hello my name is Amanda B Johnson thank you for joining me if you’re watching this video you’ve likely either received a paper wallet or you’re interested in just learning how to get started with a digital currency like – whatever the reason today I’m going to walk you through the steps needed to first download your own wallet second learn how to send and receive funds from it and third how to back it up a wallet can live on either your phone or your computer and today we’re going to use a phone first with your phone in hand navigate to your app store either the iOS or Google Play stores will work search for the Jax blockchain wallet and install it while it’s installing allow me to tell you a little bit about what this wallet is for it serves two functions one to store your private key which looks something like this but can also be represented as something like this more on that later and its second function is to display your public address which looks something like this during installation tell the Jax wallet you would like an Express setup and select dash from the list of available coins once the wallets open make sure the tab on top says DSH that’s four dash and hey there’s your public address and the QR code that corresponds to it step 2 learning how to send and receive funds from this wallet there are three primary ways that you can receive funds to this wallet a by having someone to scan your QR code B by scanning a paper wallet yourself and C by giving out your public address and telling others to send the funds there allow me to demonstrate each to receive funds in person simply allow the sender to scan your wallets QR code with her phone she’ll then select how much you’d like to send to you either in dash or converted into the local currency exchange rate and voila your phone will receive the broadcast within seconds now I’ll demonstrate option B how to sweep funds from a paper wallet tap the button in the upper right-hand portion of the screen to see a drop down menu from there select tools then select transfer paper wallet and finally select transfer – paper wallet click the tiny image of a camera to engage your phone’s ability to scan a QR code hover the camera above the paper while its private key QR code and presto the funds will be swept into your wallet now see how to receive funds by your public address you’d use this option most often when buying digital currency online for example from an exchange or a broker simply copy the long public address from your wallet and paste it into the send to or withdraw – box on the web service that you’re using to buy your digital currency when the service sends the funds to that address they’ll show up in your wallet and lastly step 3 backup the wallet what you’ll be backing up is your private key that I had mentioned earlier reason being if you lose or break your phone you can still retrieve your funds by installing a new wallet on a new device and importing your backup tap the icon in the upper right hand corner again and once again select tools then select backup wallet and finally view backup phrase remember how I said your private key could also be represented as words your wallet will now display your very own unique string of words that represent your funds and your funds alone write these down on a piece of paper and store them in a safe private place because anyone who has access to these words has access to your funds and that’s it you now know how to open a wallet how to send and receive funds and how to backup your wallet in case of loss or destruction of your phone and feel free to peruse this channel for more educational resources I’m a man to be Johnson thank you for watching you


  1. dash is great, apart from btc and eth, its got real users, real businesses and a real use case (any country with collapsing fiat currency…)

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