How To Get Money To Start A Business

100 thoughts on “How To Get Money To Start A Business

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  2. you are one of the most honest I've listened to on this subject. you don't talk in circles and you actually tell how to do something!

  3. now, learn skills first before getting money.
    this really makes sense. make them believe in your skills to make them invest in you.
    so its not really about getting the key from them, its about becoming the key for them that makes them invest in you. thankyou dan…

  4. cant stop listening to this guy. he is so amazingly huge in entrepreneurship! hey! the only issue is, Dan calm down you sound some times rude!

  5. Your videos are very helpful and informative, thanks for the advice on how to start a business as tagt is what I want to do in future

  6. A friend introduce me to your videos a couple of months ago and I did not pay you any attention. Last night I started to engage in your videos. And you reiterated everything I've been telling myself. Thank you so much your the solution to my problem. Keep being Great

  7. Hello Dan, I am planning on starting a business soon. Before I start the business I am studying multiple people and how to become successful. I have started watching your videos and others. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering, none will include asking for money. I really love your videos. The videos are honest and straight to the point. You have let me know I have work to do before starting my own business.

  8. I think so that in present age
    It’s easy to start some business
    Because somebody can be freelancer and invest in his business as you said 👌👌

  9. Sir really really need help ….!
    What job should i opt job that i don't like but paid well.
    Or job that i like but less paid🙏

  10. hi,wd u plz share some ideas for dress designing industry….??questn from India😬…I ws only 24 & still having small scale bussiness…without any official sites or promos…bt I need to improve it….cn u suggest anything??My parents wnt nvest in ths😑😑

  11. Start from small early steps by developing your high income skill on small area instead of being involved in gigantic business world. Persuade your customers by starting from small scale first instead of being unrealistic to higher level without any advanced expertise.

  12. i gree if you wanna money sell more i started with nothing , i had like 500$ i didn't buy anything to sell it , i just talked to a supplier i will sell his products but i will pay him after i execute my deals and get the money and i put all my money in advertise i made 4000$ this month
    and i always tell my wife when she tells me let's safe money i tell her saving will keep the money same amount at the best cases if the money didn't lose it's value but advertising your self and reach more customers with money will return always more money than you spend (i save amount of money for emergency and to be ready for any emergency deals)

  13. You are very helpfull !! Many of people don't even know what you mean but i understand you perfectly. You are the best Dan Lok. Thank you…for everything my friend! ^^

  14. I'm allergic to fish. Here is my solution.

    By clicking the Read more button you sing up to pay me 10$.

    Sharks = Tigers
    Dolphins = Bulls
    Fish = Chicken

  15. Hi Dan thanks for sharing .. since i started watching your video's its now my routine😊.. and its help me alot, from full time office staff now i have sideline work as freelance sales.. working more to increase my income to get the wants and needs also to afford to be mentored by you and get more knowledge and have my own business soon .. im your fan from Philippines😊

  16. For sure u dont know how to swimm in a swimming pool chances a high to sink in alake thanks alot 🤝 wat u enlight us its a matter of taking actions and results start paying u even when u dont expect for sure begers press next because u dont know what u want

  17. For sure u worked for it 💪 🙏 to reach at extent of telling u come and we lend u really money goes to those who dont need it thanks thanks alot

  18. dan lok I have been watching you for about a  year know and thank you for all of your videos and content. I love your honesty. keep it going…

  19. my biggest question is what do you need to help any of your companies that will help your sales or move them forward? Maybe I can help make another system you haven't thought of.

  20. I have ideas how to build my business. Watch all your videos. How to start. I have to re watch that episode. Write it down. Re watching all you eposoid. Thank you for your videos. I love it.

  21. I started watching your videos and I'm learning alot from them. And I do have an idea for a business. I'm going to keep at it man. Thank you

  22. I can compare what you are saying in the video to another video you posted dan. The comments that you posted at the beginning made me realize that this is a real thing. Some people arnt willing to change and keep there old habits
    You said that "if you can barley keep 5 grand what makes you think you can handel 10 grand?" And the reason why manny people dont change is because it takes too much work. Instead of focusing on changing and moving on they just "take the pill and get the short term result" the guy at the 11th second of the vid is a good example. He said " Dan i am not good at reading… can you give me some money?" The problem with that is 1 how can money help you read better? And 2 he isnt trying to change. Thank you dan for teaching me all that i know. And thank you dans team for helping dan become who he is today!

  23. Yea im only 14 and i started investing and learning 2 months from now. I ts also funny how much i learned about investing in this short period of time but in school it will take you a good 8 months to learn the subject. Its almost like schools dragged out the learning for students on porpose so the teachers can get a steady year of working like every other job…

  24. Also why ask dan for money? People say they will give the money back so why not go to the bank and ask them for money? Its bacically the same thing you ask them they actually give you the money and you put yourself further in dept

  25. I agree 100% . I''m a entrepreneur from South Africa started following and implementing your advise as well as Big Dan as you call Him . I failed so many time but now I know why. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. Just one thing that I learned from you is how to employ that was one of my down falls. i been following you for the last 6 months , Big difference on how I'm doing things now and seeing big change. Respect .

  26. Most of his videos are very informative! But this one does not deliver. Because some businesses do take some startup capitol. He does not give any sources where to get startup funding. So this video fails!

  27. We live in a world of the give me's. This is a self entitled world we live in and I believe it happens more than you have said.

  28. Sifu Dan!
    I've been learning and deriving motivation from your videos and as well I'm still reading and learning from F.U money. Despite working at a job, I've always to be financially independent. I have tried to make money from the little of the salary that i earn but failed and now opened up a second account to raise capital BUT i have very low knowledge about running business though I have a great desire to own not one but a chain of them. Please I seek your advise.

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