My withdrawal has arrived from.. Hello everyone!
Welcome back again to my channel. This is Miss Jen.
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To keep you updated on my new uploads. I share some websites and mobile application
Where we can earn even at home. Using our cellphone, laptop, desktop and internet. Many of you have been asking me
To review this website. Today, I’ll try these and let’s see
If this is site is really paying. Let’s start the review.
This website is Mining Up. I’m not sure if you’re already familiar with this.
But I have already seen other Youtubers reviewed this. So, I tried it. I will put the link in the description box.
If you want to try this website. Disclaimer: Everything I will say will
only base on my experience here This is their website. It’s fine.
In Home, we’ll their statistics. They already have 66,059 clients.
They have paid out 15 BTC already. And they have 813 new clients If you know their Telegram,
Just join their channel. You will receive updates there
And members posts their recent payouts there. Mining Up is a cloudmining of cryptocurrency
We can’t mine here for free But watch out for their promotions
They give free gigahashes. You need to buy Gigahashes here to mine
But it’s affordable. It starts with $10. If you want to mine Bitcoin,
You need to buy this for $10 Which is 50 GH/s.
$10=Php 500 This $10 will last up to 365 days.
So, it’s a 1-year contract. You will profit up to 730% If you’ll mine for Ethereum,
Minimum price is $9, for 1 year also. You can also mine Litecoin for minimum $10
They also have Dogecoin for minimum $10 They are all good for 1 year. That’s only their minimum
so you can pay higher for faster mining. But, if you just want to try it,
you may go for the minimum. This is now my account in mining up.
My Bitcoin account is now active and mining. I now have 1,616.52 GH/s
I will show you how to buy hash here.. Go to Buy Hash, tap or click then scroll down.
Here, you will see a profitability calculator. To those who are asking
what they will earn for a certain amount, It’s already in the site, they have calculator.
Just enter the amount you’ll buy. Then, you’ll see your revenue here,
Including the electricity. Just swipe it. Scroll it down, you will buy hash here.
You’ll see the cryptocurrency options here. Choose among Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin
Just tap what you prefer. On the right side are the mining conditions.
This is good for 1 year. Then, contract purchase, you’ll purchase here.
Put the amount you want to buy here. For example, I bought 0.05 BTC of Gh/s.
Equivalent to 1,575.85 GH/s Then, you can pay with Bitcoin.
These are the payment method you can use: Payeer, Perfect Money, USDT.
Then, you’ll see a small box here.. Paying from the balance,
You’ll use when you already have a balance/profit here. That will be from our profit.
So, if I want to reinvest using your profit, check the box. But if you don’t have a balance.
Just tap this Pay for a hash purchase. They will give you 30 minutes to pay.
Then, scan QR code or copy wallet address. Now, I will show you how to withdraw here.
But before we can withdraw.. We must set our payment method preferred.
So, we need to paste our wallet address here. So, they will send their payment there.
Just tap Settings and go to payment method. And in withdrawing here, just tap Withdrawal
Then, you will request an amount here. I will now withdraw my profit 0.01 BTC
My Bitcoin wallet address is already here. I pasted it a while ago,
So it will automatically appear here. Don’t forget to set the wallet address in Settings.
On this part, make sure to choose the correct crypto. Then, here, on where you want it to be sent.
Just choose here. After that, you may click this:
Send a withdrawal request. [On screen] It will not literally take 48 business hours.
This is just the maximum waiting time. Let’s click this. [On screen] Let’s just wait for it.
And will update you on how long will it take. In Mining Up, we can invite our friends to join.
But, this is just optional. You can still mine and withdraw even without invite.
But, if you want, they will give a bonus Their referral system here is up to 15 levels.
You will see bonuses you will get when you’d invite. This is your rank, you’ll see it here.
You will just copy your affiliate link here. Then share it to your friends
Or on your social media accounts. My withdrawal from Mining Up is already here.
It was fast, took only 2 hours.


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  2. Buzzbreak legit .dito talaga ako kumita. Referral code 5422451 try niyo rin po para kumita rin po kayo

  3. Turuan ninyo po ako miss jen, wala na akong work at retired na, kumita po kc di ako literate sa computer at sa android,thank you po

  4. I recommend this, Salamat po maam. Nag.uupload pala ako ng mga sound effects free to download lang po siya. At mag.uupload rin po ako ng mga pagkakakitaan online.

  5. Hindi po ako maka register huhu
    Sabi na register napo daw yung ip address ko, never papo akong naka register dito eh
    Ano kaya gagawin ko?

  6. Plug ko lang po guys?

    another newly released money earning app ang name po is “Tangere”.
    Pano nga ba tayo makakaearn ng pera dito?

    1.)yung mechanics ng app para makaearn ka ng money is sa pagsasagot ng surveys kailangan mo lang i-like or dislike?simple lang diba.para sa unang araw na gamit mo ay makakaearn ka agad ng 46 pesos after completing the surveys.

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    Hit thumbs nalang po sa mga gagamit ng referral code ko peace out? Stay safe and earn?

  7. salamat sa pagbabahagi ng video na ito, ngunit ang pera ay kaunti upang makagawa ngunit natagpuan ko kung paano gumawa ng mas maraming pera sa maikling oras

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