I’m stuck at home in LA bc of lockdown & college classes got canceled for a week

[news] The University of Notre Dame announcing today it is suspending all face-to-face classes. This morning California with its
40 million people becoming the first state in the nation
to order a virtual lockdown. A statewide order for people to stay at home. [quarantine life in LA] To give you guys an update
on the whole situation our University canceled classes for the
upcoming week and then we’re gonna start online classes the following week last week was spring break so I was originally supposed to go back to school yesterday but I had to cancel my flight because that’s not happening anymore the earliest we’re gonna go back is April 13th but that can also be extended
depending on the situation today I think I’m just going to sit down and try to situate everything, re-organize my schedule, look at all the updated syllabi, and mark all of the important dates and just all of that [planning out my weeks ahead] okay so I wrote down all of my classes
and the days the classes that have squiggly lines next to them are the ones that I need to attend in real time and then the other ones I can just listen to the lectures whenever I want to. I planned out the next four weeks where did all of my exams go? why do I- this looks wrong hold up okay so I almost forgot about this exam so I have two exams and one exam the following week and I don’t really care about after that. [learning tiktok dances LOL] it’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to tie my hair in a bun these are hair extensions by the way you can kind of see them I have a pre filmed video that I filmed when I was back at college and I feel like it’s a little bit too outdated it was like three weeks
ago or something like that I don’t know if I want to still upload that video I’ll have to look at the footage and see if it’s like… worth editing? [making a to-do list] [replying to emails (I think) does that look like me? that doesn’t look like me I just had some dinner now I think I’m just gonna
Netflix and chill for the next few hours my netflix subscription expired… [watching Run BTS instead] [me procrastinating…] [Side note: please wash your hands] [and practice social distancing when possible :)] [Stay safe!!] hi guys I’m bored so I’m gonna make some dalgona coffee I actually tried making it before like a
few days ago and I failed but today I’m gonna make it happen you’re supposed to mix instant coffee, water, and sugar in a 1:1:1 ratio but because this is already liquid I’m not going to add the water in I’m just gonna add sugar I got this from calobye. it’s the kisspresso this is supposed to be good for
weight loss because it’s green coffee beans and then I’m gonna put in a spoon of sugar. I can already see it getting light yes. [it do be kinda ugly doe] I’m gonna put on this face mask [skincare time] all of my wearable outfits are back at
college and I also left off my skincare products back there so I asked yesstyle if they could let me shop and they said yes so I’m online shopping right now [I accidentally put the wrong shipping address,] [so I still don’t have clothes.] [aHahA] [oops] [starting my day with YouTube videos] I got an email from our university
saying that our classes are going to be virtual for the rest of the semester so I’m not sure when I’m going to go back I have to go back eventually because I’m planning on taking summer classes oh wait I think I supposed to sign up for
summer classes today I forgot that today was a day to sign up
for summer classes so I need to do that really soon [dalgona coffee (again)] [yum…] okay so I’m signing up for summer
classes right now and this is what my schedule looks like the purple ones are gonna be from the end of May to mid June and then the green ones are gonna
be mid-june to the end of July I think basically I’m going to be taking classes
for almost the entire summer I signed up for a history and a philosophy these are just graduation requirements that i need to fulfill [editing…] [it takes me 2-3 days to edit a video] [leave a thumbs up if you see this heheh] [my birthday lunch :0] [Korean birthday song] Dad: Happy birthday- Happy birthday to you-(ra) [I turned 22!!] [the cake was so good] I just spent the past hour or so filming tiktok videos why am I like this? [back to editing…] day 3 of me drinking this dalgona coffee it’s so good I told myself that I would finish editing the video yesterday but I ended up not doing that today I’m gonna edit this video maybe even upload it today [adding subtitles…] I thought I was done with the video when I realized that there are typos so here there are supposed to be the
subtitles but it just says “title” but if you go in the actual video editor it does have the subtitles so there was a problem in exporting so I tried it once and it still happens so I’m gonna try it one more time I noticed the typo while I was writing in the subtitles for the YouTube translations [the vacuum sucked in my laptop charger lol] I’m planning on binge watching the last
4 episodes of itaewon class it’s not that I’m bored and I have nothing
else to do because I have a lot of stuff that I could be doing but I just wanna chill for a few hours I wonder how much they get paid for like… sponsorships

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  2. This is actually a GREEK coffee called FRAPPE search it on the internet.I am drinking this coffee from the day i was borned and know i see all people being obsesed with it and i am lauphing so hard

  3. thx Yoora for subtitles. спасибо человеку, который переводит видео Чонни на русский

  4. Yoora the best ❤❤?? hey can you put to us your songs that u listen to , I liked them so much, please !?

  5. I felt so relieved cause me on the same weeks spend nothing during the week cause school holiday eventhough, i have plenty of hw ఠ_ఠ. Then the next week, i take an actiom doing hw n stuff cause i literally have the biggest exam in my life . Beside the corona virus (T▽T)

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  7. I finished I taewoon class and two days ? and I loved the OST I think is the best with drama 2015 ✨✨

  8. we have the same birthday!!! (I turned 23 :D), it's so hard to stay productive during this quarantine 🙁 I have tons of things to do but i just keep in procrastinating and procrastinating. When I watch kdramas, i feel guilty so i sleep instead ugh

  9. Them multilingual people will get me
    Be singing happy birthday songs for all my family in four languages
    Tat takes forever lol)

  10. Aww my gosh. I never watched your videos before but now knowing tht you watch bts i will watch it everytime. Anyways i like your video and even if you werent watching any bts i would watch your videos?

  11. I tried making that coffee, same I failed the first attemp then my mom helped me and it turned out so delicios!
    Happy birthday too!
    Ps: My birthday is also coming up next week.?

  12. When your mum and dad were singing "happy birthday" I smiled so hard it was so wholesome. And when your dad started singing the English version it was adorable.

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  14. Happy bday to you, we re on the same age in this march.
    Anyway you r same like me when I am not supposed to be back at home for longtime, but suddenly my school and all activities became online till the end of this semester.

  15. my birthday was on the 18th of march sucks to be in quarantine during a birthday ✊? happy belated bday btw?

  16. Hello dear, just wanted to pop in here and mention a couple of things. Been a subscriber for a while now and your videos are always relaxing and enjoyable. I appreciate you adding both subtitles in English and Korean (as I’m currently studying korean) I know it’s a lot of work to do so. So thank you. Stay safe and healthy

  17. I never realized that you put in so much work into these videos!! I am from India and its pretty much is the same out here… It sucks being at home all the time and i haven't been doing much but today I came here to watch your videos to motivate me! Today I have decided to do something productive! ^o^ I will make dalgona coffee, take a shower and work on my music theory assignment. I am currently in my 1st year of college taking Bmus (bachelors of music) my major is voice. Love u yoora.

  18. Do you have twitter? Cause I was trying to search your name but, i'm not sure if it's actually you or a fan account trying to impersonate you.

  19. this is random but does anyone know if Yoora is catholic? I’m just looking at colleges rn and I’m wondering if most ppl who go to notre dame are catholic lol

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