How to take payments via PayPal | Set up a PayPal checkout form and start receiving payments

Receiving payments with paypal is really
easy with WPPay Form let’s set up PayPal checkout feature in
your form here is a simple form made with WPPay Form let’s add a payment method field here to do this just drag and drop the PayPal payment gateway field from the right sidebar click the Chevron down icon of the PayPal payment gateway field to edit add field label according to your need toggle require shopping info on or off update the settings then let’s have a quick preview here is our payment form but it is not PayPal enabled let’s configure PayPal in WPPay Form and start receiving payments go back to the
form builder page then the plugins global settings from the left sidebar followed by their PayPal settings choose one of the PayPal ayment mode for demonstration purpose let’s proceed with sandbox mode put your paypal email address that you used to sign up for your PayPal account enable or disable PayPal IPV verification you can upload a PayPal checkout logo here it’s not mandatory but significantly improves user experience configure the confirmation pages after a payment is made you’ll have to configure separate
success message page and failed message page save PayPal settings and let’s reload the preview page the warning message is gone but there is something still missing that is the default submit button we need to tweak it a bit let’s go back to form editor and customize the button text and
appearance you’ll find a tutorial on how to customize submit buttons where WPPay form in the description below this video ok here we go that’s our form and it’s ready to take payments with Pay Pal see it’s really easy so what are you waiting for download WPPay Form now and skyrocket your conversion rate for more plug-in updates and awesome tutorials subscribe to our You Tube channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon

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