How To Make $100 Per Day Typing (Earn PayPal Money)

in this video you will discover how to
Earn $100 by typing if you stay to the end I will show you how you can fully
automate this entire process now you don’t need to be good at English you
don’t even need to have any experience okay it’s free to get started so if this
sounds do to you keep watching now before we get started
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below and ring the bell right now alright what’s up what’s up so in this
video I’m going to show you this brand new strategy for you to make money
online by just typing okay hey listen by the end of this video if you actually
stay to the end I’m going to show you some bonus tricks some bonus secret
tactics for you to make your life a lot easier okay isn’t it awesome so if you
stay till the end I’m gonna show you a few ways to actually automate this to
the extent where you can basically copy and paste now if that sounds good make
sure you keep watching and finish this video okay
now this website it is called slogan slingers now you’re probably thinking
like wait is this legit well here you can see for yourself this has been
featured in Entrepreneur Magazine it has been featured on CNBC he has been
featured on Yahoo Finance as well and killer startups okay so that shouldn’t
be a worry now you are thinking right how do you actually make money right so
for this website you can actually help other companies other businesses new
startups create their slogans and tech lines okay that’s pretty awesome now
here we can see some of the recent slogan ideas that people have submitted
right for example I was this dojos burger bar so it’s a obviously is a
burger business right so they created a slogan for this burger business and they
come up with because we’ll use the canvas we use a bun okay a vain Center
the slogan is vain vain go away alright pretty fun stuff right so look if you
enjoy typing if you enjoy writing you can actually help people write slogans
and you can get paid a very handsome sum of money but if you’re thinking that oh
wait you are not creative if you have some kind of excuses or limiting
believes that you know what you’re not good at writing you’re not good at
lish now don’t worry about it keep watching because I’m gonna show you an
amazing solution kay so you don’t even have to be creative and even if you’re
not good at English or even if you think you are not creative you can still do
this okay now some really really cool
students here okay I’m not gonna read through all of them you can come and
check it out so you’re probably thinking like okay
cool this since this has been featured in Yahoo Finance on CNBC entrepreneur
magazine okay I’m sure that this works but how much can I earn right how much
can you actually earn well actually go to sign up so for you to get started
let’s click on sign up and there they will give you a little bit more
information now of course you are going to click on right there sign up for you
to make money alright you become a slogan right so clicking do it this
brings us to the registration page this is how you are going to sign up get the
signup process is simple you can sign up for free put in your email coming with a
username put in a password of course you’re putting a PayPal account email
because you want to be able to get paid right so you know put in your PayPal
account email so that they can actually pay you does that make sense so of
course by this you should know that they pay you via PayPal money that’s pretty
awesome right so why do you want to become a slogan slinger which is just a
slogan writer number one earn money for your creativity now again if you think
that you are not creative or whatever excuses might think of keep watching
because I’m gonna show you some awesome awesome ways to actually come up with
slogans easily without even doing anything okay
it sounds a little bit too good to be true but I will prove it to you in just
a second okay number two why you want to sign up is look like I said just now
remember you’re gonna get paid a very handsome sum okay we just make up to up
to $990 per contest of course they do charge a bit of admin fees back nine
hundred ninety nine dollars I mean just imagine earning that okay even if you
just win one contest that’s a pretty good amount of money right number three
of course can show of your skill against other great writers from other countries
number four is confidential know we can really copy you okay all entries are
kept confidential so don’t worry about people copying of slogans and of course
lastly no signup fee so this is very straightforward now let now since at
this point if you’re still watching let me help you okay if you actually go over
to Google we can search for slogan generator okay
so here we can see that there are a lot of different slogan generators they can
use for free there are plenty of them let me
click into all of them to show you okay so this is the first one which is by
Shopify okay so for example let’s say that contest is you want to create a
local for maybe a sleeping mattress company for example maybe it’s a
sleeping mattress company so we could put in a word write the keyword the mean
word will be sleep okay so you put in sleep and you can easily generate
slogans just like that and here you can see Shopify alone they have already
generated 1076 slogans for you okay so again let me just repeat let’s say we
are creating a slogan for a sleeping mattress company okay so just like that
we have over 1000 from here you can just go through okay look true right narrow
down filter the best ones and then from there pick one right pick the best one
of the best here you can see plans are very very cleverly generate slogans okay
over 1000 all right just from this one generator alone over 1000 slogans for it
to actually used so I wasn’t kidding when I say that you can pretty much
automate this process alright so once you find something that’s really awesome
that you think that men this one has some serious potential to win a slogan
contest all you to do is just copy and paste okay alright so that’s all you do
right just copy and paste just Logan and it can start it but this is just one of
the many slogan generators that we can find on Google okay now let me go back
to Google okay we can check out another one how about this one this is from uber
lo que Ober lo ok we can put in sleep and then we can generate slogans
ok they can generate even more slogans but you don’t have to stop here hey
there are a lot of other slogan generators that we can use hey let me
just click into them let’s check it out ok here’s another one right if you put
sleep boom who would you have okay that’s probably not suitable right so
don’t worry you can check out other slogan generators right how about this
this is design he’ll sleep that’s right sleep and that’s search and then BAM
again a whole new set of slogans they can pick and choose from all right so
again these are generator some of that they might not make sense but I promise
you if you actually do the due diligence if you use these generators there will
be so many good ones for you to pick and all you have to do is to just look
through and pick your favorite ones the one that you think man this one is
really clever this one is going to have the best put most potential ok
this is another one get socio okay let me just paste it in and let’s generate
BAM another 1225 slogans okay so listen I
mean are you guys getting this isn’t it’s like so easy can you see how we can
do this right because we need a semi slogans once we get a key idea we can
come over to these free slogan generators and just generate so many
different slogans for it to literally pick and choose you don’t really have to
do anyway because the slogans are already generated so all you do is you
just go through pick your favorite ones pick the best ones and just Sammy that
one slogan okay so at this point okay so let me just show you okay just a slogan
generator I only demonstrate that you a few but
just like that we have found like can you imagine just at 1,000 by a few times
I already generated like over two to three thousand slogans just now just
from these few search results in Google all right so are you guys getting this
so come and check it out this is slope using slogan generators and you can
literally copy and paste now by the way since you’re watching here let me give
you the URL for this website the website is slogan slingers com literally just
slogan slingers dot-com okay so like I said you can make up to nine hundred
nine dollars per contest okay just think about it how many I mean if you actually
win multiple contests how much would you be able to earn okay and by the way by
now you would realize that by using this strategy you can almost do this
automated okay you’re just going through pick the best ones copy and paste that’s
it but of course for some of you who are very toxic right those of you who are
who is very cynical very skeptical you are probably complaining right here
maybe crying you’re whining like oh man there’s no guarantee that I can earn
nine hundred ninety nine dollars you know what then you should stop watching
all of these make money online videos right because look in life there is no
guarantee okay there’s no guarantee in life right if you could imagine if you
go for a job interview right when you go for a job interview is there a guarantee
are going to get a job no right no look what if you get a job is there a
guarantee that they are going to give you a paries no again there’s no
guarantee right is there a guarantee that you won’t get fired that you
wouldn’t get retrenched eventually right again there’s no guarantee right there
is no guarantee that if you work for a few years you are going to get promoted
okay there’s no guarantees in life all right if you are either someone who is
just right you can’t even put in any kind of effort right you can’t even like
generate slogans and copy and paste to try to win these contests right if he
wants everything to be guaranteed like look if you want something for nothing
then you are not suitable to make money online listen if you want to be
successful in making money online you need to lose your sense of entitlement
okay if you are not we need to put in any kind of effort unless you are
guaranteed to make money then you have a very very long way to go before you
actually find any kind of success by the way if you want to find out other ways
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next video alright have a great day

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