ID your Mining Rig in Mining Pool

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slow here with more
crypto gains today just a real quick
video a lot of you will mine on
different polls and sometimes your
mining from different locations and if
you’re using the same mining program it
makes it confusing to tell which miner
is which worker and this is especially
true in the pools that don’t require a
worker name so as an example today I
want to show you how you quickly modify
your roam need a bat file on your CC
to quickly be able to identify which
miner is running on the pool when you
check your wallet address today’s
example is using the GIMP mining pool so
you can see it up here mining a some
Ravin coin I have multiple miners
running three CC mine or two to two
fives and two CPU miners well you know
sometimes one of these miners may go
down lose connection whatever I keep it
on my phone so that I can refresh and
keep tabs on everything so it’s actually
really easy to modify this so that you
know which miner is which so right now
it’s running I’m gonna go ahead and stop
it and then I’m gonna find the rummy dot
bat file okay so we got the running out
that file copy that paste it on my
alright so I’ve got the run read out bat
file I’m gonna go ahead and edit it and
what you can see is it’s making a call I
keep my run means up one directory so
it’s just gonna run me folder just to be
a little more organized with the dot dot
CC minor X 64 X 16 are this the imp pull
my wallet address minus P is blank now
this is the confusing part for a lot of
these are your extras as they’re called
so you can see I have C equals Raven
right so all you have to do is use this
is cc minor 2 2 2 5 is type ID equals
and I know this rig is 1080 times 3 and
then here’s the key you have to put a
comma in so the ID in essence is your
worker name or whatever you want to call
the rake that’s running that version it
could be whatever you want it to be you
could be worker 1 worker to my worker
doesn’t really matter but you got to
make sure you have this comma in here
and then you have your other extra which
is the coin Raven so I’m going to go
ahead and save it and close it copy it
put it back in my mining folder ok and I
should go to the Lietz
I’m going to run it and let this baby
juice up x16 our blah blah blah give it
a second to fire up and get some hash so
once again well look at that it’s
already showing up well see that so now
I know that this thread when I hit
refresh on my wallet has an ID 1080
times 3 so I know that’s my 1080 times 3
rig and that’s all there is to it so
probably what I’ll do is I will go
through my network and I will set IDs on
all my CC miners so that when I pull my
wallet up I can keep tabs on which
machines running what I hope you enjoyed
today’s video
this is crypto so if you’re not talking
gains then we’re not talking

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  1. By the way it did not work on Should I do same settings there? id=username, does not work. Thanks

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