How to save money on your wedding!

I have a confession to make: I have been obsessed
with weddings for as long as I can remember. Seriously, I had a stack of bridal magazines
by the time I was 7. So by the time I got that sparkly ring on
my finger, I was a prime target for the $56 billion a year Wedding Industrial Complex. Which, surprise surprise, wasn’t exactly
looking out for our (or our parents’) financial health. According to The Knot’s yearly survey, the
average cost of a 2017 wedding in America was a whopping $33,000–not including the
honeymoon!! That’s a downpayment on a house y’all! You don’t have to be a wedding junkie like
me to feel the pressure to overspend, and even pennypinchers can quickly find their
wedding costs spiraling out of control. So how can you avoid your nuptials turning
into a matri-money pit? Like most good planning, setting goals and
boundaries early is the key to success. Last year, only 10% of couples paid for their
entire wedding on their own. That means that for most people, families
help foot the bill. Now, family and money can be as volatile a
combo as matches and gasoline, so make sure you set some boundaries early on. Have frank and loving discussions with anyone
who might help about how much they’ll contribute and what kind of say in the planning that
entitles them to. Before you take that check from Uncle Ted,
you should know whether he thinks he’ll get to pick the menu. How much money you’ll be able to put in
depends on you financial situation, but make yourself one ironclad promise: NO DEBT. After years of working with young couples,
I can’t tell you how many start off their lives together with wedding debt shackled
around their ankles. Incredibly, 74% of couples say they plan to
go into debt to pay for wedding costs. Guys… I just… I can’t even. Don’t get me wrong, weddings are important,
but unlike a house or an education, they’re not investments, so they’re not something
you should go into debt over. The IFDA cites that 22% of marriages end in
divorce specifically due to financial stress. So spending more than you can afford on your
wedding may be actually working against the very thing your wedding is supposed to represent! That’s way more ironic than rain on your
wedding day. Don’t ya think? Once you know how much money you have to work
with, it’s time to start budgeting! Okay! Let’s see… There’s the cake, the dress, the invites,
the save-the-dates, the food, the venue, the entertainment, the precious hand-made bow
ties for your doggie ring-bearers–the rings! the favors, the photos, the videos, the flowers,
the ribbons, the chairs, the minister, the, the…. [she gets faint, Philip helps her
from tipping over] Sorry, just got a little overwhelmed there. There’s virtually no end the the list of
things you could spend money on, so do yourself a favor and decide what THREE THINGS are most
important to you, and focus on them. For us, it was the food, the photos, and the
music. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t scrimp
on those things, but that meant everything else was up for debate. For instance, you can go digital with your
invites. Of course it would be lovely to have hand-lettered
save-the-dates on 100 lb. ecru shimmer wrap, but why be precious about something that’s
gonna end up in the garbage? We also ditched the favors. I’ve seen too many receptions where everyone
just left their heart-shaped cork coasters on the tables. And my personal favorite hack: we had a beautiful
two-tier handmade cake that served about 30, and Costco cakes for the other 100. I didn’t hear any complaints! Hey, if you can afford to go all out on these
items, that’s great, but on our budget, it wasn’t worth compromising the things
we really cared about. You can also take respectful advantage of
your friends’ skills and resources. Maybe you have a sibling who’s a baker,
an aunt who takes great photos, or a cousin who’s a DJ. (Actually, I’m pretty sure everyone has
a cousin who’s a DJ.) Asking for help in lieu of gifts is a great
way to cut costs and honor the talents of the people close to you. For example, my uncle happens to be a world-class
cellist and he was more than happy to play for us! Of course, remember that relying on favors
does mean you can’t be as demanding or expect professional-grade work if someone is a hobbyist. You may be listening to all this in horror,
thinking, “How can I possibly scrimp on any of these things? This is my special day! I’m trying to create a memorable experience!” Well, you’re not alone. While the average guest count is going down,
the amount spent per guest has increased from $194 in 2009 to $268 in 2017. And spending on custom guest entertainment
more than tripled! Most couples really want to give their guests
a truly memorable experience. But here’s the thing that most wedding planners
don’t want you to know: People have poor memories. Practically everything about your special
day will be forgotten sooner than you imagine. Uncle Ted won’t remember exactly what he
had for dinner–he’ll just remember whether it was served on time. Your high school friends won’t remember
what kind of napkins the drinks came with–just whether they had to pay for those drinks. Think about all the weddings you’ve been
to and what details stuck with you. Having your first glass of champagne? A teary-eyed speech by the best man? Seeing Grandma and Grandpa dance to their
favorite song? The moments we remember the most often have
nothing to do with how much they cost. And that’s our two cents! I won’t lie, when we got married at the
ripe old age of 20, my wedding had already been 15 years in the making. As long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed
with weddings. I had stacks of bridal magazines by the time
I was 7. So by the time I got that sparkly ring on
my finger I was a prime target for the 56 Billion dollar wedding industry. Which surprise surprise, wasn’t exactly
looking out for mine or my parents financial health. And get this, according to The Knot’s yearly
survey, the average cost of a 2017 wedding in America was a whopping $33,391 not including
the honeymoon!! (That’s a downpayment on a house y’all!) Thankfully, there tons of amazing cost-cutting
ideas that Google can provide you but today we’ll share the 5 pieces of financial advice
to get the wedding you want without regretting it later. (but I promise I’ll tack on a few of my
personal favorites at the end). Focus on three things. – There is NO end to the list of things you
could buy for your wedding. The cake, the dress, the invites, the save-the-dates,
the food, the flowers, the entertainment, the venue, the precious hand-made bow ties
for your doggie ring-bearers…I could go on and on. Do yourself a favor and pinpoint the top three
most important items. For example, the food and the photos were
the most important to us. Food is the #1 thing guests seem to care about
and the photos last forever! So we decided not to scrimp there and pretty
much everything else was up for a cut. Clearly communicate financial expectations. – In 2017, only 10% of couples paid for weddings
entirely by themselves. Meaning, that for the other 90% of couples,
there is family involved. Money and family often go together like gas
and matches. Especially when it comes to wedding time and
people tend to have very strong opinions. It’s super important to have a frank and
loving conversation with any parents or family who might be contributing to the expenses. Set your boundaries firmly as SOON as you
can budget-wise AND decision-making wise. This can save you untold amounts of stress
and money to boot. Swear off debt. – After years of working with young couples,
I can’t tell you how many come to me with the shackles of wedding debt attached to their
ankles. As a matter of fact 74% of couples say they
PLAN to go into debt to pay for wedding costs. But the IFDA cites that 22% of marriages end
in divorce specifically due to money fights and stress. Please Don’t do this to yourself or anyone
else involved in your weddings finances. Agree up front that everyone financially involved
will stick to paying for what they can afford. Take respectful advantage of your friends
talents & resources! – Believe it or not, your friends and family
are probably chock-full of talents. Be it baking, photography, crafting or heck,
anyone can stuff an envelope! Asking for their help in lieu of gifts is
an amazing way to both cut costs and honor the talents of the people closest to you. For example, Philips uncle happened to be
a world-class cellist and he was more than happy to play for us! Of course, be careful to not over-ask and
don’t expect professional-grade work if someone is a hobbyist. Remember that you probably won’t remember. – Statistics seem to show that while the average
guest count is going down, the amount spent per guest has increased from $194 in 2009
to $268 in 2017 and spending on custom guest entertainment more than tripled! People care deeply about providing their guests
a memorable experience. But unfortunately, practically everything
about your special day is probably going to be forgotten sooner than you imagine. Neither you nor your guests will remember
exactly what was on the menu, only that they got fed in a timely manner and didn’t have
to pay for the booze. And I’ve personally been to some really
high-budget weddings and potluck weddings that were equally as wonderful to be at. Remember, your wedding day isn’t the finish-line. It’s the starting gate! Go ahead! Plan an amazing party, but make sure the amount
of time and money you spend on the wedding itself is balanced by investing in your future
as a couple. And that’s our two-cents!

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  1. Me and my fiancé marry in June
    We’re having it at my parents estate
    We picked the music instead of hiring a Dj and paid out a cousin to have his dj equipment for the sound range
    We ditched center pieces and went natural using in season greenery around Florida
    No alcohol
    Only thing we invested in was tables and chairs and the cutlery
    The food and catering from a family friend
    A tent in case it rained
    And the photographer

    We sent the total budget at 5K for everything attire and all
    We have 1500 left for the honeymoon from a 300 plus wedding

  2. Guys when looking for a venue, call your city and see if there is a facility you can rent. They tend to be much cheaper than any private venue. Here in Orange County, CA, most city venues are under $800 and they let you bring your own food and music. No need to go with the expensive cater and dj that the venue has a contract with.

  3. I love my wife. Watching this video reminded me of our amazing wedding. It only cost like $3k and we're still very happily married 2 years later. Don't waste money on a wedding half of your guests considered skipping. Amazing food, quick speeches, great music, and not getting rained on. That's what everyone really cares about. The rest of the details are incredibly unimportant.

  4. You guys always trying to save money. Why don't you start a business to don't get worried about that.

  5. @0:37 $33,000.00 dollars😲😳🤣!?!?!? That's an expensive (one day party) And a divorce only costs $99.00 and can be done in a fraction of the time preparing for a marriage!!
    Divorce is no safe bet seeing as the family courts are in the woman's favor!! There is one divorce every 36 seconds in the United States. There are nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week and 876,000 divorces a year!! And over 80% of those divorces are initiated by women!!!!

  6. The acting is so bad here, LOL! 😂

    I’m glad you didn’t talk about the fake wedding tax. If anyone’s interested, Jamie Wolfer dismantles it in an easy to understand video on her channel.

  7. My Husband and I have signed the paper for two years and we are just not rushing ourselves into any wedding reception.Because we decided to pay for our first home downpayment and renovation with the money we saved up. Wedding can wait. Hahahaha

  8. We cashflowed our wedding and honeymoon. It was everyone we wanted, we have no regrets! 😍 starting our marriage debt free has been amazing, we've been able to hit the ground running on saving up for a 20% down on our house.

  9. The only 4 things I remember from my cousin's wedding was the homemade jam that was a play on his last name as it a brand. The main party of his speech that was talking about his dead parents as well as his wife did the same. And the memorial/shrine to my uncle right next to my grandma, aunt and mother who upon see it started crying. And last the best man trying to hijack the wedding but the county got in the way.

  10. My husband and I had a $4000 wedding budget for our Harry Potter themed wedding. We were optimistic and thought it was plenty considering we weren't buying alcohol and making a lot of things ourselves. But it was more around $7000-$8000 after we realized the wedding tax was added to everythiing. Wish I had watched this video way before my wedding.

  11. The more you spend the less likely you are to stay married or so they say. We spent like 500.00 on ours and are working on 18 years.

  12. Entertainment hack: Hire a photo booth to entertain your guests and the pictures double as your favors 😎 I paid $300 for my photo booth and my guests loved it!

  13. I got my dessert table snacks from a direct supplier. 97 mini cheesecakes for only $70. I have one tier on the top and everything else are mini cheesecakes. I topped them with either a tiny piece of chocolate or a raspberry. A tower of cakes and it cost less than $200.

    And two giant macaroon tower for $150.

  14. A few things my mom always told me about her wedding is that she regrets not spending more on photography, she paid way too much for a dress she only wore for that day, and she doesn’t regret spending a lot on real flowers. I know real flowers aren’t for everyone and they are super expensive to get the real deal, but for her, she said the only other time she’d be surrounded by real flowers was at her funeral.
    I think it’s all about what’s really worth it for you. Like they said, keeping in mind what you can afford and what you know you don’t want to sacrifice.

  15. 74% said they will go for debit in my country its a must! So 100% they said n will go for debt to finance wedding n honey moon

  16. but memories about our debt, we can't easy forget about that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we aways remember lol

  17. For anyone reading the comments. A house is not an investment it’s a liability unless you plan to rent it out or flip it.

  18. The stampedes for free samples at Costco tells me those Costco cakes will be gone before you know it. Distract wedding guests with good music/conversation/gossip and they will eat anything and everything. I've crashed enough weddings to know this is true…

  19. My top wedding priorities… that I looked great, my Man showed up, and we had great pictures to prove it! Luckily my Aunts dress was a perfect look and fit for me, so that just happened to be free anyway, and getting my hubby there was easy lol. The photographer we did spend about half our total budget on but I have NO regrets – she was perfect! Everything else was as cheap as possible. $7000 covered all costs for the day AND our honeymoon cruise+Disneyland. It was perfect!

  20. How to save money on your wedding? Just don't get married! In 2019 getting married is nothing more than a waste of money. You don't need a fancy ring to have a loving relationship with someone you love.

  21. I spent thousand of dollars in my past grand wedding that lasted three days…and after 15 years.l spent another nearly 7 thousands for my annulment and waited for 4 years and until now it's not over yet. Soooo ladies and gentlemen…if you're future wedding will cost a fortune..just don't waste your money. Save it for a later use. Unless if BOTH parents are willing to spend money..that's another case. 😁😅 You'll be broke like me.

  22. We totally did the cake trick AND we got our cakes from the grocery store. Two big sheet cakes in the back….no one knew. 🙂 20 years ago. We also got the flowers from the same grocery store floral section. 👍. And our neighbors who were musicians gifted us the live music from their band for the dancing. It was great – like being at a summer festival!

  23. Pros and cons of marriage? Regarding to tax laws and how it could benefit a couple of they got married and even other laws that have nothing to do with taxes.

  24. My 2cents is go with your gut. photos only mean so much, food only goes so far, make it a day ! you can afford and 2 a day that you and your beloved will look back on with smiles instead of frowns, delight instead of dread. And I'll be honest, we spent less than $5000 on our wedding which we hosted in our own home. We kept guest numbers as low as we felt comfortable for the space, had a buffet for the food got vego/vegan stuff catered for all guests and my dad cooked the meat and brought it over. We didn't pay for photos but have so many beautiful shots from a veriety of views (front row, back row left side right side) and my mum got one of my cousins to take a video of our day. Flowers were bought last minute and what my mother in law thought smelt/looked nicest in store on the day of. I and my bridesmaids all carried a single rose. my whole outfit dress shoes makeup hair ext cost less than $200. I made our invites on word and printed them at Office works. in total I think that cost us less than $20 not including postage

  25. I never subscribe to any videos………………………………………..and I'm still not but I gotta say, you guys are really close to having me subscribe. If you respond personally to this comment then I will subscribe. By the way, the wedding industry is a scam. Check out Adam's ruin everything. He did a skit on it. Just invite close family and friends to wedding. Not everyone and there mama. No more than 50 people. To me 30 would be better. Entertainment? What? Just play some homemade slides and make jokes. They also have wedding games you can play. Food does gotta be good but good don't have to be expensive. Cake……………..I personally don't care but I'll do it for my wife. A wedding shouldn't cost more than $5000 at best.

  26. My top 3 most-important things are kinda unorthodox and I'm only slightly concerned about how my guests will feel about it: 1) All vegan food and drinks. Easy enough, don't care about how people feel about it. 2) Absolutely NO mention of how God or religion are a part of marriage – As an atheist who believes organized religion damages society and people's mental health, I will actually be pissed if the person marrying us starts bringing God into it. And not getting married in a church. Boyfriend's parents are actually religious, so I'm concerned about this one. 3) I want my first dance to be an intense and theatrical dance to "Feel Invincible" by Skillet, with a large screen behind us playing an animated video that my boyfriend and I will work on together of us in our wedding clothes (although slightly torn and dirty) fighting a giant robot together (we're both animators).

  27. I know the venue is going to be me, my husband, my husbands family and 10 of my closest friends because I don't want people I am not close to there nor do I care about impressing people with fancy napkins, I rather have a payment on a house than to splurge on a wedding.

  28. That’s why it’s better to be rich so you don’t have to listen to any fools telling you how to spend on your weeding .

  29. Wait a min… Who cut that wedding cake no way you could only get 30 from a two tier unless you saved the top tier for your anniversary which i totally don't recommend

  30. It’s supposed to be that the wife’s parents pay for the wedding. This is a tradition left over from the days when daughters were the father’s responsibility until she could be married off, at which point she was her husband’s responsibility.

  31. Former wedding coordinator here! The only thing I would suggest splurging on is a photographer BUT for ONLY a couple hours, definitely not for the whole wedding just for the important photos. Then get a friend with a good camera to take the rest for cheap/free. And please dear god don’t feel like you need spend thousands on a fucking dress you’ll wear for mere hours of your life, get creative you can definitely find a great wedding dress for cheaper by going used, just getting a formal dress from a department store that happens to be white or get any color for that matter, get one from a thrift store and add some diy touches, borrow a friends dress if they’re your size, idk there are too many options.

  32. My husband and I are 21 and 22. We had around 150 guests, and paid around $3500 for our wedding. We had A LOT of help along the way from family, friends and our church.
    Even so, it is much easier to do it on the cheap than I initially believed.

    Two cents lady is right about the cake -we had one small fancy cake for photos, and we got cupcakes for the rest. About $180 total for cake, bam. Also, when you order cake, DO NOT tell your bakery that it is for a wedding! Instant markup of 100-200% for this. It takes creativity, but helps if you order something off of their menu and adjust colors as needed.
    Photography is often one of the biggest expenses at weddings. We were able to do ours for about $600 and we received an abundance of professional grade photos. We did this by hiring a then-housemate of my husband who was a graduate photography student (who had done many weddings, and photography for athletics at the University they attended together). Super nice guy, and we were very pleased with our photos!
    For flowers – order wholesale from a site like FiftyFlowers. I did this, and made all bouquets myself (which turned out beautifully) for around $250. The lowest starting price I could find for any local florist was $1000. It takes searching and creativity, but it is so worth it to be relaxed with your wedding (and accept that not everything will be perfect). Let your focus be on building a beautiful marriage with your spouse! God bless

  33. Against our friends wishes, we didn't serve an an all open bar, n didn't have a huge meat variety… Nobody frowned and we could afford a decent one week honeymoon to Thailand 🙂

  34. I'd say invite less people. If I was ever going to get married I would set a limit at 60. Only invite the people you really want there and leave the 2nd cousin or the best friend of your mom out of it if they don't have special place in your heart. Never ask a friend who "has a pretty good camera" to do the photos but get a cheaper cake or cupcakes. Especially if your doing the cake at midnight, nobody is really gonna remeber that part.

  35. i spent 25 dollars on the certificate my mom bought me a 30 dollar dress and my husband bought a nice dress shirt. After the "ceremony" we took a nap then went to see black panther lol it was a good day and i'd do it over just like that again. no need to spend money on stupid meaningless things. you got the rest of your life for that lol

  36. A church (or if you're not religious, court house) wedding cuts a lot of ceremony costs and hassle over hiring chairs, and aisle rug and P.A. and all the rest of the trappings for an outdoor wedding.

  37. Weddings are an investment. The guests will give more money if you throw a nice wedding. I profited a lot on the wedding luckily

  38. I recently got married for less than 2 thousand dollars. My Husband and I paid for everything on our own.

    $800 for the wedding ring, 10k two tone gold band
    $30 for my ring, stainless steel band
    $250 for the venue, city park
    $400 for the food, pizza
    $200 for the decorations, party store decorations
    $80 for our clothes. We mostly wore clothes we already owned but bought ties and shirts in our wedding colors
    $100 for the wedding license and other fees
    $75 for a friend to get ordained and marry us.

    Everyone says it was a beautiful ceremony and no one knew how much money we saved they just remember the love at their first gay wedding.

  39. My cousin was fabulous with my flowers. We used silk flowers and she turned them into a wreath for us later. We also got cheesecake from the cheesecake factory for cutting and Walmart cheesecakes for the rest. We did a potato, smore, and hot chocolate bar and had the reception in our church building. All of this plus the fact that I was able to find a beautiful wedding dress for only 800 made my wedding day so much less stressful than it could have been

  40. Now you should make a video on how expensive divorces is for men. Lose 50% of your assets, pay child support, alimony, attorney fees, the list goes on! Here’s a tip how to save money, never get married, never get divorced.

    Remember gentlemen, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? MGTOW

  41. weddings are a waste of money. I mean is this an event for you or your guest? It should be the couple's special day yet they have to spend all this money on guest being comfortable and the status quo. Your best bet is to have a simple wedding. No more than 50 people. Just close family and friends. That's it Your true friends and close family just want you to be happy. If they are busy complaining then they aren't your real friends anyway. Don't get me wrong, i want I nice wedding but the most important thing is the marriage. Not the party. A simple small wedding with a small simple reception is all you need.

  42. My sister and brother in-law spent around 30000$ on their wedding of course my parents paid for it, and brother in-law depleted most of his saving. It was a lot especially since it happened in India and that's exactly what I told my sister, this could have been your new apartment. But she all she wanted was a a fancy wedding. 😒

  43. Weddings suck! It's a scam! I spent $44 when I got married. We went to the courthouse 14 1/2 years ago and glad we did. We were young at 21 and 23. I didn't ask because I didn't feel I needed anyone's permission accept my wife's to marry her, so I didn't. Weddings are not important! Marriages are important. We didn't buy rings, we bought a car and a house instead. Six years later we sold the car and still have the house, and 4 more! I don't for a second regret not having a wedding or worrying about if it appeased everyone who say they wanted to be there. We have a great relationship with my parents and her dad. We still often see he mom, but there a tons of guys that don't see eye to eye with their mother-in-law.

    My wife should be able to retire in 4 years and we should never have to work again.

  44. Once again, thanks for confirming that I don't want to get married or have kinds. I am already making very good financial decisions!!! 😄

  45. She summed it up at 4:34. You're spending money on an experience. When you turn 70 and need money for meds, food, etc, you won't care if you had butter cream icing in your cake

  46. 1. Hook up phone to speakers for music.
    2. Have your family take pics.
    3. Get married in the church you already attend.
    4. Grocery Store Cake.
    5. Shop around for caterers and get quotes.
    6. Remember as soon as you say the word wedding the price just went up

  47. We did a small wedding with immediate family and close friends at a beautiful winery in Napa. We splurged a little on photography which was so worth it. Best of all we didn’t have to go in debt.

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