How to sell Rare Old Indian Coins & Notes? | How to fix the price of rare old coin?

How to sell Rare Old Indian Coins and Notes Good Morning. In this video I will explain the ways and means to sell rare old indian coins. Before Continuing Please subscribe our video. If you have already subscribed, please share the video to your friends via facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. There are many factors that influence the sales of old coins. We will see them one by one. First step is the collection of old coins. A collector should always be vigil and look for rare, special and old coins. Once he came across any such coins he should separate it from other ordinary coins. Second step is to collect the information about the coin you have collected. Because these information is very useful in the preservation and sales of these coins. Third step is about the cleaning of the coin. It is better not to clean the coin. If you still wish to clean, then do it carefully, without damaging the coin details and its antique value. Check the details of the coin you wish to sell in various websites. By this you can come to a conclusion about the present value of the coin you wish to sell. You can find these details about price of the coins in websites like,,, and many more websites. Once you know the current price of the coin you wish to sell, you can go to any of the above websites or any such websites and register with them. Upload one or more photos of your coin. While displaying the price, you should mention the coin value along with the packing and shipping value. After this comes the waiting period. You have to wait for the Buyer to call you. This wait period may vary based on the price and rarity of the coin you wish to sell. Pricing is utmost important. You can understand this with a simple example. If you find that your coin is priced between Rs.100 and Rs.10000, then it is clear that the actual value of the coin is only Rs.100, So your price may range from Rs.100 to Rs.200. If you price it more than this then your wait period will be long. You should not fix the price more than twice the lower amount. Persons quoting enormous amount like Rs.10,000 or Rs.1 Lakh for a coin of value Rs.100 or Rs.200 are originally fake persons. are originally fake persons. So dont try to follow them. Follow these steps and sell your rare coins quickly and make genuine profit. Once again I remind you to subscribe our channel. thank you we do not buy or sell old rupees or

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