Indian Education System 2018 by Dhruv Rathee [No Detention policy]

Greetings Friends, Today I’m going to talk about an important topic on which depends the future of our country.
On which depends the future of the education system of our country and the children of our country.
This policy is “No detention policy” That means no student can fail until the 8th std of schooling.
This policy was into effect so far, but now the Government is thinking to take it out.
I would like to tell you why this is going to make our education system worse from the bad and what can you to do to take an action for changing this.

First, I will tell you the history of this policy. This policy was introduced in the year 2009 under Right to Education act.
This was told that every child upto the age of 14 should have access to educational rights under Right to education.
Hence this was decided that the system of Pass/Fail will be discontinued till 8th standard and the concept of CCE was introduced.
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), here an all round evaluation of a child is done throughout the year, so the pressure of failing the exam is reduced.
This policy was inspired by the developed countries and the purpose of this policy was to reduce the stress of exams from the students
and also to reduce the dropout rates due to failure thereby providing education to the maximum students.
The thought you must be having about this policy is that if a child has no pressure of exams till 8th standard then he might neglect the studies
and finally in 10th or 12th standard during exams he will not have much experience leading to bad performance.
Exactly the same thought came to my mind when I heard about this policy that if a child won’t appear for any exams till 8th standard then he will neglect his studies.
But Friends, the data reflects a different story, infact a very opposite one.
In 2009, the passing percentage of CBSE schools was 88% prior to NDP and in 2012 after 3 years of this policy the passing percentage has increased and reached 98%
So students passing out in 2012 had two years of No detention policy experience before their 8th standard.
We got to see here that after the No detention policy the passing percentage is increasing.
also, the dropout rates in CBSE schools of the students between standard 1st-5th was reduced from 9% in 2009 to 65% in 2012 due to this policy.
So, these two data shows that the students’ future performance is improved if they have no pressure of Pass/ Fail and helps them to stay interested in school.
The reason behind this is that if a child since standard 1st to 8th is thinking about Pass/ fail then he is influenced towards rote learning
because cracking an exam somewhere leads to rote learning whereas when a student’s focus is not on exams he tends to develop reasoning abilities and understanding concepts is his major focus.
hence I feel that No Detention policy brings a positive effect.
Data also shows us that chances of school dropouts increases among the students who have failed even once.
as they get demotivated and stops studying.
In the National family Health survey of 2005, the top 5 reasons for students dropouts one major reason was “repeated failures”
where children gets demotivated due to failing again and again in the classroom and drops out of the school.
here the number one reason was students’ disinterest in studies.
Normally I do not like when people divide on the basis of caste and religion and classify them based on different criteria.
but in such issues looking at the caste based data is very valuable to see the development of all the religions in the country.
so, if we divide the school drop outs rate based on gender, caste and religion
Then, religion wise the dropout rates is highest among the Muslims
castewise it’s highest among the scheduled Tribe at 16.55% followed by schedule caste and OBC
General Category is the lowest with only 11% school drop out rates.
Between Girls and boys, The school drop out rates is highest among girls.
So, the purpose behind these statistics is that if NDP is discontinued these castes, religion and gender will be highly affected.
Hence the differences prevailing in out societies based on castes and religions will keep on increasing.
Another reason why No Detention Policy shouldn’t be discontinued is the financial and economical loss incurred upon the country due to detentions.
You can imagine this by understanding that if a child studies till 5th standard and drops out in the class 6th
so the investment in his education upto 5th standard whether by the school, Government or by his own parents goes wasted.
Such a money is of no use, the child couldn’t be educated and a non educated individual is a loss for the country as a burden.
Such a financial loss is incurred to a country when a child is asked to repeat a class.
According to 2010, UNESCO data, every additional year of schooling increases an individual’s earning by 10% and brings a change of 0.37% on the annual GDP of the country.
One more important reason I can give here Friends is as a society we have reached a tipping point related to exam pressure.
This issue has been covered in the movies as well like 3 Idiots where exam pressure leads to suicide.
infact according to data, every one hour, one child suicides in our country.
There are some cases related to exams in our country which we have never dreamt of.
A 12th standard student of Ryan school killed a 7 years old child to postpone his exams.
4 school girls died after jumping in a well when they failed a monthly exam.
This is the situation of our school’s education system in the country.
So, friends Government is going to table the bill in the Parliament to remove No detention Policy next month, i.e. March, 2018
we can stop this and stop the bill in the parliament by signing the petition I have shared in the description and in the top comment
and save the future of our country and our children.
and share this petition and video with maximum number of people so that every helps to save our education system.
We shall meet in the next video. Thank you.

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  1. Please sign this petition and share it 🙂 

  2. Indian education system is an industry manufacturing students as products whose quality deteriorates every passing year…as cbse reduces the syllabus. If you compare the 2004 or 2005 ques paper with the 2018-2019 ones…you can easily judge how easy it has become to score. However, it is not just about scoring but co-curricular too.but nothing is taken care of and we are wasting the potential of the human resource of this country-our students!

  3. dear dhruv , i have seen almost your video and found logical ..but in this video you have supported no detention policy of govt. and compared with the developed country where basic structure , educated teacher their payment are in ideal condition ,,and they are honest in taking the continuous exam seriously .. but whereas in our country , govt school the shortage of fund , building water , toilet , teaching staff is common feature .. in large no of scholl .only one teacher is controlling 5 classes .. do you think without teaching staff the NDP is good and in our counrty teaching staff are used by govt most of the time is non-teaching activities like election , jangadna and etc. one more point, this non detention policy if applicable only govt school,, why not in private my opinion the present situation the pass fail system is ok..till govt not increase budget and no of teaching staff infrastructures , fund etc. .

  4. It's not abt exams , succide are happening bcoz students r not educated abt n encouraged abt leading life in different way….school dropout is not a big issue ….I will tell u education n literacy is tat if u know to read write n sign so tat u r fooled easily, if a student want to pursue his /her career in something else I think it's responsibility of parents teachers society n govt to support their vision until n unless it's something to destroy or harmuful to society n nation ………
    Exams are not everything, schooling itself is not everything……..I think students shd be given a chance to select there domain, n if encourage n guide them probably they may bring good name to nation…….

  5. Come in election I will give you vote and my village will also vote for best education system 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯✌✌✌

  6. We should remove this system. It had increased quantity of educated people but quality of education is continuously going down🤞

  7. Chup chutiy…agar ek hour m ek student suicide krta toh.. suicide m no.1 hota jo ki nahi h…..😤😤😤😤

  8. Yaar tuma hara har video maa dhek ta hoo per aa video me tum jo bata rehe hoo 2012 me passing parcentage 98% hogayi ku ki syllabase bhot yasan kar diya geye… and jo teacher exam ki khata dhek te haa yon ko bata diya gaya 100 me se jin student ko 60 number se kam mile ga yonko number thora jyada diya jaye, bo kaml likhe tabbhi !!!

  9. I don't agree with u. Ground reality kuch aur h. Aap sirf data dekh rahe ho. CCE system bakwas tha. Haan CCE system me zyada students pass hote h par unke paas knowledge nhi hoti. Dumb students bhi 7 GPA le ate h. Aur CCE system me padhai se zyada projects banane ka pressure hota h aur projects Jo schools assign karte h wo bilkul vahiyat hote h.

  10. Maybe I'm missing out something but I was in KV and even I had CCE and though no one would be failed but there were exams in my school! We had to write theory paper and teachers would give us 20 mark for discipline and stuff! And it no way changes anything like students being less interested in studies or anything! I think abolishing CCE or this no detention policy would just snatch the right to study from the lower class children who can't afford to pay for tuitions! And honestly it lowers the burden from students of just studying and doing nothing else! Childhood only comes once and this age 6-13 kids should just enjoy and learn new skills! not stress over exams! that's going to be many in future!

  11. No detention policy close honi chahiye dhruv rathi ji ese des k 50% logon ko fayda hoga apki study se hum sahmit nahi hai

  12. Pindan de sarkari school de halat te bachiyan di metlity bare dekh aa k aa Punjab mai dikhata hu aapko realty kya hai ground te es policy ki vajav se dhruv rathi ji soch samz kar baat kiya Karo

  13. cce was wrost due to this ou skl used to 5 exam for each subject with project work . how can a child worklike a robot and what education beyond books

  14. I dont agree…Till 5th std its ohkay…When we reach 6th std we grasp more things we undrstnd bttr …like language we can read bttr and undrstnd….Give exams bt dont make it burden..Like homework,And all other bullshit stuffs wer we waste time ..

  15. Kya bhai detention policy hme padhna hi nhi hai bas tum mujhe ye bta do jo humne padha vo ise kha hoga kyo oadhe hum

  16. Please make the video on tea garden issues of west bengal, dooars regions of jalpaiguri districts

  17. Tum ne jo data dia hai us ka source kya hai…
    This the worst policy. It destroy indian education system.

  18. No detection policy के कारण बच्चे पढाई कम खेलकूद और मोबाइल चलाने में ज्यादा ध्यान देते हैं.. इसी पालिसी के कारण बच्चे का भविष्य खराब हो रहा है..

  19. Failure is not bad for students………..
    Insaan apni gltiyo se sikhta h… Same.. Student apni failure se sikh skta h… Or students suicide un logo ki ya un society ki wjha se krte h jo sochte h .. Fail hona pap h..

  20. अरे तुम सब गलत बोलते हो
    देखो Unemployment
    का कारण कांग्रेस है जिसने अच्छी eduction system
    त्यार नहीं किया जिससे पहले के बच्चे या स्टूडेंट जो पढ़ते थे वो भी कांग्रेस के खराब education system
    में पढ़ना पड़ता था।
    इसीलिए वो अब आज इस लायक नहीं हो पाए कि कोई नौकरी कर सके …
    या कोई जॉब बाना सके या उनके पास कुछ नया करने का जस्बा हो
    कांग्रेस ने भारत को रताने वाला एजुकेशन दिया है
    जिससे सायाद बहुत बच्चो skill भी खत्म हो गया था
    और साथ ही साथ पॉपुलेशन पे भी ध्यान नहीं दिया
    बहुत लोगों को समझाया नहीं गया कि पॉपुलेशन मत बढ़ाए
    नहीं तो आने वाले दिनों में हमारे लिए resources कम हो जाएंगे
    और ना तो education और हैल्थ पे ध्यान दिया…
    जिसका खामयाजा आज भुगतना पढ़ रहा है….
    इसीलिए unemployment rate बढ़ रहा है।

    लेकिन हमारे प्रधान मंत्री मोदी जी ने education digital बनाए और बच्चो का लोड काम करने के लिए 'परीक्षा पे चर्चा सम्मेलन' शुरु किया।
    Innovation rate
    में भरी इज़ाफ़ा करवाया
    बहुत सारे IIT और AIIMS
    4g spectrum Jio
    के हाथो नीलाम करवाया जिससे डाटा per Gb 10 RS ho Gaya जिससे तुम ध्रुव राठी का वीडियो देखते हो
    और गूगल और माइक्रोसॉफ्ट इंडिया पे ज्यादा ध्यान देने लगे…..
    और डिजिटल छेत्र में क्रांति आयी..

  21. नही आप बिल्कुल गलत हो
    क्यों गलत हो ?
    आपने इसके positive aspect पर ही ध्यान दिया है
    लेकिन अगर आप इसके negative पहलुओं पर विचार करेंगे तो आप डर जाओगे …
    इस पॉलिसी से सिर्फ़ सरकारों ने आंकड़ों में ही बेहतर प्रदर्शन किया …लेकिन पढ़ाई की गुणवत्ता में भयंकर रूप से प्रभावित किया….
    बात सिर्फ़ पास/फेल की नहीं है ….
    बच्चा कुछ भी लायक नहीं बचता है

    सरकार ने विकसित या विकासशील देशों की नीति की सिर्फ़ नकल की है … लेकिन भारत के सामाजिक, आर्थिक, मानसिक आयाम अलग है …. ✌️

  22. I don't think its exams or the marks that matter, what matters is 'what is taught' and 'how it is taught' .
    In our country, people are taught 5 questions and for the exams one of them is tested, but in countries with best educational system they are taught to answer the 6th question which may require knowledge of every other questions.

  23. Bhai 10th ki percentage Jada isliye hai kyonki sare kam padhne vale bache 9th Mai fail ho jaate hai (I am govt. School pass-out)

  24. Ditention policy hatani chaiye or sabhi primary schools ki ache se janch honi chaiye waha ka education system kesa ha

  25. लार्ड मेकोले प्रेरित हमारी शिक्षा प्रणाली का उद्देश्य सिर्फ व्यवसाय और नौकरी करने वाले युवा पैदा करना था जो पूरा हुआ और आज आवश्यकता से अधिक युवा ऐसी शिक्षा से निकल रहे होने के कारण बेरोजगारी बढ़ रही है.

    हमारी शिक्षा की वस्तु (Content of education) में व्यावसायिक/तकनिकी (technical) के साथ ही देश का हर व्यक्ति "सुखपूर्वक जिंदगी जी सके" ऐसे व्यावहारिक विषयो को भी शिक्षा में शामिल करना आवश्यक लग रहा है.

    I would like to request Mr. Dhruv Rathee Ji to look at the Madyasth Darshan ( philosophy which is proposing a complete model of education to fulfill this all all kind of requirements.

  26. Passing Percentage have risen because every board wants to show a good result and end up passing the kid ( grace mark)

  27. Should be find any other solution to increase GDP . Take some opinions of teachers instead of statistics.

  28. Dear Dhruv I regularly watch your videos and I find them good. But I totally disagree on this. You have only CBSE records but what about STATE BOARDS. Students from State board who had gone through this No detention policy can't write English even after passing 10th and 12th. Let alone English , they can't even write and read their mother tongue properly. They can't express themselves properly. What's the benefit of manufacturing such passed students with such a rubbish policy.

  29. We can't judge this policy good or bad on passing percentage of students in 10th std. This can't be judged on statistics only. If we go and meet some 10 the passed students who had gone through this policy we find that they can't even read English. They can't read their mother tongue also

  30. Jis syllabus ka koi use ni Kisi Kam me … Wo education koi Kam ka ni…. I hate Indian syllabus…. It's time to change the syllabus of Indian education based on employbility.

  31. Dhurv teacher khud side book ya guide se padhte hai
    No detention policy se teacher v to careless ho jayenge

  32. over pressure of exam & no pressure of exam- both seems fatal for students. I opt for less pressured education system where there will be exams but not cut throte compititions

  33. When I was in seventh standard students were told by teachers in assembly that NDP has been removed and u have to do extra focus . Thus u have to clear exam at any cost

    Result — cheating percentage increased

  34. Druve sir do one vedio on Rajiv dixit please
    We want to know more about him
    Can u interwiw his family members
    We want to know more about him

  35. 4:52 Girls me dropout rate high kaise hai? Meri class ki sari girls mujhse zyada padhai karti thi and better number laati thi.
    Every boy knows the fear of competition from a girl student. 🙄

  36. Exam pressure and depression as a result thereof is not only because of our education system. It is mainly because of how parents deal with their children.

  37. Kuch nhi ho sakta iss desh ka future 👎 ab to agale 4-5 yr desh aur piche jayega education me logo ko andhbhkti rashtrawaad goraksha, andhshradhha ye sab sikhaya jayega

  38. I follow you and a big fan of you but l think government is right about that because quality of education is getting low and low

  39. Bhai ye 6:40 wala incident exam postpone krane ke liye thodi na tha…
    Jo guilty tha vo drugs leta tha aur jbb usne uss 11 years k ladke ko lene ko kaha.. batroom me to usne mana kiya.. iss darr se ki kahin ye bachha bahar jaaake teachers ko na btaa de isliye maar diya tha use.

  40. Bro. first time I m totally disagree with you… I don't know about your data but I know the ground reality.. now student upto 5th standard even don't try to learn anything because they know there will be no exam and no failer.. I have seen the condition of 9th class teacher.. how teacher are struggling to teach them basic …

  41. I disagree with you sir paheli bat apne Jo data bataya wo CBSE ka hai rajya board ke schools ke bachho ka hal dekhiye unme se kitne hi bachho ko simple math ka multiply bhi nahi aata aisa hal hai .aur uper se cg state me aisa hai ki agar bachcha fail bhi jata hai to usko aur paper dilane ka mouka milta hai agar isme bhi fail ho jaye to fir se mouka milta hai matlab kaise bhi karke bachcha pas ho jaye aise me kaise ye no detention policy education se star ko sudhar kar sakega

  42. Mujhe to lagta hai isk policy ka matlab hi kuch na raha hoga ….jab ye no detention tha schools to apane exams lagalete the phir agar bacha fail to pbir same padahi
    ..aur uspolicy ka kuch fayada hi nahi

  43. Sorry,bt this time I disagree figures kuch v detention policy htana zyada better h….ye bachho ko padha likha gawar bna deti h…unme skill develop nhi ho pati

  44. Indian education is worst …….worst. …and only worst ……. Agar sociality hi nahi rahe students me to 100•|• marks lake kya 🔔🔔 karenge ……

  45. Usually, I like your stance but here let me point out your mistakes… Firstly you are assuming that there are no other factors to consider in drop out percentage and the passing percentage which is the most important error that anybody working with data can tell you (even if your sources are believed to be accurate which I do not think it is)… Next, you said something about financial burden… So pretty sure that in order to try and recuperate your loss you should not be expected to invest even more… If someone is failing then that means that odds are he's not going to be an academic success (please don't waste time by giving fake or irrelevant examples of einstein etc)… So it probably would be better if he/she is focused on something different… And no I am not asking a child to start working rather start acquiring specific skills in the field of interest…. Arguments like everyone should study college etc is one of the reasons for high unemployability and suicides at later stages of life…. Yes everyone should have a basic education in life…. But considering the courses taught it can be argued how at no point in my life is Harappa Civilization going to be relevant…

  46. Zenith cheating kar ke paas hote hain aur ek aur baat Indian education system!!!!!!!!!!''''''''''''''''''hey

  47. Are ye galat hai clg ke log exam ke dar se nai job na milne ki vajah se suicide karte hain. Aur isme education system ka fault hai ye ki yahan education puri tarah outdated hai our sare teachers rote learning ko motivate karte hain syllabus bhi aise hain aur teachers bhi

  48. Ex Dean, School of Engineering GD Goenka University, was found to have a fake PhD degree. He survived and prospered owing to non-academic skills obviously which clearly states the priorities of private colleges and Universities. They are making unemployable engineers since they will pass them anyway. So no detention policy continues to university and needs teachers who can just act to teach and pass them without questions

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