How To Make Money As A Filmmaker – FOR REAL!

Hello YouTube today’s video is about how
to make money as a filmmaker for real so before I dive into this video I want to
welcome all the newcomers if you’re new here my name is Alex LeMay and this is
the channel where we teach you how to monetize your filmmaking career and sell
your original content so my early career went something like this I’d worked 80
to 90 hours a week to barely get by I’d commute as much as a hundred and ten
miles a day living in Southern California you can find yourself driving
all over the place and driving long distances that’s a cost so that added up
at the end of the week to be about 150 bucks a week and gas just getting around
so take that off the table right away so now I find myself working on things
that I never wanted to be known for in the first place I’m spending all of my
time going down a road that is going to yield very little and then if I stopped
working for any reason whatsoever that 80 or 90 hours a week the faucet of
money got turned off so at the end of the year on a good year
I could make six figures but I didn’t have a life I didn’t have anything else
I could do in order to make that living and then that would go up and down it
was hot and cold because as we know where as gig workers we’re always
looking for that next gig so I had to rebuild something I had to change
everything so if you stick around at the end of the video I’m gonna teach you
five ways that I make money all from my filmmaking and that you’re gonna be able
to as well this means putting a few zeros behind
your income and that you’re not relying on a single form of income what I’m
saying here is you have to have a diversity of income it
has to come from multiple places but it all has to come from your expertise
selling your time for money is a dead end now we don’t live in an economy
where you go and you work for the same place for 45 years
there’s job security there’s a pension and then you put your feet up at the end
of it and die happily in bed surrounded by your loved ones that’s not it anymore
there’s no such thing as job security especially in this industry so we have
to take it upon ourselves to diversify our income if that gig work isn’t going
well then we have a whole other array of income that’s coming in all based on our
knowledge and ideas rather than just our time so the first for me is freelance
directing and producing I do not have a problem doing that but that’s only about
30 percent of my income and I only concentrate on getting four big jobs a
year rather than 25 little ones where I spend up spending probably time with the
wrong client or just saying if you’ve got a check I’ll work for you so for me
the criteria have to be right right for me I have to be able to own a piece of
it it has to have distribution I have to get credit for it
and I have to have some hiring and firing capabilities so that I can
surround myself with the people that are going to get it done so at the end of
that not only have I been paid for it to make it but I also own a little piece of
it at the end I get maybe 5% even as low as 5% on that executive producer fee
that the owner of that project will get from a studio or a distributor or a
brand or somebody else right if I have ownership of that then I am asleep I
wake up I go to the mailbox and there’s a cheque there that I made money in my
sleep that’s what we need to do is we need to
find ways of creating what is called passive income we can’t just rely on
selling our time for money we have to start selling our knowledge and our
ideas so here’s how it goes that’s the first way the second way is I take 10%
of everything I make from those freelance gigs and I put it into a
little fund that can be in an IRA or it can be in the savings account I just
have a little savings account I put it in and I go and I do stock footage
shoots and that means going somewhere that’s hard to get to so that I can get
as impressive of shots as I possibly can I am now not taking out a credit card or
anything like that I’ve got stuff set away to invest in that now I make more
money from that stock footage than I invest in it so if I invest a dollar and
I get two back I’m a pretty happy guy right so all of a sudden and that same
clip let’s not forget can sell over and over and over and over again so now you
have an asset and I’ll list some places that you can go to one being black box
which is a clearing house for stock footage they say you submit your footage
once and they send it out to a bunch of people and I’ll put a link in the
description below their URL is help them find the talent I help them
use the right verbage that distributors need and that’s all based on my
experience of having sold many projects to distributors and studios so I cut
there they’re not gonna have to have that learning curve that I had to have
and I sell that at a fairly decent rate so that’s another portion of my income
now the other one is Genesis investment right
Genesis investment is pretty much just investing in startups and what I mean by
that is if you go to some of these places I think it’s like we funder com
is one of them they will wait the probability of a start-up to succeed and
so I look for ones that have kind of already have funding involved in them
have somebody involved with them that has some clout and that is gonna pull
that project along and make sure that it happens and I only invest a few hundred
bucks into that now if I do that five to ten times a year one or two of those is
gonna succeed now I’ve only put at by the end of the year a couple grand into
these things and they can return because it is I’m gonna say this it is a
speculative investment but if a startup gets picked up so for example I invest
in a coffee company that then sold their stuff through Whole Foods so it just
jumped up right and it jumped up in profit and then somebody bought them so
that ended up hanging out ridiculous amounts I wouldn’t say ridiculous but
compared to what I invested it was it moved the needle significantly so that
becomes passive income I invest once and I walk away and if it happens it happens
if it doesn’t it doesn’t but I didn’t risk a ton and then the last one is my
coaching and consulting for working filmmakers I take mid-career filmmakers
people who have been working in the industry for anywhere from 10 to 20
years I knew of plateaued and are you know working at agencies
working at production companies not making the work they always saw for
themselves and I help them monetize their careers and sell their original
content and that actually brings me as much money as my freelancing if not more
that is about four hours a day of my time when I’m not working and I get to
help people I get to help people not make the mistakes I did
and it ain’t cheap and the reason it’s not cheap is because it was hard five I
had to bleed a little bit to learn the lessons that I learned so that’s the
five ways I make money it’s not coming from one place right and at the end of
the day we’re all looking for control and predictability over our career right
we’re looking to have two things we’re looking to have freedom of choice and
movement if I want to go out and buy a camera today I can if I want to go to
Barcelona I can so I can do things today that I couldn’t do when I was just
struggling 90 hours a week gig to Gig working on things that never meant
anything to me were working a day job at an insurance company where that was
eight hours of my day that I was never gonna get back I was never going to be
able to dedicate that eight hours into the thing that I loved the most into the
work that I wanted to be known for so I’m not necessarily telling you to quit
your job but if it’s not based on this I would rather you hide from the landlord
again and eat ramen and invest that time that you’re spending doing things that
are never going to look like what you want your career to look like and put
that time back into you but in the end build a career that looks like the one
you’ve always seen for yourself and that pays you handsomely because you’re not
relying on a single form of income that is unpredictable working for people who
don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind so leave a comment push
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I’m talking to you

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