How to Live in Your Car, Save Money and Be Free

100 thoughts on “How to Live in Your Car, Save Money and Be Free

  1. you have a point privacy is important,,,,like my self I don’t like living with other people except family of course,,,even with others in one hotel room,,,I want my peace…..

  2. Oh NOW I know who you are. I watched this video 2 years ago and didn’t make the connection to your bike channel that I recently subscribed to. Cool 😃

  3. Thank you 🙏 although I seem to be coming to your party one year late. Your lifestyle is SO REFRESHING!!! I’m backing into this lifestyle from the other direction. Geothermal in home 12 yrs ago, then 2013 Prius, recently Tesla M3 (which is a Prius on steroids!!). In fact, if your business blooms we’ll both be keeping an eye on Tesla pickup (w lots of solar to lay out and recharge on the road). I just started exploring E-bikes recently and found your channel last week. I am truly impressed with you and your philosophy.

  4. Hello my friend, I and my wife have lived in a car for 1 month. It was good for us because at that time we had no home because we have changed a country. But my car was renault scenic 2000. We got more space in my car. If you want space the I suggest renault scenic is the best

  5. My girlfriend and I only have the option to live in our car at the moment. We have too much debt to get into our own home or even an apartment. 😔
    She is disabled and I am a self employed musician so money is an issue for us. She wants to work on photography.
    It's going to be hard to do, but we can't keep living like we are.

  6. YouTube's recommendations are terrible and so is this comment. I'm sure I would hate your driving habits. Ever time I allow a Prius to merge in front of my they proceed to go under the speed limit and refuse to merge back. Every single time. It has taught me to never allow a Prius in front of me. I don't care if Godzilla is blocking their lane, I will never let them merge over.

  7. I am so here for living in the car movement lol im tired of putting so much pressure on myself working just for rent for 10 years and it doesn't get me anything.. and you would be happier at work knowing your not working for your rent your working to save majority of your money.. awesome plan

  8. After watching this video you make me think ahh you know what? the worst thing happened then I'll just buy Prius and stay away from rent… LOL

  9. I live in a city and has been thinking to do move into a vehicle because rent is too high. However, I cannot decide which one is better to call a home: Prius or RAV4? How much comfortable is RAV4 compared to Prius? Prius is cheaper to drive by 10 mpg. If you were to buy and choose between the two, which one would you get and why? I was also thinking of getting Mercedes Benz Sprinter because I could stand inside and live more comfortable but it would cost more to drive and it would not blend in when I'm park. I would like to be discreet about sleeping in my vehicle, it seems that RAV4 and Prius are discreet compared to Sprinter.

  10. No, even though you saving money on gas and rent , buying food will eat up your savings.. and you would get tired of the same food all the time .. where you going to shave?? Shower?? Iron your clothes??

  11. Hi,
    Jus curious, do you carry ur own portable potty? I mean if ur in de middle of nowhere, an u need to go?? Lol!

  12. I hav a 2015 Prius V (wagon). Using it as a taxi now. After dis video, u hav given me ideas to use dis as a camper wen I want to go skiing during Winter (NZ). Dis ' fourth gen engine' is great for both comfort and economy. Look at some of de reviews. I will add an old battery wid a 100W/12v solar/ Mppt controller as 'backup charger'. Might add a roof carriage to carry additional stuffs. Definitely 'tint all Windows' n carry a 'potable potty', water container. Thanks for sharing ur vids!!

  13. I'm going to convert my Chrysler 300c into a mobile living home. It's one of the bigger sedans. Only problem is that it doesn't have a solar panel…

  14. Hello. I think your cabin lights are old wire lights if i saw correct. You should definatly replace them with leds for less battery drain if u let the doors or trank open for long periods. Actually you should replace any old light you have with leds.

  15. Hi All 👋🏼 Like other commenters here, it’s now been over 6 months with living in my car, basic belongings, and the freedom – and loving it! Healthy, happy and the best version of myself that I can remember. Recommend!

  16. I've gone on several road trips with my Toyota echo before, it wasn't that great but for a tiny car it saved me a lot of money

  17. Of course this is in California. The fact that housing is so expensive yet they can't incentive new construction when people are willing to may $1,000+/month in rent speaks volumes to how shitty that state is run.

  18. With house prices in Sydney and Melbourne being what they are, this could be a feasible option for people wanting to save for a deposit. With average rents at about $500pw, you're basically saving about $25,000 a year right there.

  19. I have that same mattress. How tall? You have 70 inches from the back of your passenger seat to the back of your car? Bathroom after hours? Does this keep you going back to the gym for showers?

    It would be ingenious if Hybrids allowed you to run your AC overnight while parked.

  20. Prius's and ebikes go together beautifully! I use my 2013 plug in Prius on road trips, with my Montague folder (Bafang BBSHD conversion, with a Rohloff hub), and can charge the bike (600 watt inverter) while driving or parked, super efficiently. I leave the car ON for days, the gas engine only coming on rarely. I took out my passenger seat (any passengers sit in the rear seat, where they have PLENTY of leg room), and the folded Montague fits perfectly in the space where the seat was, with room to spare. It's super stealthy that way, another great thing about a Prius is they seem to project a aura of being owned by respectable or at least responsible people, as in non threatening "nothing going on here", and with dark tinted windows my white Prius makes me feel invisible. Heat and AC all night if needed, camping in a Prius is great. I have 40 acres I live on, but I really look forward to my next Prius/ebike road trip, where i will get the usual high 40's to mid 50' MPG, try that with a Winnebago!

  21. I love vanlife and being mobile but living in a small car like this and telling people it's freedom is stupid. Don't do it unless it's AT LEAST a truck or a SUV.

  22. What's the orientation of the Prius 12v battery? do you think three is 19 inches in there? Anybody ever hook up an inverter to the Prius engine battery?

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  24. Tell you one thing my brother you're a trooper and you fight for that dream that you have may God bless you and I thank you for your service I thank you for your faithfulness may God give you the strength to go forward thank you for everything

  25. I was like to suggest that maybe you should get a minivan a hybrid minivan it could help you be more comfortable his only idea you know have a good one

  26. If I did not have kids, I would seperate from my GF and live/work/travel in my car. But alas, I had kids and still regret it to this day. But I won't abandome them. Another 11 years to go and them im out baby.

  27. Great but what if you're on the highway and sleeping in your bed at the same time, if you crash (I know it's unlikely but there's always a chance of crashing) then you will likely be woken up and your sleep would be ruined.

  28. Prius is extremely reliable and economical. My 2002 First Generation Prius drove past 280k miles with its original engine, transmission, ÁC, suspension, paint. It costs just pennies per mile. The Prius has been passing down to my college kids and they are very happy with the ease of parking and low cost of fuel refills.

  29. I love this! I’m sitting in a parking lot with a dead car battery. Work a job I hate waking up for and this. I love this.

  30. I'm very clos e to being homeless and will be forced into living in my car I own a taurus n it's a great n dependable car but I really would like to get a convertion van I think it would be alot more comfortable but a good video.

  31. You should check out a channel called Psc Camper Conversions. His early videos have lots of detailed tips for living in a Prius.

  32. The harder you work in life to get ahead, the higher they raise rent and even food prices. Its to keep you in a constant state of wage slavery.

  33. Respect. The T man links to few yt's. His choice to out you by doing so has me discover this and watched it at full rez start to finish. The ending collage of pics anticipated hate. I am sorry it is so ignored.

    In my life I have never gotten subsidy. The $8k or $500 or WHATEVER the other cash stimilus check was. Never paid reduced fair.

    I did THIS so I could be free. I negotiated to be far more successful. I kept THOSE I chose alive. Some into tenth decade and I hope beyond.

    Now as elders we decide more than ever to be the catalyst of progress. To foster think tanks, conquer enemies mainly among us by love and truth persevered at risk of mere loss of self.

    We must be careful though in accepting the metal ensconced second womb a car offers. Satan say works in ways this mysterious. Invest in a snore canceling box to put your head. Demand a fair fee to lay the rest in any City.

    Using public parking to office park is to slip. Demand libraries extend hours to in full normal waking ones.

    End the tyranny of much of our productivity taxed by hundreds of indoor sf being mandatory or exploitation for bunk bed where almost none of 'home' wickedly SHARED is well used.

    The pod movement needs steroids as i KNOW nothing about it. Efficient lockers for humans to rest in are like bike garages. Rare. Feasible. Most DISRUPTIVE.

    Collectively pursued POSSIBLE worldwide. Expect resistance.

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