How to Make Money While in Self-Isolation

100 thoughts on “How to Make Money While in Self-Isolation

  1. Thank you Veratti 100 in telegram for yet another transfer of $50,000, your service has been so legit and amazing

  2. I'm a crafter and student. I have so much yarn and books to get rid of. I'm definitely going to participate in this!

  3. That was literally the best piece of content Gary put out in the last week or so
    ! What can I say ? The guy is brutally practical!!! Good stuff Gary!

  4. I'm too OCD for this video as I wouldn't buy other people's junk with the way this virus spreads.?Happy I'm a minimilist & Grateful to still be working as a small business owner. Stay Happy & Healthy All!?&?

  5. Nike doesn’t call you on the phone to ask you to buy a pair sneakers… (THEY BUILD A BRAND!)?????? that alone was worth this whole video!!! Thanks Gary… Letsssgoooo #razasharpinternational

  6. Gary's advice is practical and something just about anyone can do. You'd be surprised at what still has value. I lost my job back in 2012 and sold just about everything I owned to get back up on my feet. It was a tough time but I made money to pay my bills and learned how to flip items along the way. Just look through your closet, garage, junk drawer, etc, and you'll come across things you can sell.

  7. The last 8 minute rant, while useful, had absolutely nothing to do with the question the guy asked Gary. He asked for tips about going through cash flow, so he won't be afraid to spend when he should and save when he should in the future. Gary answered by going on his selling rant.

  8. To everyone who is stuck at home right now, use this time to start your YouTube channel Launch your business, and share your passion. I am wishing everybody the best of luck with finding the future they want.

  9. Here in Washington, our governor has set a target of May 5th for kids to go back to school. We shall see… in the meantime, I love the idea of What-If scenarios vs doing sales.

  10. Selling Star Wars (1977-1980) action figures collection, vinyl records, and 1990s Michael Jordan rookie card(s).


  11. Good one Gary, great advice! If nobody’s gonna save any money they can turn at least turn around & sell the crap they don’t need…#sellstuffsaturday ?

  12. I am So thankful that I have been selling full-time on eBay since 2016. I've been passionately telling people how they can change their lives by adding eBay to their income stream on my YouTube channel for 3 years as well. You CAN do it folks. Believe, Action, Achieve

  13. "Branding and content is always right because you're not asking for the sale"
    Also this guy "you should sell that orange hat on ebay"
    Also this guy "dont listen to what I say, watch what i do"

  14. I'm sitting here watching this video, looking at a shelf full of books that I've long been finished with. I think I know what I might do next…

  15. Thank you for spoting this GaryVee or Garyvee team. I will show this to my mother and best friend as you're epxlaining exactly what I've been trying to tell them, but it hasn't really click for them yet. I believe that this video will finally let it sink in and we'll all get into a win-win scenario. I might even consider selling my Xbox and bed as well because I have other priorities at the moment.

  16. I'm at my sister's house and 30min before I watched this video she sold a firepit that was sitting in her garage on FB marketplace. This lady came to the house and picked it up. Sell sell sell

  17. Great advice from Gary but if you only have 3 months personal expenses and you quit your job to work on a business you are not good at managing risk. In this case it’d be smart to get a job and still grind in your business in your free time until you have a much larger buffer of capital to cover long tailed events

  18. So inspiring and motivating. Thanks again Gary. Your work always me to do more. My calm and relaxing channel for deep sleep and meditation is picking up gradually. Cheers mate.

  19. love this Gary, and my ebay sales have been absolutely crushing it, ebay been practically printing me money the past few weeks.. especially with so many people stuck at home nowadays. Never been a better time to start selling guys, if you've ever thought about starting an online business now is the time to double down on your focus and make it happen!! ????

  20. Now is the time to start that business, you can be hyper-focused on it ✌?

  21. Online business such as eBay, and Poshmark are down and not a good business to get in at the moment. One of my mentors went from $3k a month to nothing and she’s been selling clothes online for ages. I have also been getting no sales this Month since Corona and have been actively posting, sharing products. Bad advice. You either will have to undersell you product you bought by a ton to convert it to dollars or have to spend a ton of money to market the product to sell through sheer numbers. You have to understand the risks and concerns of the consumers. Although good in theory, the stuff you have does not convert into money unless you get the sales. If the market demand is low, the sales will directly correlate.

  22. Great question and answer to orange hat man! Ty needed that. And I want that hat now ?

    I’ve actually been seeing things to sell laying around my house bc of your content.

  23. I love the guy's advice! He's spot on! Have been thinking along the same lines for a while now — about selling al the junk, stuff I don't use anymore, junk parts that someone else could use etc, to generate cash! Trouble is no Banks open,debit card was cancelled due to the provider shutting it down. So could cause problems paying certain bills. Certain bills in advance! Can't pay credit to the online trader site I could sell the unused,unloved stuff on, as no longer have that debit-card in order to do so!…People may not come to buy the products, due to the enforced Lock down, self-isolation.I am in a similar 2-month scenario as Gary, so either have to find a job – if there is any to be found – or get some cash in a hurry by other means! note:
    5 minutes after this post :Just applied for a new debit card with the bank via online their banking option so will sell all that unused,unloved crap and hopefully get some cash! Thanks dudes, for the video inspiration, drive, motivation to take action! 🙂

  24. I got furloughed from one trucking company and gary and went the next day and got on with another one. Hustle and live. Thanks Gary vee

  25. Not trying to be negative her Gary I love your positivity and golden nuggets of advice, but, to sell my second hand clothes and crap on eBay is not realistic. The paypal/ebay fees are not worth the hassle when all the retailers are selling chinese wholesale with free shipping, how can we compete? The profit just isn't there no matter which way you look at it. Small ebayers don't stand a chance nowadays.. I used to sell on eBay, it doesn't work anyomore. Facebook Selling in my UK area is prohibited since lockdown they are not allowing people to sell on there.

  26. Why is this guy nodding so hard. and why does Gary think it’s so cool to sell your stuff to pay bills. Thats last resort bottom of the barrel type stuff not a fun game

  27. Sell all your shit in your house??? What kind of trash advice is that? No thanks, I’ll keep my belongings

  28. Same old advice. Selling junk on ebay won't get you through. There's lot of brand new stuff for good prices.

  29. I have 2k of vine to sell and selling a single bottle per week for a decent price is very tough. Advice is BS

  30. Re: Not needing the government’s help. 6.6 million lost their job last week. There is no telling when people will start receiving the $1200 check meanwhile the government is pouring money into the banks and other large corporations. It’s socialism for the rich while people are struggling. All of us have to do what we have to to make ends meet but we should also be making calls to Congress.

  31. I did that a year ago! I went to Nashville for a year. Just moved back to Austin. Funded that by selling my Harley…which also gave me some living money.

  32. I really like that split screen video format. Can someone tell me what program that is? And it appears to be on mobile phones? – Chris

  33. If anyone wants to learn how to sell or resell on eBay or other e-commerce sites , message me on Instagram @marcstartt

  34. Everyone is panicking rn but all I see is opportunity. Crazy thing is people think I'm wrong like I like taking advantage of suffering people but I'm not I'm just a hustler n honestly, this world been laughing at me n treating me like a dog…. many I kno can relate. Keep in mind, the world is in stand still aka pause so take advantage. Idk how long this will last but 1 thing I kno is 50 yrs from now they will look back n see so many millionaires who profited off this n were struggling b4.

  35. I been grinding hard even b4 the quarantine but when it happened I was like "SHIT…. EVERYONE IS LOSING IT N QUITTING. LET ME TURN IT UP A NOTCH!"
    Great video gary

  36. Gary bro how do I get on this if I'm not in the US and can't text you? I would love to have a shot at getting to speak to you man. Love what you're doing here bro ❤

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