“If You Can’t SELL, You Don’t Make MONEY!” – Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) – #Entspresso

100 thoughts on ““If You Can’t SELL, You Don’t Make MONEY!” – Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) – #Entspresso

  1. You nail it well Evan. Thank you so much, I'm not shy but I'm not patient and lack persistence. I think selling is all about being a master communicator, the one who can connect well with people.

  2. Thank you so much for help me get better. I appreciate every effort that you and your team put in. Thank you!
    ps. I m trying to finish your "one word" book. Truly a mastery piece of work.

  3. I think people get selling confused with stereotypes and marketing strategies. There are many strategies to "market" or promote things. Selling is straight forward. Its a transaction between customer and supplier. A salesmen is one wsy of promoting and then handling the transaction. The sales uses relationships to help sell products. The company helps the salesmen by also promoting and providing tools to their sales team. They can slso promote or market dirdctly without sales team. I think anyone, shy or not is capable of selling.. its the marketing, promotion and ultimately relationship building that facilitate selling that are the most difficult skills to master.

  4. I see sales as way to connect with people and also connect with more people through the people that I first connected with..

  5. Excited on how to sell. You never know how this skill might help. Tips for those who are shy. Whenever you feel that you don't wanna do it, just break the pattern and do it anyway. Your life it will be more exciting when you apply this rule.

  6. i think most people misunderstand sales. SALES as a process is about offering a solution to a current or relevant problem that the customer or client has….heres three things to master the process
    1. CPRs = Creating personal relationship.. people buy from people they like and people like themselves. BUYING is an emotional process, people dont follow their minds , they follow their HEARTS….speak to their emotions and what THEY want and you will see success 8/10 times
    2. TIMING= "if you sell burgers, the worst time to approach someone is after they left a buffet"
    timing is Need, you can find the right person at the WRONG TIME
    3. SYSTEMS= the process of walking someone with initial interest through making a decision……people dont usually know how to buy your product, especially if its a new product or something they are not familiar with…When people dont know where to begin, THEY USUALLY DONT, remember that book report in middleschool that you didnt start untill like the last minute…..or even better. most of you probably only watched this video because you didnt know where to START when it came to sales….
    ps. IM AN INTROVERT….we make the best salesman, our strength is that we listen more then we talk….and that builds CPR with the customer

  7. i am manager of CG software's academy for 10 years and for the sake of free online resources and similar things i lost my position on local market.need new ideas for finding effective methods to attract new customer (new students).but im little old (36) for test and error .any help?

  8. It's really challenging to deal with shyness for introvert entrepreneurs. I'm shy too. And English is not my first language. So what I'm trying to say is shyness should be faced also in order to learn new languages.

  9. I wonder if any one else can relate to my experience, so the experience is that I wouldn't describe my self as shy but I tend to not voice my opinion on things that I am not passionate about but when it comes to design and music I am open as a "butterfly" that make sense right open as a butter fly

  10. Hi EVan A Million Thanks!!! for all your videos. here is my experience . I believe everyone is sales men , everyone is selling something it could be a product , some are selling ideas, some are selling philosophy, yes but what matters is the intention. I m a very shy person but i am a great talker and i can connect with people very easily but the paradox is i use to hate selling because it was against my nature and trait. as i learned more and gained experience i found that actually you don't have to be a direct hard core seller , i discovered how actually people don't really buy WHAT you are selling but they buy WHY you are selling, they don't really buy the PRODUCT they buy your PURPOSE behind that product, because in my own personal experience too , i observed that i don't buy things because of the KNOWLEDGE provided by the salesmen but what VALUE he is giving which is adding or beneficial to my life.


  11. The way I sell is providing value to the costumer and build a relation with them that way they can feel more comfortable purchasing the product. Yes I am shy but when I sell I don’t think of the process of having to sell I think of the results

  12. I think the point Robert was making here wasn't whether you cant be an introvert or not but that you need to overcome your shyness and not let it hold you back. Anyone who' s able to run a successful talk show has obviously overcome their shyness.

  13. Evan has some really good pointers on "selling". I, like selling since I was a kid. So many of the things mentioned here can be used to "fit" each person.

  14. Evan you had to sell yourself to your audience. If people didn’t like you the wouldn’t come to this channel everyone sells remember that my friend

  15. Dude…Introvert & shy are two DIFFERENT things. I am very introverted, but I am not shy. Introverts are people that draw energy from being alone. Shy is when you are so self conscious that you fear rejection.

  16. Evan you don't know what sales are. You need sales in your company. No Sales No company. Sales is a transfer of emotion from one person to another. Forcing someone to buy something is not selling. Educating the client to see what benefits them is selling.

  17. Being an introvert is a myth. You live in world full of people, you are going to have to talk to people and connect with people in order to thrive. We survive as a human race by working together.

  18. Hello world, my perspective on sales is that in business it is a must. I look at sales in a more untraditional contemporary way though. I'm a barber/businessman but my "Business" is SALES, as Mr. Kiyosaki would say. I believe in any form of business, whether its a service or product, at some point you have to make money by being able to effectively introduce the product into the marketplace amongst the millions of different products the consumer is encountered with everyday. And I see this in every form of business somewhat, no matter how you disguise or internalize the word "Sales"….

  19. Try to undersell not oversell
    Oversell salespersons are unsuccessful
    Dont try to be a salesperson try to be a friend or a consultant to the customers
    95 percent dont like salespersons but we all like friends
    First try to build up a relationship with your customer your very first customer will be your biggest success
    As Mr.Robert said dont stop with one or two rejections you will be rejected and rejected and rejected…
    More you reject more you wilk be success…

  20. I'm not shy at all, I'm just very selective about who I'm dealing with especially in these times. I think making a sell is about the quality more than the quantity. Why? Because high quality beats quantity any day well at least to me. I like to give people a sample of something before I go all in and make a sell. Once you test the teaser and like it then you're hooked and right there is when I gain a new loyal customer.

  21. Thank you for your comments after Mr. Kiyosaki. Sales is my worst. I am an introvert, but I am not shy. I just don't believe in selling whatever, if I wouldn't buy it I wouldn't sell it!

  22. Evan Carmichael you’re a salesman without realizing it you’re selling everything is sales
    But it’s about adding value
    Consultant vs. Salesman
    -Add value. -Sell something
    – Solution. they don’t need

  23. Your contents are so inspiring, teaching me to believe in me plus enriching my mind with insight. Thanks Evan. keep the good work up.

  24. Focusing on providing a great customer experience is still SALES, but in a different form. You’re “selling” them an experience. When you open up and tell your story, you’re “selling” yourself. It’s the same thing. The ability to sell is what will land you your dream job, your future wife, etc. Even when you share great idea with a friend, you’re “selling” them on the idea. Excellent communication is simply synonymous with sales

  25. Sales talk is very important in business..it's really hard to convince people…you have to take risk in all aspect. Those people were successgul are brave and smart they don't give up easily no matter what it takes.

  26. Remember, selling is not the same as negotiating. Those are two different skills. Deals with the landlord, suppliers, bankers, etc. is not really selling but negotiating. It's about structuring a deal that is beneficial to all parties involved. People need to learn to listen better, then they will find out what is really important to their potential customers. Sometimes an outgoing personality can get in the way of that.

  27. Hello. Before you can sell anything, you have to find your target audience. To find your target audience, you have to think about where people who are predisposed to want what you have to sell are congregating. A food truck owner has to know where hungry people are at before he or she can sell food to them. Another way to find your target audience is to have conversations with people. If you are a friendly person, strangers may open up to you during conversations revealing to you what is going on in their lives at that exact moment. You can then look for a product or service that can help them deal with this situation. Preselling is what this is called. Making connections with people is preselling. Then recommend your product or service at the end of the conversation.

  28. I think selling the way how we How we communicate and share our ideas about something that may be a product or anything.

  29. I think im pretty shy, some people say im too quite. Help me to find an entrepreneur with a personality familiar to mine. I think im good at Tech. I see Sales like a man talking on the phone and trying to sell something.

  30. I love your comment that selling (hard ) is NOT the only way. I was a sales person for a long time deep inside I want to find another way to be successful in business.

  31. i disagree with this principle in most instances since many americans (8 out of 10) live paycheck to paycheck and are in over their heads with credit card debt. I personally feel it's unethical to sell products to the typical person in america, unless you are 100 percent completely uninvolved in an emotional transfer between them. Don't manipulate someone to buy something from you when odds are you are making their financial future that much harder. Vending machines, online businesses, and any type of selling in general where there is no emotional transfer is how I plan on making success personally. I believe in karma and I care for others so much. I don't want to hurt anyone financially or in any other way.

  32. i dont think kiyo is necessarily talking about SELLING as in SELLING….. Hes is talking about PROMOTING a product….bEING convincing….so as to make ur product known…knowing your product loving it… the fact that he is a business colossus mind and money, shows he is NOT in the lefthand quadrant of SALES- acitve income. The selfish perpsective is a manipulative tactic. KIYO is NOT talking about this.

  33. 0:04 Evan just saying change that " is that your motivational quote? "I believe in people more than they believe in themselves", it's like saying to your viewers (us) I believe in you, more than you believe in yourselves. e.g. This is my story "From Zero To Infinity", you can't believe that more than I have been believing it in myself. Maybe you can only believe it a little, but definitely not equally and definitely my friend NOT more than myself. It's a vision and hope through many types of hard work and luck.

  34. Hey Evan,
    First of all thanks to all the motivating video which you have been producing and the one which i like the best of all is this:
    "The 10 skills"
    I have a question that:
    Its very difficult being shy and coming out because without selling myself will never be able to come up and i know that,but its very difficult,and particularly because i dont have a team or anybody standing with me.
    So how will you deal with this?

    Thanks once again!!

  35. I am great in sales I have the charms and confidence plus I care about people etc but I am going to start my own business and boy I am nervous I am doubting my salesmanship talent

  36. I agree with what you said in this video. I think it's more important to connect with people and believe in the motivation behind the sale. The customer will remember it in the future and it will impact how they recommend you to others.

  37. Ellen is an extrovert. ENFP (according to MBTI) to be more precise. And introvert and shy are completely different things.

  38. Sup Evan!!!! I'm from Brazil. You did really great on your explanation about selling. I liked what you said about " Providing for people a great experience". Keep doing your great inspiring job my friend! Greeting from Jesse

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