How YouTubers Make Money

in this video I’m going to share with you how you tubers make money even new youtubers not like the ones of millions and millions of subscribers but even new youtubers with small amount of subscribers even if you’re just starting to become a youtuber you can actually start to make money right away so I’m gonna share with you that in this video [Music] my name is Rachael Leslie and this channel is all about making money online having an online business working from home using social media as a career so the first way that youtubers make money online or make money with YouTube and a lot of people already know this and they think that it’s the only way that you can make money on YouTube is ads that play on your video Google Adsense ads that play before your video overlay ads I have some ads on my videos and yes I make some money from the videos but it’s not always the most lucrative way to make money from YouTube some channels make more money per viewers than others just depending on their niche so entertainment channels don’t make as much money as channels that talk about finance or business just the way that the advertisers are willing to pay more if they’re selling a business training or financial product versus fashion products or makeup product also you can’t make money from Google / YouTube ads or Club Google ads because Google owns YouTube but you can’t make money from ads until you have a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours watch time per year if I’m wrong on that metric or exchange I’m sorry but a brand new channel can’t make money from YouTube ads but after you do qualify maybe you want to turn on monetization you can have ads play both in the beginning of your videos throughout the videos some people have ads play every five minutes the next way that youtubers make money online is through brand deals or sponsorships it’s sometimes called or even speaking opportunities because they built this brand for themselves so they’ll get paid to promote something or talk about something okay emails from companies all the time hey do you want to do a rant a deal sponsorship thing but I don’t do it myself I don’t think I’ve ever done one I’m just not super into it I instead so my third tip is affiliate marketing that way I’m getting paid for if I actually make a sale if something is actually but so some people they prefer to do brand deals whether they just want to promote something whether it’s sold or not and then some people prefer to do affiliate marketing some do a mix I’ve just always done affiliate marketing I’ll talk about software or a course and then make a youtube video about it and then put my affiliate link in the description the fourth way to make money on youtube is still your own stuff sells so biggie kind of sells something so sell your own products maybe a physical product maybe it’s digital products maybe it’s courses maybe it’s consulting coaching services whatever your business is promote it on YouTube that’s how I got started on YouTube I was making videos giving social media tips people in the community saw that I knew what I was talking about and then I got more plants that way then I deleted all those videos and started making videos about affiliate marketing and here we are now and then special bonus way to make money on YouTube is use YouTube to get your viewers on other platforms so my YouTube viewers get on my email list because I’ll share my lead magnet some freebie in the description below in exchange for their email address or I’ll send them over into my Facebook group or to my Instagram or my other platforms and then when I’m selling or promoting something on the other platforms Mixel some youtubers go all-in on youtube and they’re just making their money on youtube but I do thank you least one I’m also great your email us it’s okay if you don’t have a lead magnet yet or an autoresponder and all the text set up for email lists yeah it you can get that over time but eventually I think you want to not put all your eggs in one basket well though if you do spread yourself among too many platforms and you’re on Instagram and you’re doing Facebook groups and your Facebook page in your doing Twitter and you’re doing LinkedIn and you’re doing your email marketing and you’re doing your your Facebook ads and all that stuff then it is harder to be consistent with YouTube I know from experience that’s why for my platforms I just try to stick with YouTube Facebook and Facebook group email marketing and also Facebook chat BOTS some Facebook retargeting ads too I haven’t got super into Instagram or also do extorted and all of that stuff on YouTube though you can there’s some youtube stories and you can do social media posts on YouTube also so I’m sure there’s other ways but making money on YouTube you can let me know in the comments below or if you’re doing any of these things or any of these things interest you let me know too if your channel is started and you even started your own we started posting videos I’ll link some other similar videos in the description on how you get started on YouTube some youtube SEO tips and strategies so be sure to check that out in the description below and if you are interested in my exact process on how I take my YouTube videos and then distribute them over to Facebook over to email and over to my chat but I teach all of that in my program called online traffic ecosystem to ecosystem because it all feeds into each other every time I make a new youtube video I send it out to my platforms but then my platforms send traffic back to my youtube channel which shoots up my views YouTube shows my video higher in its algorithm it shows it more in the suggested it show in the recommended section it shows up more in the search and then I’m getting more new people coming to my age and going into my email list and then the system just keeps feeding in to each other and I’m just getting free leads more sales every single day so more information on why my traffic ecosystem is in the description below make sure your subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you on the next video [Applause] [Music]

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  2. Hi there how do you get the text at the bottom of your videos? Do you cover this in your training, transcribe I think?

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