How to Recover Deleted Data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional? Official Video

Hello everyone today, I will show you the best way to recover permanently deleted data from your Windows computer
You might have accidentally deleted your photos videos
audio partitions documents and emails from the windows with stellar Phoenix windows data recovery software
You can easily restore your deleted data from any storage device like hard drives SD
cards USB drives CD DVD or any external storage devices
Just launch the software and select what data you want to recover if you wish to restore specific data
Then you have the option to customize your scan
stellar Phoenix lists all connected storage devices including your internal or external drives which includes harddrive
SD card USB Drive
And other external storage devices select the drive you want to recover your deleted data from and turn on the deep scan
The software scans your selected hard drive and brings preview of the recoverable files
You can easily monitor the scan progress with the provided time elapsed and time left information
After the scan completion stellar Phoenix lists up all the recoverable data on the Left panel of the interface here
You can see all the files under file type treeview, or deleted list to analyze your recovered data
You can now get a preview of recovered pictures videos audio and documents
Now select the files you want to restore and click recover option to save the data
At this moment provide a destination to save your data. You can select another drive or an external storage device
This is how easily you restore your deleted or lost data with stellar Phoenix windows data recovery?
Professional go ahead and free download this amazing software and bring your deleted data back to life

15 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional? Official Video

  1. Great tool. I just ran the software and it showed me plenty of deleted videos from my C partition on Windows 7. What a nostalgic moment to view the videos which I deleted and forgot.

  2. The interface of the software is very user-friendly for the non-technical person like me. It helped in recovering lost partitions in my windows 10 laptop.

  3. My system got corrupted,and I have changed the software,now I lost the whole data from c drive ,can it be restored by steller ?

  4. Perfect Software.Thanks for sharing the vide.I have recently used it and recover the deleted photos and videos from my external drive

  5. this is amazing, i accidently whiped basicly the whole computer and bought pretty much everything i wanted back. super cool~

  6. Destination and volume are same. Uh? What does that even mean? It's stopping me from recovering.

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