Interest Coin ICO Review Interest Coin Initial Coin Offering ICO Gold Rush with Anthony Darvill

hello and welcome to my review of
interest coin my name is Anthony Darvill and I’m going to give you my evaluation
if I feel this is a good coin to either invest in or not the ico has been live
since December the first and is ending on February the 28th between 18 so still
about 84 days to go so what it is there’s a social media site they’re
going to be calling it interest sharing and obviously raising funds to have it
created so why interest coin interest coin is the first cryptocurrency where
you can earn money with just by owning it even when the value stays the same or
drops how our advertisement earnings will be divided on the interest coins
that are sold during the ico period only you can use the interest coin on our new
social media we set interest calm as a payment currency the interest coin can
of course be traded on it cryptocurrency exchange market so obviously what it’s
like it said it’s going to be a social media sites as only like one video there
you can go through that if you like it’s a bit like the web sites a bit empty so
it’s not really finished in my view so the road map is December obviously the
study I see a quarter – of 2018 so that could be between marks
well yeah marks or April to June release of the first beta version I wish their
interest so it’s not even developed yet obviously quarter three is does on the
wallets and test for balance and lot of transactions and quarter 1 of 2019
reduction really roll out the platform and web app for all users so to me in my
personal opinion this is a red flag only a little red flag this is the fact
that you had gonna have to be waiting at least a year for it to come out and it’s
definitely free going we share interest icon so we’re building a new site so
this says nothing even their maid at all I forgot here of other important notes
I’ve gone over I looked at the team it doesn’t seem to be any advisors
whatsoever so that’s another red flag for me and some of these were actually
done my own research on Facebook the tripod on Facebook and I couldn’t even
walk and find a couple of them but not all of them so that’s another red flag
usually you have linking profiles available readily available for you to
do due diligence so no it’s not really for me it’s a red flag straight away the
fact you got to wait that long even to have the website even come out
there’s no way I’d be investing my money into this but it’s up to you each their
own but my I definitely don’t think I will be let’s just quickly go through
the white papers have a look just assume we’ve got just saying will that give
users all the other social media sites so I mean they just got up wouldn’t even
have a fan I like a following it really like do we need me enough people to even
their moaning no not people even test it out to be honest I mean well yeah well
the better okay so the beta is coming out in March or April between April and
June so I’ll have about six months but I mean the following basically so lie
around out there going to be able to kick off you know with a big number like
and I say like a Facebook or a Twitter or some of that
so it’d be fifty thousand coins that’s not bad that’s a good number actually
fifty I mean 50 million but other than that I mean yes you roll other tests
it’s like clear all so you’re waiting year so I talked to you I mean to me I
wouldn’t I plus he wouldn’t be waiting a year to sand the solder reduced price of
attract investments and yet anything on the other thing I’m worried about on
this is it’s a dollar fifty a piece a patent a dollar fifty piece where
it’s about $9 50 a share and it we should we strive for a minimum of two
hundred thousand if the minimum is not reached long vestments will float back
to investors – he had minestrone costs occurred if the minimum is not reached
or funds will be returned on about you guys there’s no way I’d be dying there’s
a lot better there’s a lot better i CEOs out there for starters I mean then
you’re holding your money let me hold up for years so if you want more
information on how you can evaluate you know I SEOs without you know I feel like
again skiing and pick out the good ones and the bad ones I’ve got more
information at Osseo Gold Rush what we do the links in description below
obviously so we have our five easy steps to profit
so we have our step one find the icos step to apply our checklist because you
can see how quick I could pick that one apart obviously your step three is to
invest responsibly step or sell your tokens and Step five
is rinse and repeat so obviously once you’ve sold two tokens it’s take you
know invest in the next part the next ICO you find and what we also have is
st. up when you sign up yeah when you do the course we have like check this video
stuff like that so we show you how to use the actual checklist and
over-the-shoulder video for A+ ICA obviously we have a live example
using the checklist Chronos here that has a negative rating we show you how to
buy it we’re pretty much buy and sell on all the exchanges and the best thing I
feel in this course is the fact that you we have like a so it’s called a slack
crew instead of so this is like year so I’d like a telegram but it’s the psycho
so it’s got different channels obviously we have everyone that joins the course
and partakes in the course is free access to our psych group says everybody
kids everyone at help and ideas and there’s like webinars every Monday I
also got the repos you can make it but it’s obviously better to be on the
replays I’m coming our CEOs ICS in exchanges is
how to videos the affiliates side of it obviously and yeah and then we have
money back gaurantee obviously but you have to be to qualify you have to at
least purchased Nico in the 12-month period
and that’s if you fail some at least double your money so their full package
includes 30 possibilities of content two hours possible video viewing Osseo check
the spreadsheet the masterminds suck group and the Google Hangouts and the
money-back guarantee and we have the smart contract by pulling so do yourself
a favor investing yourself the best thing you could do especially if you’re
in programs that meet you know that programs never last so you’re good to
have a you know a back like a back up for if your program disappears or
something like that jump on the side you know have a look at the video don’t show
it have a good read and if you’re interested or you’re needing questions
and that contact me on Facebook my link will be in the description below and it
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otherwise we’ll see you on my next video right now sir

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