Is It Profitable To Mine Dashcoin Using MinerGate?

Hey guys and girls
Welcome back to the 10th episode in the Bitcoin
mining series where I try to find a way to
make a passive income through digital currency
A few episodes ago, I did a time-lapse of
mining Dashcoin using MinerGate on a standard
Let’s analyse these results and find out if
we can take this and turn it into a passive
We mined a total of 1.59821517 Dashcoins over
3 hours and 58 minutes.
Just to remind you, a Hashrate is how many
attempts your computer makes to solve the
complex Blockchain algorithm problems per
After looking over the video clips, we see
that we’ve got about a 88 Hashrate using the
computers CPU on average.
Again, looking over the video clips the computer
has about a 199 Hashrate using the computers
GPU on average.
This creates about a 287 Hashrate on average
The average difficulty for Dashcoin while
I was mining was 2126.
We made a total of 0.06602434 United States
Dollars over 3 hours and 58 minutes.
You really can’t beat that income XD
Good Question!
Possibly, but most likely not on a standard
Possibly, because Dashcoin may raise in value
in the future which would allow me to ride
the increase of the market to make a profit.
However, in terms of making a passive income
directly from mining using a standard computer
making 0.06602434 United States Dollars per
3 hours and 58 minutes, that’s not even going
to cover your electricity bills.
To make this a passive income, you would require
an average Hashrate of at least 146944 which
would earn $8 USD per 1 hour which would equal
$192 USD of revenue per day.
This would be almost worth the investment,
but you need to include your electricity costs
and setup costs which would be too large for
a small operation and would deplete your revenue
to less than $0 depending on your electricity
costs of where you live in the world.
Too bad.
So no, on an average computer you couldn’t
make this a profitable passive income.
However, if you were able to lower your electricity
costs and increase your Hashrate you could
make this work.
Hey guys!
Thanks for watching 🙂
A lot of you guys have been asking me how
to increase your Hashrate.
Well, from what I’ve observed so far, it’s
not very profitable to mine using MinerGate
on a standard computer.
Instead, go to the description box below where
I’ve listed a small, dedicated Bitcoin miner
that offers 15GH/s from Amazon for only $69.97.
So make sure you check that out if you’re
wanting to get serious into Bitcoin mining
however don’t want to put up the massive investment
for something like an Antminer s9.
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In the next episode, We’ll be doing a time-lapse
of Fantomcoin.
Cheers! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Is It Profitable To Mine Dashcoin Using MinerGate?

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  2. Dash is not dashcoin…. minergate has dashcoin.. dashcoin is 028 cents.this is different then dash. Dash is at 300 dollars but it is not on minergate.

  3. sorry, to everyone in the comment section but this is not DASH this is Dashcoin they are both different

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