. This is
Looking pretty good I mean man
Again it’s just a waiting game. So not much not much. We can do just wait so
Yeah anyways
Hope you guys had a good weekend a good holiday if you had it off
I’m just double-checking some things here. Yeah, I mean ZRX do something again
Today totally I
Mean I didn’t miss it I’ve been in it. I’m just wondering when exactly that happened. Okay. So in the last
Okay, yeah that really just happened not too long ago here
ZRX when we get a break above this fifteen thirty, this is the this is the
Four eight major harmonic
Wait is it?
yes, it is fourth major harmonic this exact center of the of the
natural price range
the fact that we are pushing this and
that we are
Continuing to test it is
It’s telling you it’s going to move higher
ZRX is
Really happy with it
That breakout we were talking about back in mid-september right here that we highlighted that is exactly what we have going on now
Really expecting this to trade a little bit higher and catch a bigger bed z cash
Catching a little bit of a drive now as well
Not doing a damn thing
Just sitting there
Not much
OCD mark team classic dull cerium. Yeah
What celestial movement do I have for the next few days way out let’s take a look
My chair makes all sorts of noises Oh
Moon oh
Yeah, that’s right we did have a new moon yesterday I
Just want
And then is there ever cheap energy
Well within a few days of it good, oh
Yeah, if I could comment on Celestra moves and equities sure, oh man so
It’s actually a fun one to do because I did an idea and trading view back on
There’s two dates
October 2nd, but before that
on September 14th
so on September 14th, I
Indicated that there were a couple big kind of things happening here
the first was this this kind of a signal here was a whole bunch of crap happening on the 24th to the 25th, but
Ultimately, the thing that’s bad for equities is this thing called a Venus retrograde?
Aspects I’ll give you aspects the Venus retrograde cycle
Whenever this shows up Venus retrograde, it’s it’s almost always
bearish in
US equities, I mean it’s
It’s one of those
It like it’ll happen. I mean if you see the stock market the US stock market trading at some type of swing high or a
Historical high or for its near an all-time high and then you are you know
Really close to the Venus retrograde cycle plan on prices dropping that is a very normal thing to have happen
I mean, this is the dollar verdict. So I talked about this back on
September 14th and
Then when we talk about the actual performance of what’s going on, we just have to really take a look at
The Dow
And I
Mean these highlighted areas. This is so this is the Venus retrograde cycle that I have highlighted here and
Then the one before that was right here
The one before that is over here
The one before that is over here the one before that is over here
so I mean
there an inversion you would think so you would you would think so, but
Gold has not been
trading like it normally would I mean
Generally see US equities fall. You see gold go up
You know the the yen index and the dollar I mean it is so funky guys things are all over the place
Historically tree truffle. Yes. That is that is totally correct. You know when you see the Venus retrograde cycle?
you do see a
drive higher
We kind of did see a little bit of that
Where’s my gold chart right here we did see a little bit of that
Last week
But otherwise, you know, we just gold gold has been farting around in this range for ever since
Oh you’re talking about that that that I wonder if everybody’s seen that before
The Economist is from the 80s
Pull it up here. I
Get a bigger image of it if I can
Looks like a reputable news site. I have no idea but here is dammit. That’s not even big enough image. Where is it?
Come on well
No, what’s this published both of them good searching in Google Images for a better picture but it says
Was this published already? This is from
Something I don’t remember but what’s interesting, is that the
Since getting ready for a world currency and you see the dollar burning and the
You know, it says 10:10, Phoenix
If the other thing somebody pointed out is that
Those are Roman numerals and then
2018 it’s circled here
It’s a that’s on the coin
It’s a pretty it’s a pretty interesting thing. I mean it’s a
No, it’s it’s pretty neat
Yeah, 1010 1010 is is is the apex of Bitcoin?
It really is. It’s it’s pretty interesting the you know
There’s this there’s a there’s a weird thing with like numbers in Gans work where?
like there’s a relationship between
angles and numbers and there’s in the relationship between time and price for instance, you know for
Bitcoin or
for anything in Gans work you you look for a square of price and time and
You know when price and time are squared you see major activity happens
so, you know looking at this cycle right here, you can see that when we get to the
Square of price and time so in the very center here we see that that there are some
significant and crazy moves that that happen
You know also talking about I mean, I don’t know if you guys were remember talking about this the other day but
Let me find it here. I wrote about it in plain clarity. I
Did an article on this?
How the forecast was in it, I remember
All right, well
Somebody tell me if if we talked about this on Friday, I know we talked about it. I remember when we talked about it, but
So let’s just look at Bitcoin real quick and talk about the relationship. So
If I’m looking at its all-time high over here is like nineteen thousand eight hundred ninety eight
and if I look at that value in ganz square of 9
Which is this tool right here
Again, sorry, I’ve got the contractors here. But so this is a square of nine. This is a forecasting tool
This is how you can find time and price squared and and and find dates and price levels that will be important. So
The all-time high is
If you take the you take the square root of it so eight nineteen thousand eight hundred ninety eight
Rounded is a hundred and forty one. That’s a that’s the square root is 141 and
The degrees of
144 which is a very important number date and angle and Gans work. They even put it in the software here. I want to see
Where you add?
degrees lay over lays
All right, so 144 days from 141
Sorry 144 degrees is where we act here 76
Sorry, wait am I reading my notes here square root of 1990 of 19,000 890 is 141
144 degrees from that level in the square of 9 is 76 right? And so
144° from the
private confusing hell every 144° from this all-time high is
Five thousand seven hundred and seventy six that is pretty much
within a couple dollars of
The low found in june the low here is five thousand seven hundred and ninety
No, it wasn’t. It was actually lower wasn’t it?
Five thousand. Yeah, five thousand seven hundred and ninety and
144° is that was there
so it’s a pretty it’s a pretty interesting a
Move and a look at tired price and then we did we did do this
This forecast of looking at future prices
And they’re banging away here but times almost up here anyways but
if we’re looking at
The Alta or the yearly low plotting from that or applying from the all-time high
You know, we get a series of price levels and dates where we see things happen. So
144 degrees from the June 28th slow
Is November 22nd or 180 degrees from that June 20th low is December 28th?
and then the price levels are
Also given based on the the low of that
Year as well. So there’s a number of price targets that Bitcoin could reach
Where it would be squared price and time and so the thing is is that these would be levels
That I am very comfortable saying if prices get to I am
Leaving the market for a short amount of time
If maybe not at twenty with that, but if it were to get up to the 35 to 39 thousand if Bitcoin were
Those are the areas I would be going. Ok. Bye. Bye. I’m going to shave a lot off here and just take some profit because
when time and price get into some pretty
Well, these aren’t actually squared areas, but they’re pretty damn close to the same levels
That you want to kind of take a walk away from but really before I go out to answer your question
any of that Astra phenomena
there is
some where did I put my
That’s okay there is the
There is a okay actually just hang on one sec, I gotta grab my notebook for my notes one second
Sorry, sorry about that. Um
Where was it?
Bear with me
Was a conjunction I think but that wasn’t there
Mercury conjunct Jupiter
I was working on some of these last night because the mercury conjunction of Jupiter. I think this one already happened
No, it’s coming out
In November and
It continues in December son
Sextile Uranus
Venus is a
Things always happen to Venus in all markets almost it’s the money planet
Shows up at a lot of swings
That doesn’t happen again until December 26th, they get the right aspect on that
Did sorry about that noise
Penis in oh, yeah
I’m looking at sign changes

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