Hunting $1 Coins – “Gold Dollars” and Susan B Anthony Dollars

Hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we’re gonna try our luck at some dollar coin searches we have 175
here another 25 there it’s just 200 there’s 14 here and then we have… I’m a
rookie at hunting dollar coins and so I’ve got my handy dandy red book here
and I am good for feedback or comments from any of the viewers if I’m doing
something wrong but I think we’re gonna start worth is I’m going to go through
the rolls and I’m gonna put them in three piles I’m gonna put all of my
presidential in one pile all of my susan b anthony’s in another pile and all of
my Sacagawea coins in another pile and then once I’ve done that we’ll go
through each of the piles to figure out what exactly I want to be looking for I
mean I know in the second row we had dollars we want the tail feathers to
have the detail I get that but there’s also some other areas of varieties where
there’s missing some edge lettering or it has a wrong edge lettering and when
we look at for that as well and then more importantly probably more than
anything I’m probably gonna be looking for any coins that I consider AU 50 or
better obviously they fetch a premium when they’re in mint state more than
anything else and that’s kind of the deal here like there’s a wide rim susan
b anthony ain mint state worth $38 things like that
so i’ll be going through them now sorting through them once i have them
sorted one will loop you back in and on the next step i did want to point out
ahead of time that because I’m looking for mint state coins I will be wearing
gloves for this hunt typically I don’t enjoy wearing gloves because it’s harder
to handle the coins but whenever you’re going to coins and you’re looking for
better condition ones you gotta wear gloves so that you protect the value of
the coins I don’t know how handled these are I haven’t looked through them yet I
just know that my bank that I pick up house from indicated they were customer
wrapped and the guy had to pay some bills and so he brought these in so I
don’t know what that means I don’t know if it’s a collector and I’m
going through junk but either way we’re gonna do that and we’ll get started
oK we’ve got them separated by design so to speak we’ve got the presidential x’
sitting here in these five stacks looks like there’s five stacks of 25 for a
hundred and twenty-five dollars in presidential to go through we’ve got two
stacks of 25 of the suckage away –is so we’ll have to go through the $50 in
those and a stack in two-thirds of susan b anthony dollars that we’ll go through
as well first step is to go through all the presidential ones and look for
anything that I would consider au 50 or mint State or better somewhere in that
range I think I saw a couple of decent coins as I was going through them but I
didn’t see anything really that great but we need to look at it a little more
closely so let me run through these without using the camera just to see if
I see anything great and if I do I’ll show you the finds at the end of this
set of dollars we’ve gone through the stacks of dollar bills and I was a few
coins short of my account so I had to use a couple of sacagawea’s that didn’t
have any mint mark on them because as you know we’re looking for the 2000 P
with the extra tail feathers the extra detailing them the only coin that was
even remotely in really great shape was this George Washington dollar and I
don’t think it’s a mid State it’s probably more like an au 50 it’s pretty
good condition so this is probably the best of them I’m gonna keep it because
it’s the only one really worth keeping where the edges are still good and
there’s not a lot of dings or scratch as a matter of fact I don’t really see much
scratching maybe a below his eye there’s a little bit but it’s in pretty good
shape so we’ll pull it aside for now and now the next step is to go through the
second two ways and take out all the DS and no mint mark ones because those are
either the later year ones or there they’re not the mint that we’re looking
for so let me get the peas separated out of those so we know how many we’re gonna
check under the microscope in the Sacagawea coins we had 23 coins that are either no mint mark because they’re the native years or they have the denver
mint mark which we’re not looking for and we have 21 that are the philadelphia
mint mark so now I’m going to run through these and we’ll check the tail
feathers for any detail that we can see we have the variety coin well not
surprising since only 5000 specimens have been minted with the special bolded
tail feathers design I went through all these and there is none with that kind
of love but wanting to show you on the screen I have one pulled underneath here
if it was the bolted tail feather design you would see several I guess nearly
vertical lines on these tail feathers that would indicate that it was boldly
detailed don’t confuse from scratching and dings like on this one with any
bolded detailed design I just wanted to give an example of what it would look
like if it had the right design but as you can see clearly on this one there is
no such markings so now we move under the susan b anthony dollars obviously
there only makes it for a few years but wanted to point out we’ll be looking for
the wide rim near date variety if you look at these two examples here the
narrow rim you can see that the date is far from the rim and on the wide rim you
can see that the 1979 is really close to the rim because the rim is wider it
doesn’t fetch a lot of value but if you can find a city 9 wide rim 38 dollars in
a mint state 63 so I’m sure even in an au 50 or even an extra fine you can get
more than definitely face value for it but for main purposes I’m going to be
looking for the 79 wide rim variety so the first step is to get these coins
separated by here and then in the 79 s look at the rim let’s go out and get
that done now as expected the majority of the coins
were 1979 considering there were three and sixty million it did and 288 million
of the 79 Denver minted and another 110 million of the city 9s minted and for
the 80s there really was only collectively a less than a hundred
million minted so we only got a few of those and in 99 they mended about 30
million as well so we’ve got one of those so now what I’m gonna do is
separate the 79s into philadelphia and denver and see if i havent yes as well
and we’ll go from there alright guys we’ve got them sorted by
dpns obviously the most minted for that year was out of the Denver Mint so we
have most got a nice stack of Philadelphia
mints to go through for the wide rim variety and three of the San Francisco
minted coins that we’ll look through for the S as well since we only had three to
look at now let me go ahead and get these looked at to see if anything has
would I consider a wide rim alright guys out of those Philadelphia minted coins I
believe I have one wide rim to show you so I’m going to take you over to the
microscope screen and you let me know what you think on the screen here we
have what clearly appears to be a narrow rim and a far date you can see the
distance between the rim and the one nine seven nine pretty clear that’s
pretty far away it matches the picture pretty well not a
great looking coin but ironically the best looking coin we had might be a
narrow rim look at how close the date is to the rim
it’s practically touching and if you look at the picture that’s what it looks
like so one more time here’s what I believe is the wide rim or
the near date compared to the other coin which appears to be pretty far from it pretty certain that that is what we
would consider the wide rim near date and the good news is this coin is in the
best condition of all of them so we’re gonna pull it out it’s probably close to
a you 50 probably not maybe extra fine but to any extent it’s definitely nice
nice one let me just double check that mint because that’s a small mint small
mint mark on it make sure it’s a pea it is so I think we might have found
ourselves a wide rim near date coin pretty cool hope you enjoyed the home
with me guys if you did please give the video a thumbs up and as always thanks
for watching

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