How to Store your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrency Safely | Vlog #4

today you’re gonna find out how to store
your bitcoins or any other
and we’re starting right now
fun fact bitcoins aren’t actually coins
they’re bundles of information and a
Bitcoin wallet is just simply a place to
store your private keys so that you can
access them to send or receive your
funds so they come in different forms
designed for different types of devices
you can also get a paper storage to
avoid having them on a computer at all
you know because some people are afraid
of hackers which you know sometimes your
accounts can get hacked so I will
recommend in this video I will recommend
some wallets that I use and some wallets
that are just safe like you you can
create a paper wallet it’s very easy to
do I can show you in a video it’ll take
me like five minutes to show that to you
if you’re interested in that let me know
in the comments and I’ll do a video
about how to set up your paper wallet
but for now I’m just gonna show you a
bunch of options that you have for
storing your Bitcoin alright so first
you have your desktop your desktop
wallets and basically what that is is
you download a software onto your
desktop another way is mobile wallets
you know you you have those apps on the
phone they’re a bunch of them on here
there’s coinbase I’ll link that down
below if you hold your Bitcoin there you
can also purchase Bitcoin there there’s
coinbase blockchain dot info right here
there is there are places like bit bay
and sap oh those are also mobile wallets
and they allow you to have a a card to
go with them
and this one also like a SAPO card and
that allows you to spend your Bitcoin at
feasts on merchants places so those are
some good options out of those I don’t
really recommend bitpay
I’ve done a video about this earlier I
just got my bit Bay last week the card
isn’t working yet I’ve been using SAPO
for that but mostly I use for the mobile
wallets the online wallets I use
blockchain and coinbase and SAPO for
that so those are your online wallets
you also have the hardware wallets I
will link those below as well it’s just
a little bit more secure so you have
your treasure hardware wallets and your
ledger or nano ledger wallet it’s it’s a
it’s like a pendrive USB
that’s what it looks like I’ll put a
picture up here somewhere but it looks
like a pendrive and you can just plug it
into the computer it’s all very
plug-and-play it’s very simple to do but
it keeps your your private Keys more
secure plus in the event of a heart Fork
when you have your own private keys then
most of them will split like the like
how it happened with Bitcoin cash you
know you get an equivalent amount of
Bitcoin cash for the amount of Bitcoin
that you held in your your wallets your
your hardware wallets or your paper
wallets which brings me to the next
point is paper wallets again I can do a
video on that soon if you if you guys
like comment below if you do then I’ll
make a video about how to set that up it
literally takes about five or ten
minutes if you’re on the slower side one
thing you really gotta understand with
these wallets like a paper wallet you
know it has two QR codes one for
sweeping and one for receiving Bitcoin
one thing that is really important when
you’re looking at a place to store your
Bitcoin is this if you have your paper
wallets make sure you keep it in a safe
place and make sure you have a copy of
it because if you lose it it’s gone
those paper wallets you can also set
with a password but if you lose that
then it’s gone and if you have a bunch
of Bitcoin on there and the prize does
end up rising to the moon you know to a
million per coin or a hundred thousand
per coin then it’s really a shame if
you’d lose that because of you know bad
printer that you know you know you can’t
scan the QR code anymore you can find
the the private key or you just lost the
paper or whatever just make sure you
keep it in a safe place and then you can
pretty much look at paper wallets or
hardware wallets as a legitimate wallet
to hold your cash in and then Bitcoin
becomes literally digital cash if you
lose it you lose it there’s no way to
get it back but if you keep it you know
as a normal person keeps thar wallet
then you’re fine you’re good to go so
I’ll link everything like that down
below thank you for watching and I will
see you on the next video

6 thoughts on “How to Store your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrency Safely | Vlog #4

  1. great job! do you know how to make a cold wallet on a dedicated offline cell phone that also has sd card to have bitcoin address generator on. Wondering how to get the bitcoin address generator on the sd card securely and safely. Thanks!

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