How to Make a PayPal Order Registration Form with 123FormBuilder

This video tutorial will show you how you can create a payment form with 123FormBuilder and collect payments in your PayPal account. If you don’t have a 123FormBuilder account You can get it for $44.99 per month. It comes with the built-in PayPal integration module Once inside 123FormBuilder, create a new form You can start with an order form template Why lose your time creating from scratch when you can just edit a template within minutes. No programming is required, just simple plain drag & drop. You can add and edit any field you want. For example, you can add an input for quantity that customers may use when buying a product Once you are done editing the form layout it’s time to continue to the next step: Assigning prices to your items/products. Just select the multiple item field in the drop down and hit the button to assign prices A new area will unfold as seen in the video. Assign a value/price for each item. You will find other useful options. But for now, we are going to multiple the selected item with the quantity input. Save settings before proceeding. Now moving onward to the PayPal integration setup Select PayPal in the Payment gateways drop down. Click the button on the right and enter your PayPal account details as requested. The information is used to connect your form to your PayPal account You can accept donations on your form in PayPal, create billing cycles in your PayPal account on submit, and send more details to your gateway. Done! The green message above indicates that PayPal is activated on your form. Now to publish the order form. There are many options to choose from. Select the one that best suits your needs and copy the code to your clipboard. And here’s how you can preview your order form. Let’s test it, shall we? Customers will provide their info & complete the order Your customers may check on the total sum while completing the form And here’s what happens on click. A summary appears with the purchase button Once clicked, the customers are redirected to PayPal to pay. Keep in mind that standard PayPal users (not Business) can only sell to customers that have PayPal. And that’s about it. Want to easily sell online? Then get started with 123FormBuilder

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