How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2020 | $200 Per Day With NO INVESTMENT

Okay. So come right here, right here. So, on
Pinterest, we’re seeing… This is a site where it’s it’s kind of like a
like a picture blog. Like you put up… You share bunches of pictures of like home.
Usually people share like home-improvement stuff or infographics.
See, you share pretty pictures. And that’s what it is. And women love it. It’s
like 90% women. Now, a few things you got to understand about what we’re not
talking about is we are not talking about e-commerce. Okay? I’m not going to be
talking about that in this. We’re not going to be talking about drop shipping or
consulting. Or starting a SMM, a social media ad agency. None of this stuff.
Because all of that stuff requires you to do work or fulfillment. You know, have
a support phone number or taking returns. Have an address. Have a business license.
There’s a lot of stuff you can by all means. Use this method that I’m about to
show you to promote your business using those methods. But we’re going to start easy.
And it’s called affiliate marketing. And as always, if you’ve been doing affiliate
marketing, just say, “I’m doing it” in the comments below. I want to know if all
y’all are doing it. That’s all we talk about in this channel is how to make
money with affiliate marketing. And just make money online. Now, to get started
with affiliate marketing, you’ll want to join some affiliate networks. I’m not
gonna go too deep into it. The links are in the description, okay? We need to get
links. Products to promote so we can earn a commission on. And the links are in the
description. You can join a couple different affiliate networks. Maxweb,
really good affiliate network. You can see that right here. We have the super
affiliate network. So, this is one of the highest paying ones. This is one of my
highest recommended networks to join right now. Lots of successful students
you’re seeing all these people. Look at this. Average people having huge amounts
of success here. So, I won’t go too deep in that. Six Figure Mentors. There’s click
funnels. Click funnels benefit. It’ll get you a dream car. So, if you… Let us buy you
a dream car. If you get a hundred sales. With click funnels you get a car. You get
$1,000 a month towards your lease. Digi store,
very worldwide and Clickbank. Now, this works. Between these networks every
country in the entire world. Including North Korea is covered. You could sell
products from and you can do this any age. So I don’t I don’t think any of
these networks actually check what age you are. So, you can do this wherever in
the world, whatever age you are. It’s easy. And you can do this on mobile devices
too. This particular method which I’m going to go over. Where you can make up to
$500 a day by using Pinterest. So, to get started, I’m going to
use my own affiliate product as an example. As always. And what you’ll need
to do is you’ll need to you be using Clickbank to use my product as the
example. If you want to follow along, right along with me, I’m going to have a
special bonus for you too. I’m going to have templates for you to copy and paste and
modify if you want at the very end of the video. So, if you literally want to
take this down to a copy-paste level and make $500 a day,
follow along. Stick around to the end of the video because I’m going to shout out
where you will be able to find the link to get my free resources that’ll allow
you to literally copy paste this. But if you want to promote other programs to do
a little bit of thinking. But again, all of these, you know, you could promote
anything to make money. So, once you’ve signed up for Clickbank and you’ve
created an account, you’ll want to go to the affiliate marketplace right there.
And we’re going to go get our link. When you’re in Clickbank, you’ll want to
scroll down and you’ll want to go to the e-business and emarketing section and
find a product. You’ll want to find my product there which is called the super
affiliate system. Okay? Now, this is where I train my students. You can earn about
$500 every time somebody buys from your link. $500. 487. And what you want to do is you want to click that
promote button right there. You’ll have your account nickname in
there. And we’re going to type in Pinterest. Okay? So, that we know these links. These
clicks are coming from Pinterest. When we actually promote them. Now, don’t worry
about this gobbledygook base. This is for advanced people. But all you want to
focus on is this default link right here. So, just leave this checked and you’ll
click generate hop link right there. You’ll see the link
is generated and we can click this to copy it, okay? That copies it or we could
just highlight this and click copy as well. Now, the next step is we go over to
bitly dot com. And we’re going to shorten our link and we’re going to paste our
link in here. And then click this button here. Boom!
Then our link shows up here and we’re going to click copy. Now, I just pasted both
links into a notepad. So, I have them for handy reference. Because we’re going to use
these links later on. So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Now, the next step is
we’re going to go to Pinterest. And here we find all of the boards that people are
engaging with. You see people you know, people like these boards or people make
comments on some boards. Or all sorts of stuff. Okay? So, some of them
have comments on them. Some of them are ads. So, see here’s an ad for Fiverr.
Here’s an ad for something else. But we’re not going to be doing any ads. In fact,
this method to make up to $500 per day requires no ads. It requires no software.
It requires no expenditure of money or even placing your credit card for some
free trial of anything. All it requires you to do is follow along the steps I’m
going to show you right here. Now, the first thing to understand about marketing is
you have to target people, okay? So, you have to target people. There’s a lot of
people. This is 250 million people on Pinterest. And not everybody is
interested in buying a training course –my training course about how to start an
online business. Only a small section of those people actually are interested in
starting an online business. And have the money too. So, we’re going to actually… We’re
going to focus just on these people and get rid of everybody else, okay? Now, who are
these people? Who are the people that are interested in purchasing a training
about marketing, okay? For any product you’re going to promote, you can sell
weight-loss products, skin care products, survival products. You know, software
products. You can sell a lot of different items on the internet. But you have to
think what are they interest in. What people on Pinterest will,,, The
topics or what sort of boards are they interested in there’s a couple different
topics, There’s motivation. There’s entrepreneurship. There’s
marketing. That kind of gives you a general overview. These are kind of
the big topics. And maybe luxury, okay? Luxury items. But I’m going to kind of focus
on these topics because they’re sort of business and entrepreneurship related. So,
motivation entrepreneurship and marketing. Let’s go over to my computer.
So, what I just typed here in Pinterest is motivation. And I’m looking for
different bloggers around motivation. Now, I already found some so I’m not going to
go too long to do the work. But you see here’s one right here. Be stronger
than your excuse, right? Like you know these motivational quotes. This is great.
I actually agree with that. You have to… If you have excuses, you are a whiny
little bee. Okay? So, if you are an excuse maker… And I
see this all day. I see so many people in the comments saying, “Does this work in my
country? Does this work at my age? Does this… Does this work? Does this work? Does this
work? Anybody else made this work?” Etc. I get it you’re looking for other people
to pave the path before you because you’re scared. And you don’t want to make
a mistake. Don’t let excuses get in the way. Just go
and do it, okay? If you’re always asking, you’re always going to
end up behind. if you are waiting for people, there is a Gold Rush happening,
okay? There is a Gold Rush happening. And the people that went to the gold mines,
they are not going to come back to New York City. They’re not going to come back to the
East Coast. They’re not coming back to Europe. They’re not going to come back and
tell you, “Oh, I’m making tons of money. And there’s this mine where
there’s just tons of money. I found the place where there’s all this money.”
They’re not coming back. If you’re waiting for people that are headed off
to the gold rush that are doing the work to come back and verify for you. And, “Yeah, man.
And it’s okay. You can do it here. Let me show you how.” It’s not going to happen.
You’re fooling yourself. The people who are getting rich in the gold rush are
out there working the rocks. They’re working the vanes. They’re working the
streams.Tthey’re going to come coddle you and make you feel
good. “Oh, yeah. You can do.” I’m sorry but you got me, okay? So, if you want to do it,
you’re just going to go do it. If it’s not for you, don’t be stepping your
foot in the water and saying, you know… And saying, “Oh, well. I’m going to watch your
video but I think I’m going to do it.” You got to go all-in. If you are all in to
make this happen. Get this $500 from promoting links on
Pinterest, type in “all-in” okay? This is real talk. So, type in all-in.
Because I hate excuse makers. I hate whiners. And if you are one of those
people, please. This is actually…. I’m begging you. Unsubscribe from my channel
please. Get off. Because I don’t make money unless you make money. The ad money I
make from YouTube is pathetic. $15,000 a month is what I make from YouTube. That’s…
For me, that’s pathetic I need you making money. I need you to be
successful. And if you aren’t going to take action, if you’re going to be a little whiny
bee, get off my channel and unsubscribe. Don’t dip your toe in the water.
Don’t be wanting. This is for wolves. So, here we are. Comments. Now, what we see is
we get some people that are following this person. Following, tone it up or
whatever it is. And we have commenters that are interested in motivation.
They’re interested in income opportunities. So, we’re going to open up new tabs of all these people. Sarah Mae, Dukkha Wies, frost
marketing group. Open up in a new tab. Open up a new tab.
One more. Anastasia, open up in a new tab. And what we’re going to do is we’re
going to message these people our affiliate links. Now, this has 2 side
effects. One is the person will get a message on Pinterest. And they’ll see it
next time they use Pinterest. 2, is they will get… They will see… Get an email from
Pinterest saying they have a message. And it will give them your message with your
affiliate link in it. Now, the message we are going to send them is simple because
I already have it written up. In your case, you can modify it depending on what
product you’re promoting. It may be different. But if you’re promoting my
product, it’s all done for you. I make it easy for my affiliates. Because we’re the
ones who make the most money. Okay. So now,
here I am on Sara Mae Lowe’s channel. Malaysia,
Malaysia’s number one tarot reader. Pretty cool. We’re going to send her a
message. Now, this is the message and I’m not going to explain it. But this is called
copywriting. “Hey, I saw you were interested in motivational quotes and
was wondering if you had any success yet. I’ve been following this guy’s system.”
And see it says, “Link in brackets.” And what you will do is you will post your
link in the brackets and it seems to work pretty well he has a free training
he reveals some pretty interesting things about 45 minutes in. Then you
click this button “sent”. Okay. Now, we’re on another person’s Pinterest page.
But you’ll notice there’s no message icon. So, some Pinterest profiles don’t
have message icons. That’s fine. If you have other questions, try to figure them
out on your own. We’ll see this one doesn’t either but this one does.
Anastasia numerous. We’ll click message. Once again, we are going to go to our the
Pinterest tab here. We’re going to click our message template and I’m going to send…
I’m going to paste the message in right here. Hey, I saw you were interested in
and it says “interest”. So, we’re going to replace what’s in the brackets and say,
motivational quotes. Okay? Or we could say depending on what channel they were on.
We could say entrepreneurship, right? So, we’re targeting people that are
interested in these kind of Pinterest boards or whatever. “And was wondering if
you had any success working online yet? I’ve been following this guy’s system
link.” And again, once again, we have to post in a link here. And we’ll go here
and we’ll get that and we’ll just replace the brackets with our link. And
it seems to work pretty well. Has some pretty interesting things for him I’m going to send. And once again, we click send. And I can
do this all day long. Okay? Another faster way you can use to
find people that are on Pinterest. You can go to a page and you can look who’s
following them. Now, to find who’s following a certain page… So this is
website builders. So, I’m assuming they’re anybody following them as interested in
marketing. We’d go to followers and we click this
button right here. Okay? And now we see all of these different followers, okay? We
have a 696 followers. So we can click
Heather Moon, Marisa, Silvia, Kena, Florence, Indoor Angels….
i’m just going to add all these people all day. because the more people i start
sending messages to, the more money I make. So, I’m going to hit these people up.
I’m going to find… Okay, Heather Muniz allows me to message her. So, I’m going to
send her a message. I’m going to copy. Going to copy this message template right here.
I’m going to copy that. I’m going to paste it in. Once again, I’m going to change around…
Now, the interest is website building or I’m just gonna call marketing. And was
wondering if you had any success. And then I’m gonna post in my link once
again. And since I’m just going to be posting the same thing over and over, I’m
just going to copy this whole message and send it out a lot. So, let’s do this. Sent.
Okay? Boom! Going to go again. Can’t message person. Next. Okay? Can’t
message this person. Next. But I can message Sylvia. So, I’m going to message
Sylvia. And I go there posting my message, sent. Okay? How freaking easy is that, okay?
How ridiculously simple. So, it’s so easy. And once you build up a flow, you can
just send links out there so fast. You getting in front of people. You having
them get messages. They’re probably getting an app notification on their
phone if they have Pinterest on their phone. They’re getting an email. And when
they log an interest, they’re getting a message from you that’s showing up. So,
all of these ways you are reaching out to people. People are going to click on your
links. And hopefully people are going to buy. Now, there’s a few subtle things about
the actual copywriting that I’m doing. I don’t just want people clicking on my
link. I want people watching the presentation. Because the presentation is
going to sell them on buying the product, right? You know, we want people to go
click the link. We want them to move to point B which is watching the
presentation. And we want them to move to point C which is actually buying the
product. Now, you can’t get them to buy a product. That’s not your job. That’s my
job. But if you get them to click the link and you get them to watch the
presentation at least an hour of it, then they will be interested in buying the
product and you will be making some money. So, that… The message text, I’m
trying to get them to not just click the link but to also watch the presentation.
Because they watch the presentation, you let me do the sales I will close them
and make both of us money. Isn’t that pretty cool?
And if you’re watching this, guys, give me a little bit of love. Give
me a subscribe or notification or a like. For the number one money channel on
YouTube. Type in “Number one money channel on YouTube” because that’s what we’re
doing every day. Money-making methods to help you out. So now, if you’re wondering
where the resource link is, okay? Where can you get these templates, you can go
in the description. There is a link that says resource. And I’m just going to show it
to you – resources. And you will be able to get
these message templates. What you will do is when you were on this page. Click
pinterest at the top and then you will go down here and you have examples of
pinterest boards that you can find people on. Find followers of to message.
And then you have the message template that you can edit and send out to people.
Make some money. Okay. So now, when you are actually in clickbank, what you will see
is you will be able to go to the tracking area. And when you log in, you
will see the sales appear here. You will get the money sent to you every 2
weeks by check or wire. Check goes to an address. Wire goes to a bank account and
you’ll see the Commission’s show up right there and you will be able to
actually check out. In the reporting tab, you’ll be able to see your actual
tracking IDs if people have been clicking on your link. Now, you can find
out more information on Clickbankm, if you’re using Clickbank. You just search
order for your tracking ID or hops, okay? So, you’d be able to look there and see
all of your hops. That’s how you do it. So, thanks for watching. Make sure to check
out some of my other videos. Free traffic methods. I’m showing you how to make
money. Free traffic methods on Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Eventbrite; all
these things. Showing you ways to make money for free. So put this in a work,
okay? Because again, this just wastes your time and my time if you don’t do
anything. So, just do the work. You know, seriously. So, talk to you soon and make
sure you subscribe. Hit the notification bell so you can be on the next video as
soon as it launches and start using these methods. People aren’t talking
about this and it’s completely unsaturated on what’s
going on right now. So, I actually suggest you… The faster you put this into action
and start putting this stuff out there, the better of chances you will have in
making money. So, just get on this immediately. Talk to you soon. Yeah.

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