I Found 🔫GUNS🏆GOLD🎸GUITARS–Best Storage Unit Find EVER!

so here’s the scope of what I’ve got so
far pretty crazy hey guys it’s Brian from retired at 40 I’m
at it again I’m buying another storage unit today oh my god and I actually just
won the storage unit this one was actually quite a bit cheaper than the
previous two I paid eight hundred and sixty dollars for this one and it’s got
some interesting stuff let’s go take a look all right well if
you’ve never joined us on the channel my name is Brian I’m retiring at 40 I’m
currently 40 I just turned 40 and I’m gonna retire in about six months with my
wife and my family we like to live life simple on this channel so before we
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really helps without the YouTube algorithm and let’s go alright we’re
here and we’re all paid up and we’re gonna follow this friendly storage lady
here all right so the lady just opened it
let’s take a look and see what’s inside so the first thing I like to do is just
try and find the obvious stuff that’s gonna make me my money back so let’s see
if we can find eight hundred and seventy dollars worth of stuff peeking in the
side it’s really awkward it’s really strange making this thing almost looks
like it’s handmade and hand-painted we’ll have to take it somewhere maybe
and get it checked out to see what this thing’s worth but it’s definitely unique
so the elephant in the room is this big elliptical machine right here and it’s
an octane fitness and I think it’s probably pretty expensive it looks like
it’s pretty well built I’m thinking it’s probably about 400 bucks all right so
next we’ve got ryobi chainsaw that’s pretty sweet
then right below it we’ve got a hedge trimmer some bolt cutters and then we’ve
got this completely empty and then we’ve got this another guitar hopefully
there’s a guitar in here it feels like there is it’s a Yamaha classical guitar
probably a hundred bucks maybe maybe a little more I cut this out of the corner
of my eye this looks like a Calvary sword
it says US Navy on it that’s pretty sweet so believe it or not I think I’ve broken
even already and I spotted this these are always empty but this one’s not it’s
a rifle case it’s on the back here that says Remington Arms that’s a good sign what could it be it’s like a 22 model 62 a it’s in really
nice shape before I dig any farther I’m going to clear out some of this big
box item we’ll save those mystery boxes for later really a lot of music related stuff now
there’s a whole bunch of CDs and music and records there’s some nice infinity
speakers right here and then I noticed that there’s a couple of receivers that
one’s kind of buried there’s one down here too this thing super cool and you
can see it’s really good size but it’s a piece of petrified wood and that’s got
to be worth some money just being the size that it is really really cool lots
and lots of boxes and we suspect that most of them are probably junk but
there’s a couple real good things that I found that I’m gonna save for you for
later and this is notice there’s an air pistol
sitting here also and then I looked in this box this just goes to show you that
you just never know what you’re gonna find in a storage unit so this thing has
another little I think it’s a pellet gun this is a sharpshooter made in
1937 so that could be worth some dough check this thing out that looks really really old and really
cool I can’t remember what they call those with the blade like this so that could
be worth some money also so my pile of tools is growing real
quickly and I like tools because it’s a quick way to make money they always sell
really fast they also noticed while I was over here there is another rifle up
there whoa – gamo silent cat so that’s quite a
few gun related stuff that we found so far and guitar related stuff and music
related stuff so I’ll almost bet you that there’s a lot more let’s keep
digging so this is an interesting one it’s
either a bong or something for liquor maybe I don’t know if you know what it
is let me know in the comment section there’s also some interesting stuff it
looks like under here Nolan just found a pocket watch and this looks like it’s
real gold because it’s multicolored and it looks like it’s very old really
ornate super cool yep it says right there 14 karat so that’s a jackpot right
there nice find buddy was that in here wow that is cool check that out
those are opera glasses looks like he found another pocket watch really
special wow this is awesome alright so we’ve got this box which is ooh it’s
like it’s full of silver these are all silver spoons
I’m guessing yeah man it looks like luck is on our side today for sure oh my god get all that that’s the money shot right
there this box is going in the car locked up
safe because that’s a whole bunch of money sitting in there
alright I’m gonna move this shelf out of the way because it looks like there is more of that type of stuff we were just looking at
like really old tools like Indian type tools and this box is full of arrowheads
the whole thing is all arrowheads how cool is that oh my god
this unit is pretty damn amazing this is right up my alley too it’s in here ooh
more arrowheads there’s some really old really old bullet Wow
supercool old muskets and who knows what this stuff is let’s check this out some super cool glasses looks like
sixties it looks like look at all this stuff
there’s an old bayonet it’s busted off it almost looks like treasure hunt finds
so it’s in this box even more all right it looks like I’m gonna have to go to
some kind of an expert to get all this stuff checked out alright so I’m gonna
kind of mow through some of this stuff back here and get some stuff cleared up
again and if I come across something really cool I’ll stop and let you know
alright so I started to open up this bag and it looked like there are some good
stuff in here because there’s this pp7 that is sweet ooh Ruger mark 1, 1911 with
a 22 conversion kit that yeah that looks like it’s probably world war 1 not sure
what this is oh my god yeah I do I know what this hiss this is that could be the
most valuable thing that I’ve ever found right there
alright I’ve been diggin and I think I understand that you would never know
it’s back here piano so when I moved that mattress out of the way actually
found this too it’s a super old Johnson an outboard motor this thing’s really
cool yeah it just keeps on giving I’m gonna guess that there’s a boat in these
bags right here and I don’t know how it’s gonna be a boat but I opened this
one and it’s kind of these cross support things well there you go there’s an oar
there’s a motor right there that we just found yep it’s a boat there you can kind
of see it’s like the raft style boat with the with wood pieces I’m gonna put
this in the trailer we’re gonna put it together when we get home well we put a
pretty big dent in the storage unit I think we’re gonna call it a day well a storage unit has been pretty
dang amazing and just when you think that you found the best of it I just
keep finding more and more really just reassures me that I’m doing the right
thing sort of till I get home and I have a house full of junk again all right the
next thing I’m gonna do is blow up this raft and I think this raft is a Zodiac
which is actually a really cool brand you can Google zodiac it’s a similar to
like what a Navy SEAL would use but I’m gonna put it on time-lapse and then
we’re gonna check this thing out it is a Zodiac so I started bringing in some the
boxes from the trailer and I came across four boxes that say China and I’m not
sure I think it’s the Limoges it’s a brand of kind of finer china but this
stuff is just really really fancy it’s an it’s in pretty spectacular shape
actually a little bit more silver so I want to catch you up to speed since I’ll
add the two silver things that I just found but I found the spoons that you
saw earlier the platter you saw earlier I found a couple of these these are
actually plated a bunch more silver scrap here’s a close-up of those pocket
watches I tested this this is a real diamond in here I’m thinking this thing
is just gonna Wow me I think it’s probably over $2,000 it’s in really nice
shape it’s it’s very ornate and then I was digging through some boxes and I
also found some 14-karat gold this is all marked this is not so this will have
to be tested but quite a bit of quite a bit of marked stuff so there’s probably
another $700 worth of gold in here here’s another shot of all those coins
most of them are 17 and 1800’s found some pearls and some something I’ve
never heard of it’s called pink coral and this could potentially be very
valuable here’s all that stone tool and just little like arrowheads and fine
found this really neat geode and I’m gonna keep going through some boxes this
is what our house looks like after I get a storage unit but I have had a chance
to go through all the boxes in the trailer and I’ve got two pretty good
ones this one is all full of camera equipment
so I’ll total this up and put the value right here so this last box I saw a
little piece of the drab green military sticking out of the side so I was really
excited to open this one up there’s a whole bunch of different stuff in here
and I found another handgun this is a World War one
Smith & Wesson so super cool on that and I just want to let you know that if you
if you buy a storage unit and you find firearms in there you do need to run
them through either the ATF or an FFL or take them to your your local police
station they’ll run the serials for you and make sure that they’re not stolen or
haven’t been used in a crime and so I’ve already done that everything has been
checked out which is super cool which means this is just money in the bank at
this point so here’s the scope of what I’ve got so far
pretty crazy well there you have it that’s all the stuff that I went through
I did go back for the second day to go through the rest of that stuff but it
really wasn’t anything to write home about and I don’t want to bore you with
the trash and stuff that comes out of storage units it is part of the reality
of really what you get in the storage unit but it’s not very fun to watch so I
hope you had as much fun as I did watching this as I did going through all
the stuff really an amazing storage unit it was it was almost unbelievable for me
it’s not my most profitable that I’ve ever had but it’s it’s definitely the
most fun one that I’ve ever had anyway this is me retired at 40 signing off
remember to live life simple I’ll catch you next week

10 thoughts on “I Found 🔫GUNS🏆GOLD🎸GUITARS–Best Storage Unit Find EVER!

  1. It’s a wine carafe you put the wine in the bottom. Then put the ice in the pocket so it doesn’t dilute the wine/beverage this allows the beverage to get cold but it opens the body of the wine to get plenty of air so it taste better

  2. Nice haul! And I agree with an earlier poster – that glass item is a wine carafe. You put the ice is the pocket so that it does not dilute the wine as the ice melts.

  3. Very Cool!!! I bought one storage unit in my life and I am still under about half so I am thrilled to see you have success! I am "gun shy" in ever buying another one so at least I can live vicariously through you!

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