How To Send And Receive Crypto? #ASKDACXI

Hi I’m Soph, and I’m Ange, and we work at the Dacxi Customer Experience team. Recently we’ve had a lot of enquiries about
how to send and receive crypto currency for transactions, so today we’re going to show
you how to do that! So today we’re going to be transferring Litecoin,
but the same basic principles apply to any different cryptocurrency. So Angela just bought me a coffee, and I’m
going to pay her back using Litecoin. I like litecoin because it’s designed for
small, fast transactions just like this one. So I’m using the exodus wallet, which is a
desktop wallet, so because Sophie wants to pay me in Litecoin, I just click on to Litecoin
here, and I can press ‘receive’, and that brings up my public wallet address. So I’m using Jaxx which is a really popular
online wallet. So I click into my Jaxx, select Litecoin,
and then I press ‘send’. Using my camera I’ll scan Ange’s QR code,
enter the amount of two dollars fifty, and send. Perfect! So that should come through really quickly. What I really like about Exodus is that when the funds transfer it makes this really cool noise: ZING!

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