Is Everything Better with Ice Cream? Taste Test

Haagen-Dazs ice-cream
improved breakfast. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )♪ Good Mythical Morning ♪ We’ve got an announcement. The video version
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– Audio first. Then next Saturday, video. Now, on to today– I’m going to be ranting
about sports. We’ll be trying to get
on the level of the guy who said “Gucci Gang”
a million times for charity. Uh-huh, but before we get
into all that, we got one of those
“not really a holiday, but everybody needs to have
some kind of holiday now” kind of holidays coming up. Right,
I’m familiar with those. That’s right.
This Saturday – is Ice Cream
For Breakfast Day?
– Mm-hm. – And you know what?
We’re not monsters.
– No. We can appreciate something
as glorious as ice cream for breakfast, so to celebrate,
we would like to ask… Now, ice cream always
has a knack for for making me happy, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to be
à la moding a variety of dishes
to see what the upper limit of ice cream’s power
to make me happy,
and you happy, is, and we have at our disposal the Neapolitan assortment
of ice cream here to add to our dishes. We can choose each one
as we see fit. Okay, so, first, since it’s Ice
Cream For Breakfast Day, we need to pay homage with a morning food
right up top. Brunch is my favorite combo meal besides “dessertner”
and “snunch.” And the most classic
brunch classic is eggs Benedict. Eggs Benedict. Is this the most classic? Not for me, it’s not. Never had this. You’ve never had
eggs Benedict? Listen, because– What are you afraid of? The non-scrambled egg. I don’t know what kind
of egg that is. You’ve been missing out on
so many egg varieties. This is soft po–
it’s a poached egg. It’s like a chicken just
squatted down on it and
( makes pop sound ) an egg. It’s got the chicken juice
in it. And then I’m just supposed
to eat it. I want it to be prepared. Oh, you want it a particular
way? Oh, surprise, surprise. You want me to not want it
a particular way? Surprise squared. Okay, I ‘m going to put
ice cream on this. But, see,
this is good for me. ‘Cause that’s what we’re
supposed to be doing. When you love something, it’s going to be hard for ice
cream to make it better. For me, I might be turned
on to this. – You gotta get the yolk.
– Not in a sexual way. You gotta get the yolk juice. Because otherwise you’re
not really doing a test. I’m doing vanilla because I feel like that is– See, that’s just alien to me. You’re going vanilla? Just a less cooked egg. It’s not an alien egg. I’m going to start
with vanilla, too, because… Oh, gosh,
I need a knife for this. …it blends in with the egg, and I don’t wanna know
where one starts
and one ends. We call this one
“ice cream-adict.” What? Sounds almost inappropriate, but it’s just ice cream
and Benedict put together. Sounds like ice cream addict. Ice cream addict. Okay, I’m getting
every part of it. I’m not being shy here. Actually, that’s not a very
runny egg, man. That’s just a–
That’s not even– That’s not going to be hard
to deal with. Dink it. – Mm.
– ( grunts ) I like all these flavors. I don’t know how the ham
and the ice cream are mixing,
though. What? Wha– I just need to talk,
and I can’t get it down. Well, another way to do that is
just to chew it and swallow it. I cannot put my teeth
on ice cream. I have to gum it and tongue it, and I can’t teeth it. Because my teeth are
so sensitive. It’s going to be a long day. So, ironically,
the worst part of this dish
was the ice cream ’cause I was trying
to bite into it. You’re alone on this one.
Did it make it better? Uh, you know what? It’s actually surprisingly
palatable, and I feel like this could be
something that could be served in a hipster joint
and people would be like, “Have you had
the ice cream-adict?” And everybody would be
excited about it, but does it make it better
than eggs Benedict? I don’t think so. Before us we have pho. And I typically think of this
as a lunch or dinner thing, but in Vietnam they do consider
it a breakfast dish
traditionally. So we’re still
in breakfast mode. Now, I absolutely love pho, and enjoy it quite often, but it just hit me
when it pulled up here, it has a little bit
of a B.O. thing. Sometimes you run into a person
that smells like this. – It smells good, but–
– You like that, huh? – Yeah. It is a ripeness.
– I do like it. When I recognize it as a food, I’m enticed. When I recognize it
as a person,
I’m not enticed. Now, I’m going with strawberry,
and I have hope for this because I’m going to melt
the ice cream so I don’t have to bite it. I’m going where
the white ice cream…
( laughing ) ( mutters ) Buddy system.
I’m rubbing off on you. Because I feel like it’s not
going to pollute it that much. – This right here–
– Ooh, it makes it creamy. This looks like something else. It’s like pho for kids. It’s also changing
the temperature. – Yes.
– It’s making it lukewarm. Meeting in the middle.
Again, for kids. You know,
if Lando burns his tongue… They’re always complaining
about stuff. …I hear about it
for two days. Yeah, they remind me
of somebody. I got high hopes for this one, and I’ve got
my chopsticks poised. Shdink. And then– you see, I’ve got
that strawberry right on there. Now, pho is very good. It’s still really good. Again, does ice cream
make it better? It makes it creamier. It makes it creamier.
It’s like giving you
a hint of dessert. I don’t know how strawberry’s
tasting, but vanilla just tastes like
you’ve added cream to it, and it’s just
a different dish. It’s almost like when you get
one of those dishes that’s got
coconut milk in it. So, I think we’re both saying
this is pretty great, right? Yeah, and it’s not quite as hot,
so I didn’t burn my tongue. Go to pho,
and bring some ice cream,
y’all.Is it better with ice cream?( together )
Time to move on from breakfast, and, now, there ain’t nothing you wanna add some cold,
surgery creaminess to more than some hot, cured beef
and sauerkraut, right? Doesn’t that sound appetizing? Uh, we got a Reuben here. Now, I will say,
some of you may be like, “Why are you eating so much
lactose, man? I thought you were lactose
intolerant?” I don’t think I’m lactose
intolerant. I think I have a sensitivity, and I think this show
has caused me to be less sensitive to it. I think it affects my skin if I keep doing it
day after day. So don’t be alarmed. I’m going with chocolate
because– I’m going with vanilla again. Sorry,
I’m being boring today. I feel like it’s the best test. A Reuben is– it’s very rich. And so you want to add to that
richness with some chocolate. I’m getting it right in there. I’m not going to miss ice cream
in a bite of this thing. Oh, I got a lot too because I
think I’ma be able to bite this because of the bread sheath. Bread sheath. We call this one
Reuben and Jerry’s. ( mock laughter ) There’s a lot
of ice cream there. Okay. – Kiss it.
– I don’t wanna get
your chocolate. – Sorry.
– Oh, you don’t? I’ll go backsides. Okay. Do I have any on my face? Do I have any on my face? The chocolate went away
very quick. So it’s like, ooh, gotta… I got a runniness. Um, did you taste the ice cream
and then it went away and then you’re left
with Reuben? It’s like having your dessert, but then right
before your sandwich. How subtle ice cream is as an additive. – Mm-hm.
– It’s not like
a peanut butter situation that completely changes– it doesn’t even change
the flavor profile. And chocolate is a lot more
overwhelming than vanilla, but it still doesn’t overwhelm the cabbage and the meatiness, whatever meat that is, pastrami? Well, that’s not really
the test, right? Is it better than a Reuben? I want my Reuben to be hot. But it’s balanced,
and it’s different. But when I go to a place, and I go to places a lot– You have a place problem. …and I get a hot sandwich– Hot pastrami! Hot Reuben! And then, it’s cold
on the inside? I could do the stare
to the chef, right through to the back Never direct it at the waiter.
Come on, guys. The waiter’s just the messenger. Just look right
into the kitchen. But as a novelty,
one in every five, I like it. – Really?
– Yeah. I’m saying it makes it
just as good and different,
which isn’t better. It’s still very good, so I’m willing to go there.Is it better with ice cream?Yeah.
– Link:Or at least the same.Ice cream sweet, jelly sweet,
so far so good, but what if we added eel
to the party? Of course. This is called jellied eel. What is going on? There’s a world that we live in where people eat jellied eel, blue river eel. This is not the blue river eel,
right? Stevie:
No, it’s like an ancestor.
Right, this is an ancestor
of the blue river eel. I can even say it,
“bluh river ale.” It has natural jelly
in its spine that comes out
when you cook it, which sounds so appetizing. I’m going to go
with chocolate ’cause I just feel like
it doesn’t matter. – It doesn’t matter
what the choice is.
– Oh, it matters. It definitely matters. I’m going with chocolate
and vanilla. – and I’m just…
– I would do this as a child. I would just
clean out the chocolate
and the strawberry side, and leave the vanilla
for my brother. I mean, again, it’s like
this may be the only way
to enjoy jellied eel. I don’t know
if we’re gonna enjoy it. She also said there’s bones
in them there eels. Chocolate-vanilla jellied eel. Gah. I can see that bone.
Look at that. Uh, it’s like a fin. – There’s so many bones.
– It’s not fish. Eel is not a fish? – Stevie:Um, pass.
– Yes, it is. You still got bones
hanging out. I know I’m going to just try to
keep the bones with my fingers. Oh, gosh! Stevie:Oh, no.I’m sorry.How would you go
about eating this? Even if you wanted to? It’s so boney. What in the world, eels? Why you got so many bones? Why you gotta have bones? I’ll tell you
one thing right off the top. Without doubt,
ice cream makes it better. – I mean…
– ( gags ) Because it is horrible. Anything else would make it–
oh, gosh. Well, it’s not that bad. Uh, pretty great. No, it’s awful, but the ice
cream part is really nice. Yeah, the ice cream part
was really good. And then I got to the eel
part…Did it make it better?( together )
And now we come to the round where we’re going to put
ice cream on things
that we don’t like, and because Link is so picky, he’s going to be eating
something normal and delicious, where I’m going to be eating
something horrifying. I’ve got olives, which are not normal
and delicious. They’re briny and an abomination
to the mouth. A large percentage
of the world disagrees
with you. And I’ve got blood pudding, and I realize there are
people who like this, but I’m not one of them. I do think that just making it
into a sausage form is going to take the edge
off a little bit. What is that? But I think I’m going to put– It doesn’t smell horrible. It looks like
some kind of currency. – Blood coin.
– Yeah. Invest in it today. I’m going to just put
chocolate in there ’cause it’s close
to the color already. Maybe I won’t notice them. It’ll just look like
chocolate ice cream with big chocolate chips in it. I’m going all the way–
Neapolitan. I just wanna… You making a tapenade? I don’t know if I wanna put
a whole olive in my mouth, so I’d rather just mix it up. I don’t wanna put
a whole olive in my mouth. That could be real bad. I call this one
“Sundae, Bloody Sundae.” I call this one
“The Briny Queen.” – Like Dairy Queen with…
– Oh, okay. ♪ Sundae, Bloody Sundae ♪ All right, I can’t dink these
because I don’t wanna– I don’t wanna pollute your
olives with my blood sausage. Oh, gosh. I’m doing it. I’m gonna get two olives
on here. ( gags ) ( garbled )
What, I’m sorry, man.
It’s horrible. I’m eating blood sausage
right now. I need more ice cream. I’m still tasting chocolate. Okay, now I’m starting to get
something else. Gotta say… this is more than tolerable. No, this is tolerable. I don’t want
to get out of hand. What is it about the beautiful
olive that’s such a problem? Oh, God… ( garbled ) I can’t enjoy it. I’ll take one. If I can get these olives down, that definitely means ice cream
makes it better. It’s beautiful in every way.
I don’t understand
not liking it. I can understand not having
a preference for it, but hating it? Reacting like this? There’s no good explanation
for that. Okay, I got it down. Thanks for being here for me,
Rhett. And supporting me. I gotta say, without a doubt,ice cream made
blood sausage better.
For the first time I’ve gotten
down two olives at once.
– Rhett:Good for you, Link.
– Link:It did make it better.
Click on through
because there’s a lot I need to get off my chest
about sports. Link:Daddy’s home
and he’s got a new hat.
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  1. I’m convinced link just fakes his hatred of most foods so he doesn’t have to eat bad food when he has to eat foods he doesn’t like

  2. I think some people in this comment section forget that Rhett and Link have been best friends all their lives 😂 Rhett is just picking on Link 😉

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