How To Scrap Metal For Money #141 My Story – Let People Know What You Do!!!

Here’s the long convoluted story you try
to be friends with people you try make contacts with people and this is how I
ended up doing so well with this stuff lately I’m friends with my local
councilman they had some small jobs moving some metal things out that the
city services wouldn’t do so in so doing I go drive around other parts of
LA not too far from where I live pick it up and I discover a place I could have
found if I’m searching on the internet that takes metal and they’re paying more
per ton and they’re open on Saturdays and Sundays and they’re open late in the
evening all of a sudden this opened up you know more of what I do and made it
more convenient and I ended up getting more loads more stuff on top of all the
other stuff I’m doing so by expanding yourself and telling people what you do
and not afraid to say yes to to other opportunities I no longer do that work
for those guys it’s a little too big of a job for me to do but in so doing I
discovered another venue to increase my opportunities in this metal hustling so
again don’t be shy to tell people what you do don’t be afraid to say yes even
though it’s not the most you know opportune thing I think too many times
we wait for the perfect opportunity to strike sometimes you just need to act
you just need to go and that’s when all the discoveries came I can’t complain
get out there and go hustle be safe kids you want something go get it talk to you
soon thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks for watching!!! Appreciate you!!!! Here’s the link to the rest of the videos in my metal scrapping playlist:

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