Before starting our video first, we’re going to pick the winner’s giveaway of the previous video My question was What will you never stop doing? Let’s pick our winner Alright Congratulations to Myzel Tenio! She said I will never stop being a good daughter and a good person to others Congratulations because you’re the one who won the 50₱ worth of GCash For you to claim your prize just look at the description down below If you want to win this video’s giveaway just wait for my question and comment down below your answer and we’ll pick the winner on our next video Okay. So, hello guys This is Jhazel de Vera and welcome back to my channel So if you’re new to this channel, click on the subscribe button and the notification bell So that you watch all types of videos about home-based jobs and anything from which you can earn online For today’s video, I’m going to share with you how to withdraw here at Bytem And most of you are requested a withdrawal video So now I’m going to show you how to withdraw I’m going to share my experience with you because I encountered some problems with my Bytem account Since I promote here on my channel I received too many referrals And so Bytem thought that I was cheating or creating multiple accounts I went on their support page, which you’ll find on their website I sent them and email saying I made a video about it where I promoted their website Thankfully they responded immediately And they recovered my account That’s all You never know if someone else may encounter this situation in the future Maybe you’ll get too many referrals and the same thing will happen to you So, just do what I did So, this is prerecorded I withdrew yesterday night at Bytem I already recorded it so I’ll just show it to you This is what I earned yesterday at Bytem With Bitcoin we earned 0.02474665 btc That is around 10000₱ to 11000₱ With Litecoin we have 0.64330031 ltc Also, around 2000 With Dogecoin we’ve earned 2197 Our current hash is 42840 GH/s All of this we earned it for free and most of it is earned through partners Well, in fact, you can do the same too Just share your referral link in the comment section of this video Now, I’m going to show you the withdrawal process Because a lot of you are asking if Bytem still pays Let’s just go here to the “Withdraw” button here on the top As you can see here we have a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.002 BTC; 200 DOGE; 0.005 LTC Right here, you’ll find the balance here we put our BTC, LTC and Dogecoin addresses In my case, I’m going to withdraw my Bitcoin the address that I’ve put here is from my coins.ph account I tried to withdraw the earnings of my Bitcoin However, it says here that the maximum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC When it’s Bitcoin they have a maximum withdrawal of 0.005 BTC That is around 2200₱ That will still change because Bitcoin’s value always changes I changed the amount that I was going to withdraw I input again my BTC address I then clicked “Withdraw BTC” It says here “You withdraw 0.0045 BTC to your BTC address” They have a fee of 0.0005 BTC but that’s normal because our Bitcoin comes from an external account And there you go “Withdrawal Success” It says here on the page “You will receive your payment within 10 minutes! Which is true because as you can see from my coins.ph account we have a receiving mBTC 4.5 In the history section, waiting for confirmations, 12:09 AM Then I got it, payment successful, also at 12:09 So our request from Bytem gets accepted immediately If you’re going to withdraw with coins.ph or your Coinbase account It doesn’t change a thing your request will arrive right away Right after I requested the withdrawal I received it immediately And we get redirected to our history page I went back to my withdrawal As you can see our funds are lower And it says here the time left for the next available withdrawal is 19139 seconds These are seconds because it’s a countdown Every 5 hours you can request a new payout here at Bytem But first commercial Our question for today is “What are your thoughts when you can’t sleep?” Comment down below your answer and we’ll draw the winner on our next video That’s all. If you’re interested to earn here at Bytem, you can watch my previous video about Bytem This my introduction video about it This is where I show you how you can earn for free Yes, it’s free You can mine offline and you don’t need to always be online So, yeah that’s all Hopefully, this video was helpful to you And yes Bytem does pay, as of now So, that’s it Thank you so much for watching this video If you’ve enjoyed it, give this video a like and subscribe to my channel Click on the notification bell so that you’ll get notified whenever I upload And don’t forget to subscribe to my second channel JhazeldeVera VLOGS. Okay So, have a nice day, God bless and goodbye!

100 thoughts on “I EARNED $200 (10K PESOS) OFFLINE BY BITCOIN AUTOMINING! ALL FREE! | My Withdrawal on COINS.PH

  1. may dagdag na coin ba pag may na invite ka?? o baka may upgrade dito tapos pag may mag upgrade lang tayo mabigyan ng coins?

  2. Ito guys $5 mag sasign up klng promise dapat ung email mo live dahil kapag naka sign up kana mag tetext na gmail sa u sa ginamit mong email mo para ma confirm profile mo https://dashboard.honeygain.com/ref/ZPNUD9BA

  3. My thought when i can't sleep is how can you people earn so much money where i can't even make a dollar so for long. And i wish that u people donate me some dollar for my fee.

  4. Prayer before i sleep 'hingi ng tawad ki lord at kong saan tayo ngkasala s kapwa.ntin kc ty hindi nmn ferfect malay natin dima ty mkagising s umaga

  5. Bytem Update: System Error due to high number of traffic.. let's wait for it to recover. The same happened yesterday.
    And again, I do not recommend you to buy Gh/s. Just do what I taught on the previous video to earn for FREE. So you have nothing to lose.

  6. My thought when I can't sleep is how I'm going to manage sending my son to school as a single mom with undependable part time job, cant find another job due to age limits.. im already 41 yrs old.

  7. Hi jhazel, how are you po? I have a question about bytem, I do not know if I am doing anything wrong but everytime I log onto bytem to mine, about thirty to thirty five minutes it would log me out, and I have to sign in again.. How can I use this website without them logging me out every thirty minutes? My other miners doesnt do that..

  8. "My thoughts when I can't sleep is when knowing I could do so much better at investing for the future at a very young age."

  9. ms. jhazel since yesterday di ko po ma open ang bytem account ko lagi po siyang error or unknow web :(.. i try to click your previous vid about bytem kaya ang yun pa rin ang lumalabas , i mean error pa rin po 🙁

  10. My thoughts when i cant slee are what is going to happend today at my life for sure making more good things watching videos like the youtuber Jhazel de Vera a big hello from Spain i wanna win

  11. Eto po easy money gawan nio po vedio nice https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=150764123021580&id=100042639791368

  12. I'm absolutely impressed working with +1(626)386-3155 she just fund me 21bitcoin to my blockchain account, with no failure

  13. How much did you invest before you earned? BYTEM requires something like 0.002 btc mined before allowing you to withdraw.

  14. My thoughts when I can't sleep➡️I go to YouTube and listen to videos on live stream to help me sleep or videos with positive energy sound waves to help me sleep. I also liked to play word puzzle game apps.

  15. My thoughts when I can't sleep is: when I suddenly weak up from my dreams that sometimes in REAL "this is already happened in my dreams". Have you observed it?..

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