24 thoughts on “IOB Internet Banking Online Money Transfer Method

  1. one thing I want to say one can not use the fund transfer pin from his own….it is given at the mail….In this video it has been told that one can use the fund transfer pin from his own…..this is wrong…..what rubbish u are telling in this video…..don,t give false information to the people

  2. it is a good video and i have learnt the process of fund transfer.It is very clearly shown and i recommended it for all iob user do watch this video if u r a new comer like me it is a very helpful video to all IOB user

  3. nice hnn like it all Guy's. requesting to all youtubers click on my profile photo and stay connet with me.sub me and i sub back all in two minutes.

  4. I'm unable to add the payee of other bank account. After giving all the details such as Payee name, account number, account type if I click on GET IFSC , I can select only the bank name but if I enter the branch name, it is navigating to session expire page. I tried by clearing cache, but still the issue exists. Kindly help

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