How to Make Money as a Programmer in 2018

Hello World. It’s Siraj 🙂
and today I am gonna talk about five ways that you can make money as a programmer. Everybody needs to make money…
it is just a reality of life and if you learn how to do it well, your life will be substantially better. So, let’s start with the first way, contract work. If you’re someone who’s never earned money before as a programmer, this is the first method you should use. There’re people out there that need your skills; you just have to find them. You can find contract work online, on sites like Upwork, and Freelancer, and a few others that I’ve listed in the video description. Think of your name as a brand, and like all brands, you need to build trust. The way you can do that is by gaining a positve reputation. If your client is happy your work, you’ll get a great review. You want them to RAVE about you, to tell their friends about you, and if you put in the necessary effort, they will! But, how do you get the clients in the first place? Basically, you need to get really good at selling yourself and that all starts with believing in yourself. That means that, given some uncertain environment like a project with requirements you’ve never taken on before you trust yourself to enough to be able to figure it out. Before you start asking people to trust you, you have to trust yourself. When you create your profile on one of these sites, you have to sell yourself well. That means every project or past experience that you list should be both detailed and impressive. So if you made a mobile app and you implemented a custom networking architecture, make sure to include that kind of impressive detail. When it comes to picking the type of contract that you should work on, it’s about what’s valuable to the market, and what you would enjoy doing. Machine learning is hot right now. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies need someone to integrate AI into their stack, or build an app that uses facial recognition, or perform some analytics on their database. There are endless use cases, and luckily for you, not many people understand how it works at all. So if you have at least some knowledge, that’s your competitive advantage. You can basically get paid to learn. Once you’ve either posted yourself as either available for work, or replied to a contact listing, you’ll eventually get interest from a client. You’ll then have your first meeting to discuss the details of the project, and your job is to be over prepared for it. That means do your homework on all the requirements beforehand. Have a list of features in mind and a plan on how to get there. This will be really impressive to your client and they will be more likely to pay you well When it comes time to discuss the payment, Don’t underprice yourself You can always negotiate your rate down But if you start off with a low rate, you can increase your rate later on If it’s your first contract, just charge a flat fee And pick one taht is short term Like a month or less research the price of the project that has been completed and if the programmer had a similar background to your own Once you have done one or two contract projects for a flat fee You can move on to charge an hourly rate Always charge market rate or above and increase your rate as you improve You can also find contract work in person If your client can meet with you face to face and knows your aim then it’s easier for them to trust you Everyone could use a programmer Call up some local businesses and ask If you are in collage, you can find some work on bulletin boards and use the resources you have locally When I moved to San Francisco I lived in a habber house with 12 other dudes And I had some pretty hard time to find some contract work But when I finally did, it was lucrative A couple of months at work gave me the freedom to travel Through India, Thailand and Japan For 6 months! And write my first book-Decentralized Applications Contract work can free you It can give you the space you need to think about the impact that you really wanna have in the world and experience all the things that you always wanted to The second way is to start a business now, this is the most difficult but also the most potentially lucrative way to make money The chances of succeeding are relatively slant but you can increase your chance by doing a few things First of all, your main goal should be to have a positive impact You have to RIVE in the cause secondary , that should be the money not the other way There is a very thin line , but a crucial one Startups are hard You are fighting for survival in the market and and any number of uncertainties can occur but if you have that drive then it doesn’t matter You’re belive in a cause greater than yourself will help you to push through the hard times all the rejections Think about a problem that you want to solve close your eyes and envision a world where this problem is solved and from that vision, work backwards how we get to that world That’s where your startup comes in Mark Andreesen once famously said that “Software is eating the world” at the same time, AI is eating the software Soon, machine learning will be happening at every layer of the stack From Operating systems to networking to rendering all of it so. that means you can just apply Ai to some existing idea, and boom STARTUP You need to be sure that the idea is something that people want I had a robotic startup in collage I built a team, built a prototype, raised money But after eight months of work, we found out that our clients didnt really want out prduct We could have saved all our time and energy If we had committed customers from the start so, make sure you have that in an excel spreadsheet These big companies like amazon and google, are buying up AI startups like ‘can’ which is a very lucrative exit strategy The third way is a full time job or internship Startup by working for a small company first Where you have a lot of responsibilities You want to optimize for learning You will learn a lot in a fast paced environment and since you are not used to the comfort of a bigger co-operation It will be easier to do and please, dont do any unpaid internships if you know how to code, you should be paid for it The fourth way is to participate in programming contests You can enter one of these things as either a team or a single person and you will learn a lot there are several sites online like hacker rank and topcoder that will pay out prices to the winners of programming languages Local hackathons are also a great way to do this If you can’t find one near you, start your own Call up the potential sponsers Say a company who’s API you really like and say you are organizing a hackathon that will get programmers to get tools using their software You get a cut of the earnings the programmers get to learn and the company gets more attention Lastly- The fifth way is to complete bounties The idea is that people give out a flat fee for someone to fix a bug in their repository it’s like monetizing GitHub issues You can potentially fix one bounty a week for some fun spending money OR, make a living out of it bountysource and bountify are 2 great resources to do this and that’s it go forth and make your rain wizards please suscribe for more programming videos and now, I have gotta get back to the grand So, thanks for watching

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  1. programming contests for making money !! it's easier said than done xD .. to win any of these prizes one must have tons of experiences and years of practice.

  2. 5:39 – Laurie Voss of NPM suggested the opposite – work at a big company first so you know how things are supposed to be and them go to the chaos of startups

  3. Love the guy who says "Airbnb is not big enough for our business model." I think his company deals with customers from other planets since Airbnb isn't big enough for them…

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  5. I don't think everyone is going to make their purpose to make the world a better place as a programmer because some people are just beginners and need a job. Down to earth people are accidental and are authentic. If, programming requires people to make things better as a requirement, you'll increase the barrier to entry into programming. Siraj you make good videos, you're smart and enthusiastic. As a joke, this video could be interpreted as becoming a cryptocurrency programmer: how to make money as a programmer.

  6. Nice overinflated video. Could've been a 5 minute video, but hey! gotta fit in more ads and retention am i right!?
    My favorite thing is the bot accounts pumping up your video. Might wanna change the verbage so they arent as obvious.

  7. wow, though i like you and you look skilled you made a mess here it appears. post-mortem, why is that, lack of experience at the time?

  8. Great videos Siraj,
    In the past week I've watched don't know , 20, 30 of your videos , excellent job!
    Could you list the very bare minimum topics (possibly along with a set of your recommended choices of textbooks) to enter the job market?
    Something that can be used as a self check list,
    Thanks again!

  9. How to get rich: Get programming jobs and earn some good money. start out small making the money work for you. Make the money work even more for you. Ok now you have alot of money finally you get your well deserved time to do programming the rest of your life isn't that awesome lol

  10. I admire your boundless optimism, energy and good will, but did You won any competitions organised by, NASA or ? Sometimes over 98% of the winners are USA citizen and some challenges are huge, so that even University professors have difficulties with such problems. On the other side there is no wonder that some students leaves the Universities when they see how great the difference is between the theory and practice.

  11. I created profile on UpWork, but somehow it got rejected in review. Can anyone suggest how to get it approved?

  12. Your videos talk too much about money, thsi cahnnel used to be great but nowdays it only talks about "how to make money in whatever way"

  13. Step 1: Go to Neumont University
    Step 2: Get hired by a tech giant
    Step 3: Do crappy work and get demoted to a janitor
    Step 4: Mine crypto in the cleaning closet
    Step 5: Become a billionaire
    Step 6: Quit your job
    Step 7: Spend 8 million dollars on an amazing bunker
    Step 8: ??????
    Step 9: Profit!

  14. How can I know my price? You say never underprice yourself but first of all how to decide what should be amount I get paid?

  15. Hhhhh you make me laugh bro, I like it when you say, get payed to learn, that’s what I do. Keep the motivation bro.

  16. Like Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" and it's true. I'm a 4th year colleague, really good at maths, physics and especially in programming and still can't make even a dollar because I can't thing of anything to create and when it comes to upwork I can't make anyone trust me to give me a job. That sucks…

  17. I recommend for finding online work. They post new jobs daily & it's totally free. The theme this month is TECH jobs 🙂

  18. I switched majors from Computer Science to BSIT in Mechanical Design Technology. I want to major in CS, but it would take me extra time and money to do so. Could I still teach myself CS without looking lost to employers?

  19. I need few answers
    1. What about web developer
    2. Can i work from home? Xd
    3. Any problems if I'm 14 years old?

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  21. Hey can you give me idea on best AI programming language or programming language that will have high demand in future for programming.

  22. Hone your craft first and the belief in your abilities to provide services will come afterwards automatically , which is different to the belief that you'll be able get your skill levels to that stage .

  23. #1 Contract work
    #2 Start a Business
    #3 Full-time job or Internship
    #4 Programming contests
    #5 Complete Bounties

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