I made free $30 with these website! (EARN)

So there guys
after 4 hours as you can see
I already received
the withdraw that we did a while ago on this website
so there 0.00029821 Bitcoin
so the conversion is
137.67 Pesos
so there
truly this paying survey site is legit
and there try it guys
because its so easy to earn here
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Hello guys
hello again and
here I am again Aiza
and now, I have something to share to you
a LEGIT and paying survey site.
so there
later I will show to you my actual withdrawal
from this survey site
so there
There are requirements only on this website
1 is
that you need to have
50 connections
your LinkedIn
first of all of course
you will make a LinkedIn account
so there
there just fill this up
first thing
let’s say Aiza
last name Mercado
my email
there and password
and there sign up
there will someone who will text you
just put here Philippines
and there
put your phone number
just put your cellphone number
and there send code
just wait for
the code that will be sent to you by LinkedIn
and there verify code
so its here
I will teach you how
to accumulate immediately 50 connections
so there
welcome Aiza
Philippines then your postal code
and confirm location
location saved
so there
so that you can gain a ton connections
cause right we need 50 connections
so, even if its not yet 1 hour
you will get connections immediately
you put here the most recent job title
just put here
and here
put of course Youtube
so there
don’t click yet this I’m a student
because it’s difficult to get connections here
so there
just continue
and there
after that
let’s confirm your email
check your email
there is already someone who sent me
just copy and paste
agree and confirm
let’s just skip this
and here
there are already suggested
LinkedIn people
ok just select all
and connect to all 50

there just add a photo it’s up to you
and this is it
you can see we still don’t have connections

and just click this
there is a person and a plus sign
its even ok here
build your network
and there find connections
and if you clicked it there will appear suggested
so just connect and connect here
connect, connect, connect…..
until you get 50 connections
so that’s how easy guys
once you get 50 connections
we can now proceed to the
LEGIT and paying survey site
that’s just it ok
it’s needed guys that
you have 50 connections and above
Because if not you will not be verified on the
website I was talking about
there What is the website anyway?
let’s go to
so there
I will leave the link in the description
on where you will click
and there

it says here
this is Earn.com/abmp19
so here Aiza invited you to Earn.com
join Aiza
and start earning Bitcoin by answering paid emails
and completing microtask
so there
guys just accept invitation this
wait here
and there
create your profile
so there add your full name
full name, Aiza Mercado
work or school email guys just put here your
email addres ok
so for example
[email protected]
so there
here in Username put your desired
desired username
helloworld for example
there your password guys
there it says here
password must meet the requirements
atleast 8 character
atleast 1 lower and uppercase character
your password cannot be a commonly used password
your password must be first
Because for me I capitalize
just here in Earn.com
so example
capital H
then there I will just put a number
so for example 1, 2 , 3
here also
1, 2, 3
there then upload photo
I’m not a Robot and there
you can now create your account
so this is what comes out guys after you create account
so there
there is something placed there
this is what you see
your first task is simple fill out your profile to get verified
so there
just click this start here
this is what I told you about
your LinkedIn account
you click this link here
so that you LinkedIn account will be linked
so there
after that this
you will add your profile photo
if done f course just click next
and here
looking good
and you can edit
the description of yourself
like for example I put
Youtuber at Youtube
and I.T Expert and there
Crypto Currency trader or exchanger
that is what I put in my bio
so after you added yours
just go next
click next
after there
here in link
work or school email
you don’t put anything here
nothing totally nothing
so just click skip
guys just follow my steps
because I know how to get your account verified
so there just skip it guys
so what it says here is
review and submit
just review your
profile picture and your bio
and there click submit
after you click submit
what will come out is
that you have been added to the waitlist
within 24 hours is the verification of
your account here in Earn.com
more or less 24 hours
for me was just
then I was verified
so there
just click done
and there
you can start

your paying survey
here in Earn.com
once your account is verified
so that how to make an
account here in Earn.com
and there let’s now proceed to my account
and I will show you how to earn and withdraw live in
so here guys
this is my dashboard
here in Earn.com
and as you can see here
I already have 2 surveys
that need answering
so there
1 USD is the price per survey
cause it has been set in
my profile that 1USD only
is my payment
in everytime they give surveys
to me
so its just small
of course… If your new
its right that you have small talent fee
let’s try this first survey
Pin Protocol
let’s try this earn 1 USD
and start
visit the link
just click that
there it directs you that link
and there let’s wait
there even if you don’t finish that you can continue
but its up to you
for me cause its Telegram
Telegram is in the phone
and what I’m using is a laptop
so I won’t check that
I’ll continue
and the
username of your Telegram
ok just this one
reputaion system? I do not know that
there its submitting
and there its accepted
Yey! Task complete
you earned 1 USD
So there
my credit has now been added
so there we still have another one guys
and we will do it again
let me close this
earn 1 USD
look also guys
you can’t let it stand by here ok
Once you received a survey
there it said 61 hours left
so there
you need to complete that task
within the given time
if you did not make it
you won’t earn anything
from their survey
so there
let’s try this earn 1 USD
ok let’s click Telegram
ok go
I don’t want that
ok next
Telegram username
it is also imprortant guys to have a Telegram
there let’s follow Twitter
just next this
join with my primary Earn email
There accepted.Yey!
and complete you earned 1 USD
so there
so it’s finish right?
no more
so let’s go to history
you can see all the
that you made here
so there
now here guys let’s try
on how to cash out here
so lets click this above
so there if you want Coinbase or
on Coins.ph?
let’s just go to Coins.ph
they have the same network fee
BTC address
there let’s go to Coins.ph
let me just get my Bitcoin address
then let’s go to Earn Bitcoin
there I’ll just paste my Bitcoin address here
so there
right 2 USD is the minimum?
so if you click this amount
it does not subtract from the 2 USD
your withdrawal
so there
If you also want max you can max what you have
but you include
their network fee
of 76 Satoshi
so thats.. What’s this?
.65 USD
so you will not get the whole
so there let me just next this
and let’s try if
it really comes to my Coins.ph
so i’ll just next this
so there double check destination
just double check your Bitcoin wallet address
the amount this is the amount that we get
to our Coins.ph
network fee
Oh! the network fee
is 7,600 Satoshi
so there
remaining balance is 0
so there
I’ll just get this guys so that you can
so that you can see that
Earn.com is legit
so there
let me just next this
I understand that it may tak more than 24 hours
so there
so this Earn.com cannot
recover Bitcoin sent to an wrong address
so guys just double check
and there we’ll send this
there sending

so let’s now close this
there our balance is back to 0
so there
How do we actually get surveys?
just wait
and also download the application of this
so that you will be notified if you have a new survey
its more better to have the app
because right there will be a popup
if ever there is a survey
so there guys after 4 hours
if you can see
I have received the one that we withdrew awhile ago at the website
so there 0.00029821 Bitcoin

so the conversion is
137.67 Pesos
so there truly this paying survey site is legit
and there try it guys
cause its so easy to earn here
so there guys it is truly
paying this Earn.com
of Bitcoin
so there
that’s just it guys
just do surveys
they already pay you 1USD
or depending on the talent fee that you indicated
in your account
to earn more dollar you can refer
your friends or any
family members
that can join here in Earn.com
here is your referral link just copy this
and once that they already submitted their
verification and their account was verified
you automatically have 1 USD
that you get
from Earn.com
so there guys after
one day
I got another
an amount of 3.82 USD
sorry cause I didn’t film it yesterday
I filmed everything here
so there I forgot to say how to edit your profile
so here
just click this face of yours
here in the right side
and then click this edit profile
so there
all your preferences will appear here
here is you name
you bio
also put your website
also here is your username
and here is also your emails

notifications if you have a new task
you will be notified
here is where you will find
the one that I said your talent fee
this is the amount they will pay
of every survey
there’s 1usd, 5usd, and 20 usd
100 usd

for me per day is only 1 usd

cause I can see
other profiles here
and even though they are popular
and they have a ton of connections
still 1usd
is the set price
so if they are like that what more me
that is new
so there
the list
airdriops there you will put your ethereum
then your Telegram username
cause guys it needs
really before you get verified is that your Facebook and LinkedIn is connected

that 2 Github is optional
so guys LinkedIn and Facebook needs to be linked the first time
so that you will be verified
and also has donations for me I don’t
cause my balance is still low
so that I can donate
so might as well as of now its mine
there security
password and the 2factor authentication
that is also it
and also if you have a Coinbase just link it here
but if no, its ok because what we will use is Coins.ph
there Credit card
cashout history
so that’s it
Thank you guys for watching
Hopefully I helped you
and I need your thumbs up
and of course subscribe
for my upcoming videos
that we can still earn from
so there thank you guys and have a great day!

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